[AA] Sex Car Wash

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

Since im trying to for fill all requests from you that i can my dear readers this time, because you ask for it, i bring you [AA] Sex Car Wash. In september i did review about Alina's Sex Car Vintage - drivable + sex engine:


That drivable car comes in two versions, like classic Chevy that i did review and camaro, holding 90% same animations like the one i will review today, [AA] Sex Car Wash, bit more new ones and drive option. The way i see it and understand, you wanna see this one reviewed because its not drive, and thats great for public RP sims and its bit cheaper in price. I will add that price for this model is really more then fair for all that he has to offer.

Few technical details from creator Alina Graf:


Have your sport car wash by 1 or 2 hot girls. Hot and horny. Girls will be happy to provide an happy ending after wash the car.
Supported 2 girls and 2 guys inside, and 1 girl with 2 guys too.

• 124 animations, 72 poses
• FM, FFM, MMF, FMFM combinations
• Water Hose with water & Sponge with soap
• Giver for sponge
• XCite device compliant
• 29 prims without rezzes
• Additional Car Wash poster

Girl(s) will provide washing animations on the car and between them. Oral performances to the customer inside the car or outside. And full sex performances.

• Car is Mod, Copy
• Animations are Copy
• Scripts are Copy
• Notecards are partially Copy and partially Full Perm

• All animations are made by myself, Alina Graf

What i would like to emphasize that this [AA] Sex Car Wash was original
Alina Graf idea and its first wash car ever made in SL. All poses and animations are custom hand made by Alina specially for this fine product and later used for chevy and camaro made by Alina Animations.

From designer side this is another well made and textured Alina Animations product, ideal for car and bikers sims, public urban RP places, sex garages and for all car fans. It will be of high value in use same like it is in decoration.

All animations are top quality, feature tradition that we use to have in all Alinas products, rich in fps, smooth, and original. To back up that statement, you can have look in all top visited adult public RP sims, and all of them will have at least one if not more Alina Animations products. And same is with all well equipped private SL homes.

Keeping it in top quality at fair price Alina stays one of the best choices and store that must be visited when it comes to SL adult furniture.

This [AA] Sex Car Wash and other Alinas fine products you can find o

n SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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