eXplicite:: Erotica sex table

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Ramzi Xofan

- eXplicite Designs


 Well to be honest meeting all new people and creators of sex furniture in Sexx Sales Expo is awesome, reminds me of my first days of college. So many great new persons with new fresh ideas that are well build in our SL reality. 

Today is my pleasure to present you my dear readers for first time on my blog Ramzi Xofan owner of eXplicite Designs store. Not new name in SL adult furniture making so im glad that i finally have him as client.

For opening presentation review and first exclusive item that will be released on Sexx Sales Expo Ramzi Xofan decide to go with great looking eXplicite:: Erotica sex table. Here are few words from him and more technical details:

"We offering high quality furniture with the best quality animations at affordable price.
Our work crafted with high quality and intricately detailed textures.

ANIMATIONS all arranged in easy to navigate menus. Carefully selected from the best animators in SL, and configured with facial expressions.

High Quality Animations Sets

= (Romantic, Sensual, Single, Rough, Erotic, BDSM, 3Some)
= (Cuddles, Kisses, Talking, Before & After Sex Menus )
=Menus crafted to take you from the Most Romantic Sensual feelings  to the wild, Rough, Erotic, BDSM & more....
 = Includes 7 Hand Free Premium Menus ( 7 SEX-PLAYS Menus-Circling full menu " enjoying sex without the need to touch the menu you can pick from 7 SEX-PLAYS Menus with 2 speed      option)
=Menu Build in Props(12+ Props *ex. Table,Cage.Hanger & Others* Automatically rezzed
= With poses for Erotic, Rough. BDSM & SEX-Plays
 = Erotic whispers in local chat,  Controlled by chat on/off
= Toys Menu Option
= Fast Loading, High Performing Animation
= Pose Adjust ( Easy Pose adjustment to fit your avatar size)
= Advanced Access & Control of your menu
= (Access & Control your menu with “Owner only”, “Group” or “All”)

Easy operation and pose adjustments.
Owner may set to use by owner only/group/all
Facial animations can be set ON / OFF"

Reviewed eXplicite:: Erotica sex table is 35 prims land impact high detailed and well textured. Certainly not something that you will find in any store and class as "average, just another table". Well balanced and decorated it will be decorative in same way like it will be usable item in any Indoor settings that you like to use it.

Menu is huge but user friendly, covering all form singles sub menus, to make out and foreplay, to xxx and bdsm RP animations. Versatile and well rounded, it will be great for any PG to hard core kink animations back up needs that you might have in SL. Animations used are choosen to provide you smooth and pleasurable experience in use of this fine eXplicite:: Erotica sex table.

Ratio in price and performance is awesome so i do like to recommend this table out to all my readers. It can be tested and bought on links under the text:



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