J.L. Designs Royal XCITE RLV Sexbed - Platinum 2.0

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jay Lordhunter

- J.L. Designs


When we mark something as platinum, it needs to have some big value, something that it will give that set that top edge and make it superior to other products. In this case, when we talking about new J.L. Designs Royal XCITE RLV Sexbed - Platinum 2.0 set it sure have all that needs to be in side to earn this flattering high value name.

Purchase box contains:

- J.L. Designs Royal XCITE RLV Sexbed - Platinum 2.0

- J.L. Designs Royal XCITE RLV Bench

- two bedside lamps, two royal nightstands, royal curtains, royal wardrobe and royal dresser, All with texture changer controlled from the bed menu.

Warning: when you rez  J.L. Designs Royal XCITE RLV Sexbed - Platinum 2.0 it takes time to load because that menu is mile long lol Probably all that you will ever need when it comes to animations in SL is already in side. With Xpose and RLV, 52/59 props/give items, texture changer and all else that you can imagine.

Design really deserves title Platinum. Impeccable details, flawless and breath taking textures, refine and high class appearance in each detail. No matter what kind SL home you have with texture changer in this royal bedroom set it will be blending in like its made just for it. And if you wanna impress your guests and friends, this set is way to go.

Animations are top line, best quality chosen ones to fit this fine product from Jay Lordhunter  J.L. Designs store. Over 1050 of them working smooth and with out any glitch giving you best performance possible.

If you are not furniture collector like me, or if you wanna have just one bedroom set that will meet all your needs in high quality and class this is ideal product for you. If you have multiple bedroom house one of them needs to be furnished with J.L. Designs Royal XCITE RLV Sexbed - Platinum 2.0.

Great product, finest details and amazing overall performance by each criteria only can get my strongest recommendations.

This fine bedroom set you can find in world store and in Sexx Sells Expo on links under the text:




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