PAINTOY Factory Love Chair V1.01

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jenni Eales

- The PAINTOY Factory

A new item released from The PAINTOY Factory store is PAINTOY Factory Love Chair V1.01. Since last review i made about Jenni Eales creations i did have numerous im's from you my readers asking me to make more review of her products and all of you seems to agree that you like her good work for fair price.

PAINTOY Factory Love Chair V1.01 continues that tradition, offering brand new well made item with custom animations in copy version for just 500L$. Interesting and unusual design will make this chair fell welcome in ur living room, bedroom or in gym, and thats just one of advantages.

MLPV2.4t system with Xcite! script is what makes this new product running, its trusted solution, so no problems should be expected.

Menu is user friendly, divided to foreplay and sex. Animations are custom, in premium quality, smooth in transition and FPS (frames per second) rich allowing you to relax and have your focus on RP and not getting your self lost in menu options.

On test for review new PAINTOY Factory Love Chair V1.01 did function with any issues or problems and i was pleased with performances that i have seen.

With all that said i can only conclude with recommendation for this new PAINTOY Factory product that proves that price is not guarantee of quality, and that good working well made furniture can be bought well under couple thousand lindens.

You can find this PAINTOY Factory Love Chair V1.01 on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




[AF] Night Nurse Bed - transfer

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sin Mikado

- Abandoned Freight Main Store

Another great new RP product form Abandoned Freight Main Store, [AF] Night Nurse Bed - transfer, that im sure will be well accepted on marked, specially for nursing clinics, hospital and pregnant RP etc.

Lets hear few words form creator Sin Mikado:

Abandoned Freight's

Night Nurse bed

AF's traditional designed medical / patient / infirmary bed perfect for role playing the special treatment needed for a 'full' recovery...

3 LI Mesh Design

87 High Quality animations

5 Playable Sequenced Scenes

Includes Prop Casts for arm and leg

Erotic Nurse and Patient Roleplay

The way i see it its got all advantages that good successful nursing bed need to have; clean crisp white design, low prim and fair price. I'll bet that trolley wheels on him don't squeak to ;)

MLPV2.5c is system used for menu, reliable and proven, so i'm sure it will take and sustain long term hard use. Main menu is user friendly, divided in following sub menus; nursing, 69, cowgirl, R-cowgirl, missionary and rear entry. All animations used in this fine product are superb quality, fluent in motion same as in transition, carefully chosen to satisfy all your animated needs while you enjoy RP on this new [AF] Night Nurse Bed - transfer product.

To make long story short, [AF] Night Nurse Bed - transfer is another high quality RP item from  Abandoned Freight Main Store at affordable price and great performance, ergo, my high recommendation for it and you can find it and try it at SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




NBC Sex Refrigerator V1.2 XCITE With Theme Changer Version 1.2

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Nicolette Brinner

- *NBCreations* High quality animated sex furniture

Great new product is just released from *NBCreations* High quality animated sex furniture, NBC Sex Refrigerator V1.2 XCITE With Theme Changer Version 1.2. You dont see to many household appliances with full sex menu and many other options so i do believe this new item has great future and place in sex furniture line.

At the beginning like always opening words and technical details from creator Nicolette Brinner:

"NBC Sex Refrigerator V1.2 XCITE With Theme Changer

- XCITE Compatible
- Over 350 Animations
- 185 Solo, Couples and 3Some poses
- 7 Hot Scenes/Sequences (Also playable by auto play function)
- Open-able doors with sound
- Themes changer menu:
- 27 Special Themes
- 27 Solid Color Themes
- 27 Standard Color Themes
- Doors, handles, base, dispenser all individually changeable
- Sex Toys, Snacks, Ice Creams & Drinks Included
- Facial Expressions
- Land impact=15
- Copy yes / Mod Yes / Transfer No

NBC Sex Refrigerator Menu Includes:

- Pussy-Play
- Pussy-Lick
- BJ-Scene-1 (Playable BJ Sequence/Scene)
- BJ-Scene-2 (Playable BJ Sequence/Scene)
- FaceRideScene (Playable Ride His Face Sequence/Scene)
- 69+Mast-MF:
- 69 and HJ+Lick poses
- 69-Scene-1 (Playable 69 Sequence/Scene)
- 69-Scene-2 (Playable 69 Sequence/Scene)
- TITS-SCENE (Playable TitFuck+BJ Sequence/Scene)
- SEX-SCENE (Playable Sex Sequence/Scene)
THEMES ( To customize your refrigerator as you like it )
SCENES ONLY ( All the 7 Playable Sequences/Scenes in one menu)


Food & drinks in refrigerator that is in picture is NOT included! But you can put your own in.


Want your own special theme on your refrigerator? Perhaps a picture of your bf or gf, that special moment, a real precise color or style or perhaps just like to have your own face on it? Contact me, Nicolette Brinner, for possibilities and prices. Note!! Only valid for owners of a NBC Sex Refrigerator.


I can tell you its all High quality animations and absolutely no freebies included but come try it out at my in world store and convince yourself.
I like my products to speak for themselves.
Enjoy !!!

I take my customer service seriously. If you have any question regarding any product you can contact me ( Nicolette Brinner ) by IM when i am on line but please send me a notecard with your questions when im off line to be sure it all reaches me.
Thank you for Shopping at NBCreations

NBCreations, official partner of Xcite"

There is few things that i wanna add and emphasize on all said above;

First is size of menu. Its really huge but in same time user friendly and you wanna get lost in it because is 100% logical. Main menu is divided in flowing sub menus: hangout, cuddles, flirt&kiss, masturbate, foreplay, sex, 3 some, cum and scenes only. Just by reading names of sub menus all can see that this new *NBCreations* High quality animated sex furniture product is versatile, and it will do good not only as sex platform but also as daily hanging out device.

Second that i like to add is texture and theme changer plus copy feature. This makes this new NBC Sex Refrigerator V1.2 XCITE With Theme Changer Version 1.2 extremely easy to blend in any space, urban, slum, villa, manor... you name it this refrigerator got face and texture for all of them. Copy feature makes him ideal for public sim owners, skybox renters etc.

Last but not least that caught my eye is choice and position of animations. Nicolette Brinner did give self time and chose really some best top quality animations that SL got to offer, you wont be find any free and cheep stuff in this fine product, and also put them in perfect alignment, so over all impression of new NBC Sex Refrigerator V1.2 XCITE With Theme Changer Version 1.2 is more then positive and high quality in all segments.

On test i was not able to find any down side or any flaw in this new product. All was functioning impeccable and flawless so that leaves me no choice but to highly and sincerely recommend this new product that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




MP Noir - "Bedroom Secrets" Piano

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Marcus Perry

- MP Noir

In my top quality low price series of furniture, Marcus Perry owner of MP Noir store, got new awesome item. MP Noir - "Bedroom Secrets" Piano in just 9 prims land impact and price of just 500 L$ that has all what you need in side for special moments of high class relaxation and lust.

This is how creator, Marcus Perry, describes it:

"We all have our little secrets that we keep hidden in our bedrooms: The naughty magazines stashed under the bed, the special toys in the back of the closet or the handcuffs in a drawer of the nightstand. Even though SL is the place to live out fantasies freely, sometimes it can be exiting – or even necessary – to have those special toys hidden from sight.

The “Bedroom Secrets” Line is designed for exactly that. Made to fit into any modern household, these devices look like they are normal pieces of furniture but really are a set of BDSM toys that allow you to treat your sub or slave in the most exquisite ways.

