Bad Eddy's - Animated MESH Swimming Pool

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: BadEddy

- Bad Eddy's  Sex Furnitures


Its always nice to discover new and talented people in SL. SEXX SALES EXPO that i'm cowering with my blog did bring BadEddy owner and creator of Bad Eddy's  Sex Furnitures my way and we did start to talk. Very relaxed and creative guy i must say and its my pleasure to have him and his creations on my blog reviewed for you my dear readers.

For opening presentation on my blog BadEddy chose exclusive new released item for FOR SEXX SALES EXPO, Bad Eddy's - Animated MESH Swimming Pool, and this is how he describes it:

"A kick ass swimming pool with a lot of wow effect to it, this is what we propose you with the release of this unique item. This pool is so well made you would swear it's real.

Oh and let's not forget: So that you really enjoy your time in it, we added to this package one of the very best diving board there is, a copyable floatie (7 animations) and a copyable towel (48 animations).

100% original mesh

Pool: 13 prim

Floatie: 3 prim

Towel: 2 prim

Diving board: 5 prim

Stone deck around the pool: 4 prim

Yes Copy, Yes Modify, No Transfer (do not link or unlink the diving board)"

What caught my attention at first glance was quality of build and design together with versatile nature of Bad Eddy's - Animated MESH Swimming Pool. Its copy, so with out any risk you can use ti all with all decorations and extras or you can just chose parts that you like best and use just them. What ever your selection will be you can be certain that you have great design, impeccable textures, and 100% mesh original build from BadEddy.

3 items are fixed with animations, floatie, diving board and towel. While floatie and diving board will provide you with pg animations, suitable for pool side, like sun bating jumping in pool etc, towel will give you all that plus sex animations.

Following latest trends and demands in SL adult furniture industry BadEddy is using AVsitter™ no pose balls system for this fine creation. Menu, easy to use, is filled with top quality premium chosen animations that will provide you and your RP partner best and smooth action in use of this fine product.

Available only on SEXX SALES EXPO and Bad Eddy's Sex Furnitures in world store for now you can find this high quality and fair priced product on links under the text:



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