MP Noir - "Space Line" Sex Space Ship

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Marcus Perry

- MP Noir

After making reviews about cars and bikes with sex menu, trying pick ups and wans, SUV's and then some i was sure i did see them all. But thats beauty of SL. Each time you think you did see and try them all something new comes up. So lets do space ship this time lol

Kidding on the side now, we have serious, well made, fine build, high detailed object for your reading pleasure today, so at beginning few words form creator Marcus Perry:

Space – The Naughty Frontier !

This line of Sex toys draws its design origins from the classic Science Fiction and will fit perfectly into any Dark Future, Cyberpunk or SF themed sim, no matter if it is a RP location or your private home.

The Sex Space Ship is something very special. This is one richly detailed, very versatile RP set and all-in-one-sex toy. No frantically clicking around in search for the menu, no waving around the mouse to find a place to sit. The Sex Space Ship is one fully integrated sex item.

You can customize the Ship easily via the menu to adapt it to your particular needs. Activate the engines, retract the landing gear and fire up the warp drive to simulate your ship in mid-hyperfilght. Or open the aft door, turn off the running lights and lower the ramp to park your ship on a landing pad !

Check out the items picture for a detailed list of features and animations.

This Item uses the popular and reliable MLPV2 system. It is menu driven and easy to use. Standard options such as User permissions (All / Group Members / Owner can use), Pose ball adjustment or Chat information are available.

Try out any of the MP Noir toys in our main store (Click “See Item in Second Life" below)

For any questions or comments, IM Marcus Perry inworld. Never hesitate ! Customer service is job No. 1 for us !

Options and details are so many and almost all parts are interactive so i will have to use features manual just to be on safe side and dont forget to mention anything that this fine, MP Noir - "Space Line" Sex Space Ship have to offer:

Features Manual

SITTING AND SPECIAL SITS – There are several places you can sit on without using the MLP. This means you can sit with the MLP Engine turned off. It also means you can sit on it while others are having sex (although you may find avatars... colliding).
The Special Sits are: The chairs in the cabin, the pilot seat, The bed, the cargo box  and the keypad by the aft airlock. All of those hold specific animations. They keypad, for example, has all sorts or Zero-G animations while the box has animations for captured human cargo. If you hover the mouse
Cursor over any of these, the cruiser will turn into the sit inco. Now just click left-click to sit.
A menu will appear that will give you an initial selection of poses. If you want to change poses, simply click on the prim that you are “sitting” on again to get the menu.
If you want to operate the MLP engine (meaning, choose sex poses etc.), click anywhere on the device BUT the dedicated sit prims.
The ship is very tight.Therefore, all these special sits include a pose called “Stand Up”. These will put you in a safe position to stand up from without falling out of the ship or being pushed through a wall.

FEATURES – In this menu you will find all sorts of things you can configure to suit the surrounding and your preferences. LAUNCH and LAND will trigger a sequence that reconfigures the basics of the ship to either be placed in mid-flight in space (LAUNCH) or landed on the ground (LAND).  These two buttons are for convenience and quick reconfiguration. You can of course do everything manually. Here is a list of what the individual buttons do:
C LIGHT ON – Will turn on the cabin lights. One in the cockpit, two in the main cabin.
C LIGHT OFF – Will turn the lights off.
SOUND ON – Will activate the ambient sound of the ship.
SOUND OFF – Will deactivate the ambient sound.
WINDOW TRANSPARENT – Will turn the cockpit windows transparent.
WINDOW OPAQUE – Will alter the cockpit windows so you can look outside but no one can look in.
GEAR UP – Raises the Landing Gear.
GEAR DOWN – Lowers the Landing Gear.
RAMP UP – Raises the Aft Ramp.
RAMP DOWN – Lowers the Aft Ramp.
ENGINES ON – Activates the engines.
ENGINES OFF – Deactivates the Engines.
WARP ON – Creates a sphere around the space ship that will give the illusion of being in. Hyperspace. The effect works best inside the ship.
WARP OFF – Deactivates the Hyperspace effect.
R LIGHT ON – Will activate the ships running light beacons on the tips of the wings.
R LIGHT OFF – Will shut the running lights off again.
What you turn on or off where is of course completely up to you and your RP.

DOORS – The aft airlock hatch, the cockpit hatch and the cargo box front can be opened and closed by simply clicking on them.

REZZER – You can find a special rezzer on the forward bulkhead, on the right side of the cockpit door (It looks like a computer monitor). If you click on the Rezzer, you will get a menu that lets you choose several different Props (CLEAR will delete the rezzed Prop). These are add-ons that work independently of the MLP. That means you can rezz or derezz them at your leisure without interfering with the main MLP system. Be warned though, the rezzed Props are not temporary or phantom. That means they will count towards your prim limit.

COMPUTER MONITOR - Click the screen to cycle through all the displays inside. One of the “pictures” is fully transparent. This simulates the “off mode”.
You can also add your own computer screens and pictures to the monitors ! With “Edit Linked Parts”, locate the prim that is the display surface. In the Contents tab of the build menu, you can now see the script and the textures that the item comes with (Remove any of the preloaded textures that you don’t like but leave the script where it is).
Simply drag your own textures from your inventory into the Contents tab and wait a few moments. You own pictures are now part of the Inventory and will come up when you cycle the monitor.

TIP: Just like any other texture, you can also add the parcel media texture you are currently using ! That way, you can easily turn your monitor into a TV screen !

CUSTOMIZABLE NAME PLATE - See the name plate on the side of the ship ? Click it to cycle through various other symbols ! Want to put your own name on your ship ? Simply create a texture and drop it into the name plate prim (It is the same process as adding a monitor screen picture. See above). When you cycle through the various signs next time, your personalized name plate will be included !

THE RED BUTTON – Just click it !


When it comes to menu its very user friendly. Divided in sub menus; props, features (engine control, landing gear, lights on/off, sound, ramp, warp, etc), bunk, cargo bay, cockpit, table filled with premium choice selected high quality animations. There is one more thing that did impressed me, and thats even when you start your RP on one place in side the ship, like cockpit chair, switching to bed you dont have to stand up and take new pose ball, system automatically sets you to another prop and place, like bunk bet for example and you just keep emoting on.

I also need to add few more words about ship interior. All is so high detailed, form microwave oven, lap top, military style locker, all like you will see in high budget SF movie is there arranged in right way looking great. With all that you can use this MP Noir - "Space Line" Sex Space Ship as house at your own space adventure on new discovered planet, like ideal prop for SL porn film, addition to space panorama public access sex RP sky box..... options and possibilities are really limited by your imaginations only.

With hope that this review was not to long and technical for you to read i can only recommend unique MP Noir - "Space Line" Sex Space Ship that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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