Check out the items picture for a detailed list of features."


25 positions:

- 9 sex

- 9 BDSM

- 7 Misc. (including piano play and dancing)

- Sequenced play

- Customization options

- Plays piano music

Main thing is that this new MP Noir - "Bedroom Secrets" Piano shows to all that good looking quality stuff don't have to cost arm and leg. amazing price and great performance is what you get in this piano. Texture changer and playing piano music will make this new product ideal to enrich any of your interior space and make it blend in perfectly.

All animations used in this product are carefully chosen to give you best performance and high frames per second rate, smooth transition and long overlap time so you can just relax and enjoy your sensual RP moments.

On the test for review new MP Noir - "Bedroom Secrets" Piano was preforming flawless and i didn't find any downside to this fine new product.

With price of just 500 L$ i can only recommend new MP Noir - "Bedroom Secrets" Piano as safe and best buy in sex piano category on market atm and you can find it on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




Pestique Canopy Bed v3.1 - Texture change  (Adult) Xcite!

 Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sara Greene

- Pestique store

In each article and review that i make about furniture made by Sara Greene, owner and creator of Pestique store i mention how she is making clearly seen progress with each new item that she is releasing. I hate to repeat my self but i just cant help it. She sure did out done her self again with this new Pestique Canopy Bed v3.1 - Texture change  (Adult) Xcite!

This is how she describes it:

"Mesh product - you will need a mesh enabled viewer to use!

This is a traditional 4-Post or Canopy Bed , with gold leaf detailing and trim and many texture change options for quilt, curtains and bed frame.

Fitted with the latest MLP2.5 script and featuring animations for singles, cuddles, kisses, massage, foreplay and sex. Includes a Sequences menu which contains two menus of PG or Adult dedicated long-play animations linked into a sequence, and an 'Extras' menu which includes all of the individual sequence sets so you can find the exact pose you need.

Rezzes props. Xcite compatible
See the pictures for some of the cuddles poses :)

I have included two versions of the bed - the v3 and v3.1. Version 3.1 includes 'sleeping under the blankets'. This adds a few extra prims to the bed so is included as an alternative - the sleeping positions are the same in both beds, but only the v3.1 has the extra blanket!

Singles Menu

- 8 animations, rezzes props

CouplesPG Menu

- 18 cuddles (9 with props)
- 9 kisses

CouplesXX Menu

- 9 foreplay
- 18 sex

Sequences Menu

- PG Scenes - 5 long play PG sequences including massage and sleeping
- XX Scenes - 6 very adult long play sequences
- Extras - contains 55 individual animations taken from both sequence menus

Prims are Mod/Copy, scripts and props are copy only

Also available as a PG bed, see related items.

Thanks for browsing :)

This bed was previously available with more limited texture change options but has now been updated - if you are a previous customer and haven't received your updated version please contact me inworld for your resend :)"

Equally great in design as in performance this bed is at the moment "crown jewel" of Sara Greene's bed fleet. Its got all and then some. 100% mesh made, in breath taking textures with texture changer (and me being form Europe you know how i react to dark oak wood with gold inlays ;) ), low in prim, with Xcite and easy to use menu, in copy and all that way under 2000 L$. Amazing.

Menu is easy to use, logical, divided in flowing sub menus: give, single, couples pg, coupleXX and sequences. All around great working menu with smooth transitions between animations and great performance. All animations used in this new fine product are top in quality, fps (frame per second) rich and carefully chosen to give you maximum pleasure in use.

So to conclude, another great work from Sara Greene and Pestique store that i highly recommend and advise all to buy. Where you can find xcite bed in mesh and copy with texture changer for that amount of money to be copy and redelivered?
100% safe purchase and investment if you ask me.

This Pestique Canopy Bed v3.1 - Texture change  (Adult) Xcite! and others fine Pestique store products you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




*DD* The Stalker SHaCK V3

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Ray Zymurgy

- Digital Dream Furniture

SL is big fantasy land, where all dreams and dirty secrets can come true. So this review will be dedicated to Stalkers, and all "unwilling" victims. Secluded, on hill top or deep in forest shack might be safe heaven or kinky predator hiding place. Ray Zymurgy, owner and creator of Digital Dream Furniture store giving us exactly that, fully build and furnished *DD* The Stalker SHaCK V3 that is ideal for RP.

Some technical details and description from creator Ray Zymurgy:

"Digital Dream Role Play Division

ThE STalKer ShacK

Looking for low prims, lots of style?
Something to fit your Urban or Rape fantasy?
Want all of the amazing animations, scenes and toys?

Digital Dream Presents our low prim, high style, fully functional RP sets.
Ambient shading, unique textures, quality building and design.
Created with the Stalker & Victim in mind, with many Victim centered Capture and Rape options.

Xpose Engine System

Easily adjusted poses
Can be set to group, all or owner only
Facial Animations on/off
Chat on/off
Compatible with Xcite! & Sensations
Can be shutdown when not in use
Low lag system, has been tested in fully active Urban sims.

* 320 Animations
* Capture & Cage
* Victim Rape
* Fully Furnished
* Tools & toys to complete any playtime fun."

Well crafted and textured shack like *DD* The Stalker SHaCK V3 just cant be with out review on my blog. I did have more then few request for structures like this one to be reviewed on my blog but so far i didn't find any that i can stand behind, till this Ray's creation come up.

76 prims in total is not much at all considering how many details out side and inside it contains and its something really unusual and unique in adult furniture world.

XPOSE (version 4.0 ul) is system for menu, user friendly, divided in following sub menus: tool, life, cuddle, scenes, be dirty and 2 on 1. All animations used in this fine product are carefully chosen to give you best quality, be smooth in transition and long in duration while you enjoying in your RP.

Digital Dream Furniture is well known store, with long tradition and care for they customers, so in world store Ray Zymurgy got some special offers for all of you, fell free to come and take look.

With all that said i can only recommend this *DD* The Stalker SHaCK V3 and other fine products from Digital Dream Furniture store that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




Abiss Interior - La Moda couch

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Frasha Boa

- Abiss Interior Design

After my last review of Abiss The Apartment you send me many requests to make review of another fine Abiss product, La Moda couch. Since i hold your opinion and any feed back important here it is, for your reading pleasure Abiss Interior - La Moda couch.

Some opening words and technical details from creator and owner of Abiss Interior Design store, Frasha Boa:

La Moda couch is carefully designed stylish seating.

## Design facts:
no mod permissions,
no copy/transfer
24 prims total
Footprint 4.16 x 2.14 m (shadow prim)

Click here to visit Abiss inworld store

## Features:

- made of several different materials, in various colors and patterns.

- couch seats, left, middle and right contain multiple sitting/relaxing individual poses, easily changed by sitting on them and touching again with LMB. To sit, target desired seat and press RMB (right mouse button), then choose Sit Here from Pie menu. These poses are adjustable. To fit your avatar, type /1a in main chat window, this will bring up pose adjustment menu in upper right corner. Number of poses/animations for sits is 12 for each cushion (some are overlapping).

- Headboard or a seat back contains texture / design switching menu that gives access to countless combinations.
Owner can choose styles of framework and fabrics. 6 different framework colors (black, white, brushed-like and old wood, walnut, silver and golden). 17 different fabrics made with care and focused on details. Owner can set permission for access to this menu.

