Something Else - Essential Bed Ocean CPY

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Cerina Zeplin

- Something Else Designs

Something Else Designs is the store that i follow and cover from the beginning, ever since Cerina Zeplin after little push from friends decide to open it. With great ideas, high quality in design and top animations used in her creations she did slowly but constantly making her way up, and today, its my honor to finally review for your reading pleasure Cerina's Zeplin first made bed, Something Else - Essential Bed Ocean CPY.

Made in sculpts, new Something Else - Essential Bed Ocean CPY keeping tradition and credo of Cerina Zeplin "to beautiful to keep in a dungeon". Design is high class, well textured, ideal for manor, mansion or castle.

Menu is logical, user friendly, divided in sub-menus filled with top quality chosen animations. From solo, cuddles, kisses, massage and activities with many props to hard core xxx action in sex menu. Well rounded and balanced bed for all purpose use that will fill up all you RP needs and bring you fun in use all day long.

On test all was working smooth and impeccable, i was not able to find any flaws, all poses are well adjusted all props rezzing fine. I was expecting that to be honest, because Cerina Zeplin is not someone that will release half finished product on market. She also take great care about customer service so form that side you dont have to have any cares or worries.

With all that said, i salute and welcome first bed from Something Else Designs store and recommend it to all that wanna fair priced well made multi purpose bed for they SL RP needs.

This Something Else - Essential Bed Ocean CPY and other fine Something Else Designs products are available in world store only on link under the text:


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