DIGS - Aisling Bed Adult [MESH]

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Iris Maskelyne

- DIGS - Furniture and Prefabs

New year is best time to make things new and better.  Iris Maskelyne owner and creator of DIGS Furniture and Prefabs store must be thinking that way to, because she just released new DIGS - Aisling Bed series.

DIGS - Aisling Bed are available as bold, muted and pastel pg or adult bed or whole bedroom set. Since the difference is in design this review will be focused on adult bed version and it have same menu and number of animations in all of sets on market.

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Main features:

Animated bed that complements the Aisling Bedroom Set.

Touch the blanket for 6 color options.

Seats up to 2 avatars either independently or as a couple.

Contains single sits, activities, couples cuddles, kisses and sex for MF, FF and MM couples.

Build in 100% mesh with just 7 prims land impact, with texture changer and no pose balls system new DIGS - Aisling Bed Adult [MESH] fits in latest market requirements that SL adult furniture market needs to for fill. Flawless design, great textures and precise craftsmanship in making is first thing that anyone will notice first after they rez new bed out from inventory. Hight quality and top looking design where always priority by DIGS furniture and this new series is fateful to that long good tradition.

No pose balls menu is simple to use and rich in options. Its well made all round bed for singles and couples, that will cover all from sitting, chilling, cuddles and other PG activities to hard core sex for any couple sexual preference. heterosexual, bisexual, gay or lesbian, all will have fun on this bed with no color choosing pose balls.

Animations are chosen, best quality, top performance, fps rich are the only one that you will find in this new just released DIGS - Aisling Bed Adult [MESH] series. Pleasure and satisfaction with that quality and care for details is guaranteed for any of your animated RP moments that you will have on this new line of well made DIGS products.

With my high recommendation and still grin on my face from testing DIGS - Aisling Bed Adult [MESH], im giving you links under the text where you can find them on SL market place or in world store:



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