- Touching elsewhere, side arms or base, brings up another MLPV driven menu, with ~ 130 animation pairs, sorted in following categories: cuddles, intimacy, girls only and modeling sets of poses. Takes up to 60 seconds to load, depending on sim performance.
Special thanks to our partner and co-author, Mo Miasma. Around 45 exclusive, couture modeling poses for single and couple avatars.
- In total 127 pose / animation PAIRS (250+ animations)
For more information on MLPV, visit following URL:


- Why do I hover, sitting, after sitting on a poseball?
Be sure to answer "Yes" to the popup that asks permission to animate your avatar. This is often buried under the MLP main menu, so click the ">>>" to cycle through menus. This is SL behavior and there is no way to fix it, other than turning "remenu" off.

- Will my animations be lost if I lose a poseball?
No. The animations are not placed the balls, they remain in the main MLP object. Don't worry about the poseballs, they are copies of the one in the MLP object. A balls will commit suicide if left behind somewhere (the MLP object needs to be within 20m).

- "Script run-time error / Stack-Heap Collision"?
Touch headboard (seat back), you`ll see Reset option from popup menu. Press and restart your couch in regular boot way (touch base or surrounding prims).
Couch has auto reset system embedded, use this in case it does not activate automatically.

- I can’t find poseballs?
Go to menu/options, shutdown and restart.


Enjoy this Intimate Sectional and all its wonderful features!
Another Fine Blend of Class & State of the Art Technology from your friends at Abiss Interior!

Copy version scripts are modified in way so your tenants can use couch without need of your presence. Simple start it up, and tell them to avoid shutting down (restart is fine)
Inside COPY package, you will receive another set of seats, this time without intimacy menu. This one is useful for high traffic areas (shops, clubs etc.) when you have no need for intimate couple poses nor you need some exhibitionists, thus reducing script time and lag.

There are no separate "without menu" cheaper sale options, since we are not selling poses, but design in general.

Best Regards,
Abiss & Associates

In my eyes, with out any doubt, we have another amazingly well designed piece of furniture in front of us. Frasha Boa did great job and high decorative value of this Abiss Interior - La Moda couch is indisputable. Ideal for manors, mansions, and any other high class and style interior structure this fine product will be eye catcher thats amazingly easy to fit and blend in. Huge texture changer with plenty of top quality textures is at ur disposal, all you have to do is click and indulge your imagination and decorations needs.

When it comes to animations menus you have two of them. One just for sitting without poseballs and all you have to do is click on couch and choose sit and menu will pop up. Second, MLPV driven, menu is in bottom wooden frame of couch, easy to use, divided in sub menus. 3 of them for cuddles, girl fun, 2 of them for sex, miscellaneous and even modeling sub menu. All of them are filled with top quality premium animations, running and switching smoothly giving you best animated support for your RP scenario.

I can only add that quality of making and performance of this fine Abiss Interior - La Moda couch did earn him permanent rezzed place in my castle.

With that said i can only recommend my dear readers to visit the Abiss Interior Design on SL market place or in world store on links under the text and try demo version or buy this fine product for them self.




H&S~ Enchanted Evening Fireplace~Dark Marble

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Abbadon Soulstar

- Heart & Soul Designs

Another new and well made product from Heart & Soul Designs owned by Abbadon Soulstar, H&S~ Enchanted Evening Fireplace~Dark Marble, that im sure it will be noticed and well accepted on market. Containing all finest and latest what SL adult furniture industry have to offer at this point of time.

This is how Abbadon Soulstar describes it:

"⁂•:.♥.:• ⁂ Seduction Series ⁂•:.♥.:•⁂
H&S~Enchanted Evening Fireplace~

Come Slap our MM board and try out our lucky chair


104 high quality animations!
Our Animations are among the best in SL!!
All legally purchased from the top animators on the grid.

H&S~Enchanted Evening Fireplace~ 14 Prims
Instructions and LM to Heart & Soul Design Inworld

Featuring the *NEW* AVSitter 2 engine ( NO POSE BALLS ) just click and sit. One of the many new features of AVsitter2 is select role when sitting, when you first sit each person will get a menu, notice the standard arrangement in my set up are as follows. I have identified each sitter with the type of menu used. You may see male 1 male 2 and Female 1 and female 2. male 1 and female 2 are always couples or single animations. the exception is if the menu contains no single animations. In which case each sitter will start in the first couples pose of the menu.
Male 2 and Female 2 will be part of a 3 some unless the menu contains 4 some then they will have paired poses with each other as will male & female 1. By using the back button on the menu sitters may swap position with anyone on the menu. This is awesome for MMFF or MMF & FFM, you can literally swap with any partner.
PROPS, another new feature with AVsitter 2 is handling of props. when playing an animation your ava may have an item rez near them which is to be used to enhance the the animation examples are a strap-on or dildo, wine glasses, cigarettes. To use the prop simply touch it and accept the menus request to animate your avatar. when you change poses the item will poof, providing there not a lot of lag then it may take a few seconds.
Also don't freak out if someone other than you touches the item first. Just smack them and toggle back to another pose then back to the prop pose. ^^
**REMEMBER THIS TO AVOID CONFUSION** It's always good to have one person driving the menu.

This Item is click and sit no pose balls. look for the chair icon when you move your cursor over the the item. When you see the chair just click & sit if you close the menu just click again to retrieve it. Each User can adjust their position using the simple and easy to use menu. From the first page of the menu select adjust, then use the following guide if you are happy with the position hit save it will remember you the next time you use it.
X moves your avatar Left or Right using the direction arrows on your keyboard
Y moves your avatar Forward or back using the direction arrows on your keyboard
Z moves your avatar up or down using the direction arrows on your keyboard
On the Personal Adjustment tab on your menu you can see the options available
Most common setting to use is the is the 0.01 movement this will slowly and safely move your avatar in small increments when you are accustom to using this method you may experiment using larger increments. If you fuck it up, you can all ways resort to Default and start over with smaller increments :-)

These items are copy no mod no transfer so you can set out as many as you like. No mod because these are mesh items, Textures are baked on and it can't be improved on without proper shadow maps. Sorry but re- texturing mesh objects is not always possible or recommended.

**H&S~Enchanted Evening Fireplace~ ** 104 Animations
"BUTTON FireOn/Off" Use this button to turn the fire on and off
"BUTTON Fire Crackle" Use this button to turn the Crackling sound on and off
StandCuddle1-12 romantic and sweet standing poses for couples
StandCuddle2- 8 more sweet and romantic standing poses
StandCuddle3- 8 I like cuddles :-) can ya tell?.. Sweet and cozy
Sit Cuddles4- 9 tender and loving sitting poses, some with props
Kisses- 9 Yummy kissing poses with props...things start to heat up..winks
Erotic- 18 steamy poses all the favorites everyone expects
Sizzle- 17 against the wall poses, some of the best you'll find anywhere!
Singles- 6 just relaxing single poses , reading , surfing the web, ladies will love this ( single are on the male menu but fitted for the ladies :-)
Friends- 6 kick back and chill pose, chat, read, surf the web you and your friends will enjoy these


These items are copy no mod no transfer so you can set out as many as you like. No mod because these are mesh items, Textures are baked on and it can't be improved on without proper shadow maps. Sorry but re- texturing mesh objects is not always possible or recommended.


If you need help with your purchase please send a notecard in world to Abbadon Soulstar or Quasar Howley . Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Please rate your purchase on Marketplace. We love your feedback!"

