.: Koastal :. Koastal Love Bed (XPOSE-P 6.0)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Kristoffer Juneau & Bethany Felisimo

- Koastal Living


I know that Christmas was just few weeks ago, but for any SL adult furniture lover this is almost the same thing again :) New and amazing creations presented for first time form so many talented and creative designers. For first time on my blog, for your reading pleasure only we have new store new creator and new product; Koastal Living owned by Kristoffer Juneau & Bethany Felisimo and they new just released .: Koastal :. Koastal Love Bed (XPOSE-P 6.0)

Like always at the begging i will give space for creator, Kristoffer Juneau, to give all of us some more info and technical details about his creation:

✖.: Koastal :. (XPOSE-P 6.0) (M/NC/T)
XPOSE Poseball system configured with 410 Poses using 675 animations with PG and Adult combinations including Couples, Solo, and Adult MF, FF, MFF, MMF, FFF, MFMF, MFFF, BDSM and much much more. Not to be missed and are the Love Scenes which provide up to 18 minutes of fluid sequential pose to pose changing for the ultimate in realism!

Koastal's Menu Driven Platinum beds feature 342 poses with 519 animations of the highest quality from the top animators in sl. These aren't the old freebies floating around with jerky unnatural movements and when we say 342 poses and 519 animations we mean it. We don't count swap poses and animations used multiple times in separate poses, which would bring us over 1000, like others do. Smooth and fluid animations provide optimal realism and set the mood for your romantic encounter and all Xcite! compatible to automatically adjust your arousal levels in your XCite! products. You will also find designs and textures used on these to be just breath taking and unlike all other menu driven furniture in sl. All of this with the new XPOSE Menu Driven multi animation engine provide the ultimate in menu driven furniture and a worthy investment.

• Menu Driven multi animation pose ball rezzing featuring the XPOSE 4 engine
• 70 Menus featuring 342 Poses with 519 animations (807 defined)
• All combinations including Couples, Solo, and Adult MF, FF, MFF, MMF, FFF, MFMF, MFFF, BDSM and much much more
• 8 Love Scenes which are up to 18 minutes in length and feature very fluid pose to pose changes
• 16 Play sequences which will automatically switch from pose to pose for you (similar to love scenes just not as fluid)
• XCite! Compatible - automatically adjusts arousal levels and genital tilt for a realistic experience
• Positions have been adjusted to realistically reflect average avatars (If there is a standard.)
• Positions can be adjusted and saved into memory (backup is easy: select Memory Dump and copy-paste into notecard)
• 31 Toys and Objects given and 27 rez objects such as breakfast in bed, grapes, books for reading, covers for sleeping, laptop, magazines, sex toys
• Low lag, although XPOSE consists of many scripts, scripting is as efficient as possible

Our new Flickr page -  http://www.flickr.com/photos/koastalliving/

Now its mine turn ;)

I wanna emphasize that this is not just another bed in any way. And you will notice that as soon you rez it and see that menu loading. Wast and big, designed and constructed to give you all and meet any of your animated RP need or fetish that you like. So by deciding to use this fine Koastal Love Bed (XPOSE-P 6.0) you eliminate need for any other bed in your house if prims are issue. For multiple bedroom houses, open public sex sims or furniture collectors like i am this is must have item.

Xpose! system, user friendly and logically divided in sub-menus that will take of solo and cuddles animations, scenes, couples, fm, ff, bdsm and 3 some sex plus toys gives you plenty to choose from and you are limited only by your own RP imagination.

All animations used in this fine new product from Koastal Living store, Koastal Love Bed (XPOSE-P 6.0) are top quality, fps rich and chosen to give you smooth and sensual pleasure in flawless long term use. And seven years of adult furniture making behind Kristoffer Juneau is not small number.

With all that said i can only recommend this exclusive Koastal Love Bed (XPOSE-P 6.0) that you can find and try on links under the text:




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