AT Fuckbelt

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Adira Aeon

- Anima Temptation store


There is no doubt that sex definitely sell and expo is going great. So many new products and creations getting presented each day. For opening first time presentation on my blog for your reading pleasure we have a creation from Adira Aeon, owner and creator of Anima Temptation store.

Official Xcite partner, with great ideas for latex, RLV and BDSM creations, she is offering us her newest just released AT Fuckbelt.

Main features:

-animated Dildos with several speed levels

- electric Shocks for Orgasm Control

- lots of RLV functions

- for Males, Females, Herms & big Butts

- Lockable

- Cuffs & Leashes

- Sound FX

- Color-change

- 3way Resizer

- Xcite! compatible

Interesting and unique design with all great features will make, in my opinion, this fine product from Anima Temptation store wanted item for all BDSM fans in SL.

Details and designer side is impeccable, fine made and textures fitting great. animations are in high quality giving you long term pleasure in flawless use.

5 years experience and tradition in SL fetish item market shows well in Adira Aeon creations. So all i can add is that i do recommend this fine AT Fuckbelt that you can find on links under the text:



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