After such wast and detailed description there is not much left for me to say. I'll just add that H&S~ Enchanted Evening Fireplace~ is available in 3 different textures, with out texture changer. Some will say thats down side but im more for low scripts, and absence of texture changer means exactly that, so if you don't completely change your hose each month i thing you will appreciate low lag more.

AVsitter™2.0 is system that drives it, on test it was smooth and working impeccable. All animations where well aligned, in high quality and fps (frames per second) rich. Menu is big, but still user friendly and it don't require any learning or adapting period. Covering all form friends and singles to kisses and erotic in sub menus its well all around piece of furniture that will come handy in any RP situation not just sex, so another plus for that.

Naturally since i like it best to have menus in unusual items, like picture frames, bottles etc, idea of fireplace that will be more then just decoration is most appealing to me.

With my recommendation you can find this H&S~ Enchanted Evening Fireplace~Dark Marble and other fine Heart & Soul Designs products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




Archdemon  Wizard King - Throne 2.07 COPY

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: DaSein Noyes

- Archdemon - Dark Addictions store


After presentation of Wizard King Dance Sex Pole Table 1.07 next item that ill do review on from The Wizard King Bundle will be Archdemon  Wizard King - Throne 2.07. I would like to say again that all items are sold separately or in bundle any way you prefer and 20% discount is on all of them, all you have to do is contact DaSein Noyes with im message or note card and mention my name or blog.

Like always at the beginning some space for creator DaSein Noyes to describe and give some technical details about his product:


A+ Wizard King Throne - (Daddy 2.25)

5 prim land impact mesh

Texture change buttons for padding and throw blanket or choose NONE for no blanket at all

available in transfer or copy versions


High quality timber outdoor or old world chair
suitable for exterior use but functional in a log cabin, cave or medieval interior setting for the discriminating master who likes to play with his girl(s)

Fully featured Head of the House Chair Master Alpha King Throne fully optimized for ONE, TWO or THREE avatars

120 highest quality 15-30 second animation sets

The primary avatar has control of all menus except for individual sit, worship and dance poses available for control to avatar 2 and 3

Smoothly functional for two or three in all menus

No annoying poseballs!

No useless poses or confused menus!

Archdemon is committed to bringing you the highest quality specialty items at reasonable prices
All feedback is important to us and very much appreciated

For customer service and inquiries contact
DaSein Noyes - Archdemon"

Aldo primarily gorean in design, this fine looking and build throne has many advantages to offer: indoor and outdoor use, texture changer and above all huge menu.

AVsitter™ 1.29 is core of the engine with user friendly menu divided on: rule, control, relax, serve, service, ride, ride2, owned and three+ sub menus. All animations used in this Archdemon  Wizard King - Throne 2.07 fine product are top quality, smooth in transition, well aligned, fps (frame per second) rich and designed to provide maximum pleasure and satisfaction in RP of you choice.

On the review test all was working and operating flawless and i was not able to find any downside of Archdemon  Wizard King - Throne 2.07.

With quality in design, choice of animations, performance of the product and customer service that Archdemon - Dark Addictions store provides with additional money back discount 20% off price, ill be safe to say that this Archdemon  Wizard King - Throne 2.07 is smart choice and good investment.
With my recommendation you can find this Archdemon  Wizard King - Throne 2.07 and other fine Archdemon - Dark Addictions store products on SL market place and in world store on links under the text:





Smooching Serpents Twisted Mind

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Eve Light



Eve Light, owner and creator of SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture store continues to provide us with top quality fair priced items and even letting them on promo price for limited time. Today ill review brand new just released Smooching Serpents Twisted Mind.

Features and technical details provided by creator, Eve Light:

"TWISTED MIND (RLV + Copy Version)

made with love by SmoochingSerpents

(PROMO!!! 25% off - only this week!)

Dungeon device with a special Twist...


- 100% Mesh, high LOD!

- high quality BDSM couple animations, 4 sequences!

- gives cuffs, flogger, bull whip and a dildo

- rezzes chains (lockguard)

- RLV Force Sit + lots of restrictions

- detailed textures with baked shadows

- color change

If you need support, please contact Cerowain Ceawlin. He will be glad to help :-)

Enjoy your virtual perversions!"

First thing that i have to say about this new Smooching Serpents Twisted Mind is amazing design. SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture did always look good, and they keeping that tradition alive in this new creation to. Copy and with texture changer it will be great decoration same as functional item in any indoor space that you like to use it.

Menu is 100% user friendly, easy to manipulate, and all animations used in this new fine product, Smooching Serpents Twisted Mind, are in top quality, long in duration, smooth in transition and carefully chosen to provide you with maximum animated support for your RP scenario.

On test for review all was working impeccable and i was not able to find any downside of this new product. Never the less, SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture store have awesome customer service ready around the clock for you, so buying this new Smooching Serpents Twisted Mind is safe and sound investment.

With all that said i can only recommend new Smooching Serpents Twisted Mind that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:





*DANIKA* - :.: Babygirl Daybed :.: [Girls Room SexSofa]

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Dani Knelstrom

- Danimations Store

Danimations Store bringing up new ideas and new upgraded systems. Latest example of that is this new *DANIKA* - :.: Babygirl Daybed :.: [Girls Room SexSofa]. Daddy's girls, Barbie dolls and all similar fetish lovers will be thrilled when they see it.

But first lets give some space for creator Dani Knelstrom to give us description and technical details:

::::: FMEv1.0 Animations Engine :::::
by Danimations™

Thank you for your purchase of a Danimations product powered by the excitig new FMEv1.0 engine.  I hope you have as much fun using it as it was for me to make it!

The FMEv1.0 (Fuck Me!Engine Version 1.0) is a full feature engine filled with nearly 300 top-class animations created by the best animation studios working in Second Life today.  Everything from sweet loving cuddles to very pervy fetish stuff is included, and even some silly playful ones.  The engine scripting is a modifed and optimized version of MLP, here are the credits:

Core scripting MLPV2.4z9 by Learjeff Innis
Based on MLP MULTI-LOVE-POSE V1.2 - Copyright (c) 2006, by Miffy Fluffy (BSD License)
15-color balls by Lizz Silverstar
Give add-on by Chaz Longstff for MLPV2 June 2008
FMEv1.0 modifications & script optimization by Dani Knelstrom 2011

Just rez the bed, then click it to turn it on.  You will get a message that says like this:

:.: My New SexBed :.: whispers: Your Danimations™ product is starting up... Please wait

((note: start up can take some time, especially if there is lag on the sim.  When ready it will say...))

:.: My New SexBed :.: whispers: Danimations™ Engine FMEv1.0: Ready For Action!!

Then just click it again to get the menus :) The default positions are based avatars of female 1,63m/5,4ft and male of 1,97m/6,4ft ... this is the "basic" DanikaBodies shape using female size and the "average" SL male.  You can adjust the poses of course from the OPTIONS menu.

A few of the poses require a whip.  On the main menu there is a "Get Toys" option, from there you can take a whip..  and also a nice quality strap on for girl/girl situations that want to use the boy/girl sex positions.  Of course if you already have a whip and/or strap on you like, it is totally fine to use you own ones :)

You can add animations, menus, sounds, etc... anything you want if you understand how to do such editing.  As this engine is based on the MLP2 you do it same as on any MLP2 product.
The product is mod, so you can re-texture, resize, etc with the basic SL editing tools.  If something gets "messed up" and need help fixing or returning it to original "look", just contact DANIKA ★ DESIGN support staff :)

That is all!  Thanks again for buying this product and I really hope you love it and it gives you lots of hot and FUN times!

