The PAINTOY Factory Bed V1.02

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jenni Eales

- The PAINTOY Factory

If there is one thing that i always repeat to creators is that i'm working and running blog for readers, to bring them what they wanna to see and what they wanna to have it there. When ever i can i will for fill any request that i receive from you my readers. So keep that im box filled and feed back coming.

I did Sweet Bath in the Rocks from The PAINTOY Factory review on January 2. this year.


readings was over 800 people in 24 hours and i did get so many request and comments that you wanna see more from Jenni Eales store, so your wish is my command. Today, for your reading pleasure only and as requested, i bring you The PAINTOY Factory Bed V1.02


- Ball Menu with more than 90 Poses: cuddles, intimate couple poses, some harder stuff....
- Xcite! compatible
- RLV capture and restrictions
- Sensations chains
- Texture change by menu

Bedside table included

This will be also my budget, best buy article for this week, in series of low cost top quality items. price is bit over usual 500 lin, that i use as budget reviews, but performance and options of the bed are well worth of 600 lin that creator asks for it.

Made in sculpts, its well textured and designed bed with 18 prims land impact.

Menu is user friendly, MLPV system with implemented xcite script for rotation and arousal. RLV is also included. Sub menus covering all what well rounded bed needs to have. From sleeping, chat, cuddles, and all gentle PG stuff to erotic foreplay, sex and hard core rough action. So no matter what mood you are in, im sure you will find something that fits you like glove
in that moment of time.

All animations used in this The PAINTOY Factory Bed V1.02 are premium quality, chosen and well implemented to give you best smooth fps rich animated pleasure for your intimate SL RP moments.

Fine product for more then fair price, and the way i see it 600 lin well spend. My recommendation to another fine Jenni Eales product that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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