Dani Knelstrom
Creator & Owner

Available in world store only this new product, *DANIKA* - :.: Babygirl Daybed :.: [Girls Room SexSofa], is definitely unique and blazing the trail for all rest that will follow. RP scene for daddy doms and barbie girls is big so im sure this new feature from Danimations Store will find his customers and many will enjoy it.

Using new Danimations™ FMEv1.0.SOFA - Special Edition Engine, this well designed new item did prove him self good on test for review. Menu is logical and easy to use divided on following sub menus: social sits, romantic, group fun, foreplay, suck & lick, penetrate, girl sex, cum shots, spankings and get toys.

All animations used in new Danimations™ FMEv1.0.SOFA - Special Edition Engine where top quality, smooth running, transitions easy and well aligned, so whole product did show high craftsmanship in making and high precision work on details. I was not able to find any down side to it at all and Dani Knelstrom did prove once again that she is high quality producer not only when it comes to skin and outfits but when it comes to adult furniture to.

This unique interesting and new Danimations™ FMEv1.0.SOFA - Special Edition Engine with other fine Danimations Store products u can find in world store on link under the text:



Xplicit Intense Desire Bed(T)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jodi Morane


Jodi Morane is well know name in adult furniture businesses, for quality and new solutions and ideas. With this brand new release in her version 8 (V8) "Intense" line of beds she really did make more then few huge steps forward and implemented some new things that was so far unseen on AVsitter™2.0 platform.

First lets give space to Jodi Morane, owner and creator of XPLICIT FURNISHINGS sex furniture store, to give us some technical details and description of her new fine Xplicit Intense Desire Bed:

"There are 5 new beds in this new V8 menu release. However this 'Intense Desire bed is designed to compliment our recent Vanity Table.
Our newest ‘Intense’ bed answers all those longing desires that you have had. Everything in this bed has been added with the aim of ensuring that it meets one single objective: your heightened 'Intense' stimulation.
I believe that a good design should feel effortless to the user and when you use this bed, there will be no breaks in your role playing fantasy. It just works and works well.
No longer will you feel that you have to spend months learning a menu to get the fullest pleasure out of it, There are 611 animations and every single one of them are top quality.
Use this bed with confidence knowing that you are getting the latest in Second Life scripting, animations and mesh models.

Buy with confidence- copyable beds will be free lifetime updates and the option of redelivery.

What you will receive:
*Mesh bed
*Mesh bedside table with lamps
*Mesh shelf with accessories

-- 'NO POSEBALL' bed
-- 611 animations of the highest quality
-- 20 full seamless scenes
-- F, M, MF, MM, FF, MMF and MFF

1. RLV
Choose the victim from the scan results. The victim will not be able to use the menu unless you give touch rights back via the RLV menu. RLV has various features for you to explore and discover.
You may choose to use the bed without RLV being active, it functions just as well without it.

There are two types of scenes,
One set has no controls and will play through automatically in an continuous loop. Some of these scenes are, massage, pole dancing, sleep, sexting and force.
The second set of scenes have a built in control. These controls allow you to go backward, forward and show you in the menu where you are in the scene as it plays out.
These scenes are highly sensual and you will find a scene for every mood, hugging intimately, some soft gentle romance leading into sex or more hardcore pounding or kinks.

Texture menu to make it suit your deco.

This allows you to rezz various props to held enhance your role playing scene.These props will remain even if you stand.
These include rose petals (1 prim) on bed, clutter on floor (4 prims), wine bucket and glasses(3 prims), 16 candles (2 prims) and 3 pillows (3 prims) .

You no longer have to hunt for props in your inventory, Props will avatar when the related pose is played. Just say “yes” to the pop up message requesting permission
This bed uses a number of attachments. When the related pose is chosen a message prop up asking you for permission to attach to your AV.

Example: of attached props
Cum to the mouth in related ‘Cum’ pose; whip, dildo , gag, blindfold and many many more.

There are various props that will rezz to support various animations. These are linked to sitter menus and may not appear unless both sitters are on the bed.
e.g *blanket over couple in the sleep scene. Touch the blanket to make it disappear if you do not want a blanket. . Breakfast tray, book, and more. (all props are low prim and will not exceed 5 prims)

This is available only to the owner.
Use the [ADJUST] sub-menu to find the security sub-menu. You can set bed to all, owner or group.
This will limit who can use the bed. You can get a read out of this option in local chat.

Face animation will play for relevant poses such as an open mouth for blow jobs.The owner will have the option of turning this setting off.

The BDSM menu on pezzed props requires the use of chains for a realistic appearance.
You can use the cuffs provided in the menu or any Lockguard cuffs to automatically make the chain particles appear. These are Xplicit custom made mesh cuffs fitted for male and female.

A full dungeon in one low prim design. A great replacement or compliment for many sex toys as each piece of rezzed furniture has been made to be of high quality and low prim,
-- BDSM furniture with corresponding sub-menu
* Cross with related animations
*Throne with related animations
*Captive chair with related animations
*Bar with related animations
*Table with related animations
*Plus more

Now you have full access to the full menu as a threesome. The third sitter will have a solo menu, this will allow male or female sitter to use the solo menu to play with themselves, while the two first sitters have access to the rest of the menu. You can also interact with the other two sitters using the threesome menu of MMF scene and MFF poses.

Fetish menu has something for everyone, Dommes, chores, ball crushing scene, force scene, breast, foot play and many more.

Come and visit us inworld; and demo see for yourself why there was a waiting list for the release for this bed.
Xplicit Customer Care
Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. If you experience any difficulties at all please contact us via a notecard or visit us in-person at our Main Store."

There is few things that i would like to emphasize about this new Xplicit Intense Desire Bed(T).

Risking that this will be review to log for read i just have to mention few new technical solutions that are implemented in this new product. For example rezzing and attaching items.

For example, u wanna whip your sub, u got prop and request to add that to your avi. You click on yes. whip shows up, you can edit it to fit in right place if your avi is under or above average, and when u done with that animation and you switch to new one, that whip is gone. But its also gone form your inventory, doesn't take any space and fill you with extra items that you don't need. original, unique and great solution if you ask me.

Also menu, huge and vast but still so simple and user friendly, so you don't need any "breaking in" or learning period, you can just rez this new product and use it like you been having it for more then few months.

All animations used in this new fine product are top quality, long in duration and frames per second rich and smooth in transitions. Carefully chosen to provide you with all around animated support from each day PG activities, like eating sleeping etc to hard core sex and fetish BDSM.

With my recommendation i would suggest all to take few min and try this fine new product, unique and advanced Xplicit Intense Desire Bed(T) that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




[AA] Bukkake Egg

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf & BelleJour Shinn

- Alina animations

With holidays coming we all looking forward to coloring of the eggs and egg hunting, enjoying the season. Alina Graf decided to make her own style Easter present, and give us something unique and more then fair priced.

Bukkake Easter Egg for girl fun
Together with Belle's Breath of Lust Design


• 7 bukkake and group sex poses

• 19 homemade animations and 7 group poses

• FMMMMM poses

• Dripping rezzable cum

• Mod engine and copy Egg

• 5 prims only

Great in design, looking like something that Faberge would make for kinky Russian gang bang party, this unique item contains set of fmmmmm animations for you to use. Yes, one female and 5 guys having fun and filling that egg up ;)

With simple and easy to use xcite menu, filled with top premium hand made animations, long in duration time and smooth in transition Alina Graf showing us one more time that she is top SL animator and one of the best when it comes to group sex furniture.

With price of just 400L$ and Alina animations brand on it, this is by far best season buy at this moment. Alina's well known customer service and many years in businesses is guarantee that this product will work and operate flawless and makes [AA] Bukkake Egg something that i only can recommend and advise all that this is with out doubt one of best and budget friendliest season animated item to buy as gift or something to enjoy on.

This [AA] Bukkake Egg and other fine Alina animations products you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




::WS:: Condom vendor

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Viara Jewell

- ::WS:: Creations

Its nice to see things are changing to better in SL, getting modernized and updated. On so many sims i still see old condom vendors that will just give you condom in package when you click on them, and thats about it. So you can imagine my excitement when i did see this new 100% mesh ::WS:: Condom vendor. Evolution at her finest moment ;)

First, like always, few technical details and description from creator Viara Jewell:

"This is a beautiful condom dispenser that you can place in any fantasy place you may think of.
Its features have no match in SL, as you may see, and it is great value when you actually see what it can do for you:

- Contains wonderful sex poses geared by the best engine available in SL, and uses no pose balls
- Sequenced make out and sex animations with amazingly long loops
- Dispenses two different types of condoms
- Buy/gift condoms to another nearby avatar (excellent for cuckolding RP!!!)
- Option to give condoms freely or make it a pay object
- In pay mode, people can buy several at once, and it will store "condom credits" so more can be picked up later
- Two different textures to match your environment
- Detailed: actually shows coin being inserted in the slot, and selected condom coming out in the tray

3 versions available in the same package:
- Full version, with poses, condom dispenser and texture changer
- Dispenser only, 1 prim, with texture changer options
- Prop only, unscripted, 1 prim only, comes in 2 different textures

Don't wait any longer and get all this for this incredible value!"

Like i did mention at opening statement, its evolution, and its much more then just condom vendor dispenser. Not only that you can choose between 2 types of condom and gift that vendor will send your way, but also you can change texture and use full sex menu created just for this great new product from ::WS:: Creations store.

AVsitter™ 2.0 system driven menu is user friendly, divided on flowing sub menus: foreplay, suck him, eat her, penetration and get condoms. Animations used in this fine device are in premium quality, with long duration time and smooth transition, so whole ::WS:: Condom vendor working impeccable and without any glitches.

Ideal for any urban, ghetto, toilet public sex RP sim, this new ::WS:: Condom vendor will blend in perfectly, in fact i think its necessity to have it. Low in prim and land impact, with only few scripts and great design and menu for amazing low price it might well be my recommendation for best buy of the week item.

This new ::WS:: Condom vendor and other fine products from  ::WS:: Creations store you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:





Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Kacey Pomegranate



Kacey Pomegranate owner and creator of X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS store just is offering a new promotion for all her dear customers for Easter. All you have to do to get them is to go in X-CLUSIVE ANIMATIONS store and buy anything for 300 L$ or more to get snuggle bunny or 600L$ or more to get kinky bunny as free gift till 11:59 pm Sunday, April 20.

Now lets talk about that kinky bunny. First he is darn cute, with his big eyes blinking and gentle smile... but don't fool your self, they don't say "hopping like bunny for nothing" lol.

In side that cute fella you will find XPOSE (version 4.0 ul) system menu, easy to use, with m/f animations divided in following sub menus: romance, foreplay, masturbate, oral, interludes, sex, anal, doggy and ride.

All animations used in these new promo items are top quality, frames per second rich, smooth in transition and chosen to provide you with best animated RP support for your moments of passion and lust.

X-Clusives Animations ...

* Is one of the most popular animation shops in all of SL

* Has unique animations from romance to sex, daily living to dance, club animations & specialized BDSM devices, furnishings for the entire house, indoors and out (all animated).

* Has been in business for over 6 years and continues to grow!

* Has a main store covering 2 Sims FULL SIMS.

* Has over 10,000 members in 2 groups - The VIP group offers 25% discount on most products and special MM Board gifts.

* Is competitively priced, with numerous daily specials, discounts, in-store hunts, Free Specials, MM Boards and spontaneous prize give away.

* Doesn't just set up the shop and leave it to run itself.

* Has 20+ staff members offering high quality customer service, practically around the clock, and numerous languages represented.

* Hosts dances and contest within the shop, allowing for more socializing.

* Also host a number of high quality third-party vendor items.

* Partners with numerous businesses and events to help make Second Life a more diverse, enjoyable experience for all

Ideal for season decoration and highly usable you can find this new promo X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS KINKY BUNNY and other fine X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS products in world store on link under the text:




Bad Eddy's - RLV Captive Display Poles  With 34 Animations

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: BadEddy

- Bad Eddy's Sex Furniture's

With this new release BadEddy owner of Bad Eddy's Sex Furniture's store goes back to basic in best way possible. Forget dark and humid dungeons, shackles and chains, just do old school on her, with wood and ropes ;) Basic only by wooden design, that must be plus in any gorean RP players eyes, this new device have all that latest SL adult furniture industry have to offer.

But first lets give some space to creator of Bad Eddy's - RLV Captive Display Poles  With 34 Animations to say few words and some technical details:

"Old weathered wood poles in between which hang your captive.... bounded, displayed, helpless. You get the idea? The new RLV Captive Display Poles from Bad Eddy's are 100% mesh, beautifully textured and packed with carefully selected smooth animations from some of the best animator on SL, making this item a must have in any medieval, Gorean, dungeon or BDSM settings.


34 TOP quality animations (kisses, display, whip, sex, etc)

Gives whip, dildo and rope cuff on demand

100% mesh

8 prim only

Ability to set access to either Owner, Group or Everyone

Yes Copy, Yes Modify, No Transfer (it will show in your inventory as no mod but this is only because of the scripts. The prim work is 100% mod)

Oh and for a limited time, there will be a little extra in the delivery box as a thank you for your business. Enjoy

Come and give it a try at Bad Eddy's or IM if you have any questions.



First thing that i like about new Bad Eddy's - RLV Captive Display Poles  With 34 Animations is the way he uses RLV. So click on furniture will actually activate radius scan for any open RLV relay and u can use capture feature, while animated menus is completely separate, no pose balls AVsitter™2.0 that you can see just after you sit on furniture.

Easy to use, and smooth in animation transition, menu is divided in: posted, sex, accessories and rlv. All animations used in this new  Bad Eddy's - RLV Captive Display Poles  With 34 Animations are carefully chosen and top quality, insuring you maximum satisfaction in use and RP while your imagination and sexual fantasy running wild.

With 8 prims land impact, 100% mesh and high detailed textures, with fair price for performance this new product from Bad Eddy's Sex Furniture's store is fair and safe investment.

By saying all that i can only recommend this new Bad Eddy's - RLV Captive Display Poles  With 34 Animations and others fine products from Bad Eddy's Sex Furniture's store that you can find on SL market place or in word store on links under the text:




Something Else - Master Chair 4.0 Deep Cognac

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Cerina Zeplin

- Something Else Designs

Well i'm not hiding that i'm emotionally more connected to some stores and to some creators then the other ones, its only human, but all that knows me well that never will affected my judgment or evaluation of someones work. When it comes to Cerina Zeplin's Something Else Designs store i'm felling little bit like godfather, because i still remember very vividly how i need to "twist her arm" and try to persuade her to open store and that her furniture is more then good enough for SL market. And after year now, at least i think its one year from opening, not only that that she have v4 of her best selling chair Something Else - Master Chair 4.0 Deep Cognac updated and upgraded but finally market place store also. Way to go Cerina Zeplin!

Lets give some space at beginning of review and hear what Cerina Zeplin have to say about her new updated and upgraded product:

"A beautifully textured mesh Masters chair you will be proud to place in your home (or dungeon). It includes the most essential animations for Master & slave role play such as kneeling, spanking, and erotic service. It covers everything from tender cuddle and kiss moments to the more sensual. Everything a Master and his submissive need.

* 20 Singles Sits

* 75 Couples Animations


9 Prims land impact

Modify & Transfer, No Copy"

Ill be bit brave and break it simple for you, you getting in this chair amazing realistic looking texture and menu that will in some other stores for same design cost 3 times more then new Something Else - Master Chair 4.0 Deep Cognac.

New v4 is available in 4 colors which includes a new Crimson Velvet, and compared to old v3 version it have new single role play sits, 20 new couples animations and new sex spanks. And update is free for all that have old v3 version that i did review on august 22. 2013.


To make long story short its great looking product, at fair price form creator that constantly working on updating and upgrading hers already awesome products. User friendly menus, top quality animations and superb performance in use are just few of features that this new Something Else - Master Chair 4.0 Deep Cognac have to offer so please, with my true recommendation, try it out and look for it on SL market place and in world store on links under the text:




Smooching Serpents CarvedInStone

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Eve Light


What i have for you today my dear readers is another amazing and unbelievable well designed product from SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture store, new Smooching Serpents CarvedInStone. Creator Eve Light manage to out done her self again and offer us something completely new and different from any other bondage RLV device for just fist full of lindens.

This is how she describes her new Smooching Serpents CarvedInStone release:

CARVED IN STONE by Smooching Serpents

...and your love will last forever...

This fuck post made from stone is a great addition to every castle, dungeon or garden. You can select from 3 different sculpture styles (or rez one of each, since the item is copy) - all mesh, all beautiful. And if you like sculptures made from sexy flesh, just display your slave on it in RLV.


- 100% Mesh!

- high quality bondage animations (solo, couples)

- 3 different sculpture designs (crying girl, gargoyle, broken angel)

- optional fog particles and lighting

- gives cuffs and a dildo

- rezzes chains (lockguard)

- copy permissions (rez as many as you like!)

- enhanced RLV options

OK first and foremost, when i rezzed new Smooching Serpents CarvedInStone i was pleasantly amazed by design and menu that did pop up, asking me as the owner of new product to chose between 3 awesome designs, fog on/off and lights on/off. Talking about setting things in right mood, this brings all that i see so far to brand new level.

When you pass beyond that first positive surprise, and choose style that you like the best, just hit "back" button on menu and you will have "main" menu in front of you. User friendly, divided on following sub menus: RLV, give cuffs, design, solo, couples, sequence and reset chains.

All sub menus are extremely intuitive, filled with top quality, high performance animations that are smooth in transition, long in duration with high frames per second count, providing you best possible and amazing good looking stimulative animated RP support while your imagination, libido and lust are running wild and free.

I need to emphasize that price for performance, design and quality of new Smooching Serpents CarvedInStone is really symbolic one, so with all this beauty, traditionally well customer care and so far unseen design this is best buy of the week and product that i strongly recommend to all.

This new Smooching Serpents CarvedInStone and other fine products from SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture store you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




Rhapsody Kinbaku Sex Swing

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Iva Rhapsody

- Rhapsody XXX store

Iva Rhapsody is bringing us new updated Rhapsody Kinbaku Sex Swing device. Original and great designed product, specialized for bondage and D/S enthusiasts with unique menu makes me certain that it will be good received on market and appealing to my dear blog readers.

Few opening words and technical details form creator Iva Rhapsody:

"This RLV driven sex swing for 2-3 players utilizes the Rhapsody Shibari Harness for exciting rope & cum FX (1 harness included) and comes loaded with custom animations.


- 50+ animations with facial emotes & rope FX
- Target able cum streams & splatter
- Menu driven frame texture changer
- Owner settable access (Owner only, Group or Everyone)
- Fully configurable rlv capture (off + 3 modes - capture an random avatar, a nearby avi from the menu or set a recurring time trap)
- Force sit & strip
- Safeword system
- Consensual & forced play modes & much more

1 boxed harness comes with the swing and the device sells harnesses with the owner receiving a 30% commission on each sale (the frame will work without a harness but you don't get the rope and cum F/X)

Check out the harness at

A great addition to your fetish role play !


Be sure to check out Rhapsody! here and inworld for our full line including adult items, swim wear, costumes, silks and camisk, mini and casual dresses and our extensive line of lingerie."

Sophisticated in design this new Rhapsody Kinbaku Sex Swing will be true score for all classic Japanese rope bondage fans. It gives numerous options and guaranties hours and ours of play and pleasure in use.

Menu is user friendly, and contains many options that are easy to set, from play mode, hide balls to free relay and RLV settings. If you ever get confused there is button that will send you instructions right away.

Texture changer, and unique high quality animations that are used in this new device are just additional plus and reason for purchase. You can test and try and acquire this fine Rhapsody Kinbaku Sex Swing on SL market place and in world store on links under the text:



Today special promo party for Rhapsody Cuckold Table will be on MissEmily23 & Zoey Winsmore new Porn*Star Beach, Zoey is DJ'ing at 1 pm slt. All are invited and raffle board is set for one lucky winner of Rhapsody Cuckold Table. No group needed, just be sure to stop by and click it ;)

Link for the party:



SC13 Naughty Crates V.2

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Maximus Chrome

- Scorpio13 Designs

Brand new updated SC13 Naughty Crates V.2 are out, giving you more high quality look, even more smoother performance and less prim and above all price is down to :)

Description and technical details from creator of new updated SC13 Naughty Crates V.2, Maximus Chrome:

"Scorpio13 Designs Naughty Crates V.2

Product Description
The SC13 Naughty crates have gone mesh and are even hotter than ever. Whether you want to sit, cuddle, or hit it like a caveman, this prop is the perfect fit for any Gorean, urban, or other roleplay environment.

This item has no selectable textures and cannot be modified in order maintain the design quality we wish to portray for our items.

Scorpio13 Designs only uses the most realistic and quality animations to enhance your virtual world experience. The break down for the items are as follows:

18 - Solo Animations (Between 2 sitting positions, 6 Unisex, 6 Male and 6 Female)
9 - Couple Kissing/Cuddle Animations
9 - Couples Foreplay Animations
9 - Couples Sex Animations

Land Impact
We know your prims are valuable to you. We try our hardest to make you quality furniture that doesn't break your land impact bank or your wallet. The land impact for the SC13 Naughty Crates V.2 is as follows:

Crates - 5 Land Impact

Scorpio13 Designs will only offer refunds in the event of a design flaw in the product. We maintain a virtual storefront where all of our items can be tested and tried out to see if you like them before buying.

Customer Support
For customer support, please contact Maximus Chrome. Please keep in mind that we work during the day(SLT+2), but will get back with you as soon as possible, your business is valuable to us."

First that i noticed about new updated SC13 Naughty Crates V.2 is design. Not that it was bad before, but new crates are somehow much more realistic, textures are great and overall look of new product is awesome. It will be ideal for that dark corner on any open to public urban or ghetto RP sim and it also do well in your own private back yard or similar place.

AVsitter™2.0 user friendly menu is simple and work flawless. Divided on following sub menus: solo, cuddles and get nasty, its filled with premium quality animations, carefully chosen and put together to be smooth in transition and provide you maximum pleasure and care free use of this fine new product.

On test item was working with any flaws, all animations where aligned well, they did change smooth and i was not able to find any downside of this new SC13 Naughty Crates V.2 product.

With performance and design that you are getting and price of just 500L$ this SC13 Naughty Crates V.2 are sure in my high quality low price item series list and i can recommend it as safe and fair buy for all.

This SC13 Naughty Crates V.2 and other fine Scorpio13 Designs products you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




[AF] Lick n' Stick Post Box - transfer

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sin Mikado

- Abandoned Freight Main Store

Buddy Holly can rest in peace, with this new product from Sin Mikado, owner and creator of Abandoned Freight Main Store, mail man wont bring no more blues to any one ;) And that's not all, there is free female mail uniform in store as group gift for all that like girls in uniforms.

This is how creator of new [AF] Lick n' Stick Post Box - transfer,  Sin Mikado, describes it:

Abandoned Freight's

Lick n' Stick Post Box

Another Low Land Impact modern public toy for your perverted city or town to roleplay with. A <certain> postal service box with teasing, oral, sex and rougher sex along with cum shots.

*NOTE* Due to possibility of people being a$$holes the logo on the mailbox has been slightly altered. SEE inworld.

2 LI Mesh Design
84 High Quality animations
Single Sits and Masturbation
Couple RP Foreplay, Oral, Sex, Rough Sex, Cum shots
RLV Enabled

**Also available: Sexy Postal Worker Costume/Outfit**


In my eyes this is awesome product for RP for several reasons;

Amazing low just 2 prim land impact in 100% mesh makes it ideal for all urban open to public RP sims, decorative and useful in same time. It will work and look good in front of your private SL home to.

MLPV system is trusted and reliable, menu user friendly, divided in sub menus for single, teasing, oral, sex, harder cum shot and RLV. Easy to use and filled with top quality animations that will transition smooth and provide you maximum animated RP support while your fantasy and lust goes wild.

On test for review all was working great, no glitches or misplaced positions in menu, well put together product like always form  Abandoned Freight Main Store.

So with my undivided recommendation ill advise all my dear readers to look for this new [AF] Lick n' Stick Post Box - transfer and other fine Abandoned Freight Main Store products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




J.L. Designs XCITE RLV - Kinky BDSM Art Frame

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jay Lordhunter

- J.L. Designs

Brand new product is out from  J.L. Designs store owned by Jay Lordhunter, J.L. Designs XCITE RLV - Kinky BDSM Art Frame and i love it. Its wall picture with hidden menu that will rez all from vanilla sex to hard core BDSM sex props and animations, and don't forget huge bundle of preset textures in side the frame that you can change at your own will or just use one of your own.... countless options.

But first lets give creator, Jay Lordhunter, space to give us some technical details and description of his new product:

".::: J.L. Designs Kinky Art Frame - BDSM Edition :::.

Prims & Permissions
• This Art Frame feature's a high detail design and comes packed with realistic artwork to show off in any home!
• Includes 12 different picture frame styles, 27 elegant paintings and 34 Erotic artworks to choose from that can be accessed from the menu.
•Art Frame is 4 prime with a land impact of 4!
•Rezzable Props are 100% Mesh with a low impact design to maximize your prim usage when out.

• Permissions - COPY / MOD / No Transfer. This Art Frame is Copy and Modify. That means you can modify the different parts of the frame itself. The contents (scripts, animations and rezzable props) are not modifiable or transferable.

J.L. Designs is happy to present the BDSM Edition Animations Engine. The Platinum Edition is powered by the latest version of the reliable Xpose Engine and features 144 poses with 280 animations from some of Second Life's finest creators.

If you are looking for pleasure or pain and want a item that stands out from the rest then this is the item to do it with. Set out by itself it looks like any other piece of art till you access the menu. Keep your naughty side hidden till you want to play. Alot of detail and attention was put into creating a fairy tale atmosphere for you and give to you the most realistic and pleasurable experience possible. Whatever mood your in, you will find something in this frame to satisfy your needs. Beautifully sculpted and textured furniture that stands out from the rest.

Well organized and very easy to use menu. This frame is 100% XCite! compatible and will react with your Xcite parts both male and female. Male tilt angles have been preset so all poses line up where they should. Our texture changing system will provide TONS of choices for you to customize the look and feel to match just about any room you use it in. Full RLV function to add to your experience. You don't have to use RLV if you don't wish to, the frame will function just the same without it.

J.L. Designs BDSM Sex Engine Features:
• 280 Quality Sensual Animations
• 144 poses loaded
• 32 Well laid out and easy to navigate menus.
• 16 Rezzable Objects and 34 Give Items for you to use.
• Latest version of the reliable Xpose Engine for smooth operation and minimal script impact on sim usage.
• Facial animations and Xcite! ON / OFF options.
• Setting controls for who can access your menu (Owner Only / Group / All)
• EASY to adjust positions using XPOSE bars to fit different Avatar heights/sizes. (see help notecard)
• XCite! Compatible - automatically adjusts arousal levels and genital tilt for a realistic experience.
• Unique Texture changing system lets you change the look and feel of the frame with a simple integrated menu system.
• Full RLV Capture Menu. Choose a pose, use the RLV menu to search and capture your submissive. Your partner will be captured if RLV is active. The menu will be locked for your partner and they will not be able to access this until you have unlocked the menu via RLV sub-menu. Your partner will be unable to stand or teleport while locked/captured. Many features for you to explore and discover.

Menu Features:
• Extensive BDSM Section that rezzes 100% mesh furniture as props with corresponding menus including: Pillory, Post, Cross, Hanging, Wall, Rug, Bench, Throne and Dom/Sub/Fetishes. Many wearable items and integrated chaining system to add to your roleplay experience. Free cuffs and RLV blindfold/gags included.
• Full Boy-Girl Menu loaded with Intimacy that covers Blowjobs, Cunnilingus, Him on top, Her on top, Behind, Titty Play, Rough Sex, Spanking and Fisting Sections.

Come and visit our store in world to see a demo and see all the wonderful designs we have to offer.

Other Notes:

The frame will show as No Modify in your inventory but you will be able to modify the prims once rezzed in world. All hand held props are copy/transfer for passing to participant(s).
Owner menu allows for easy adjustments of the poses to suit your avi size and prop locations. Menu position note-cards are modify so you can save your adjustments. (see notecard provided with product for instructions)"

Nothing much left for me to say, but i still wanna emphasize few things.

First design; its just awesome, with so many options and textures for frame and even more for picture in side it so its easy and simple to chose and fit this new J.L. Designs XCITE RLV - Kinky BDSM Art Frame to be real decoration of your home or public sim.

Second rezed props and animations; props are many all in mesh and low prim, sharp with short rez time even on ultra graphics settings, and they look gorgeous. All animations, in user friendly menu are high quality, carefully chosen to fit and provide best animated support possible for your RP scenario.

Also i wanna add that price, considering that new product is Xcite! and that it have in side all that you probably need for full size well equipped dungeon is more then fair. Animations are well aligned and on test all was working and rezing extremely smooth.

With only recommendation for this new J.L. Designs XCITE RLV - Kinky BDSM Art Frame that is from now on permanently rezed in my own private castle i can suggest and advise all of you to look for it on SL market place or in world store on links under the text: