Naughty Surfboards Hawaii SE

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Harry Quijote

- Harry's Outdoor & Living


I know that i did say this so many times over next few day and opening of SEXX SALES EXPO, but i just love the way it sounds so i will say it again; brand new store, brand new creator and brand new product for your reading pleasure only (until you go and try then buy his fine products) :)

Harry's Outdoor & Living owned by Harry Quijote is well know and established adult furniture and houses store. Over and over i was getting requests from you my readers to make review of his fine creations, and finally its my pleasure to say that Harry finally agree to present his work to you on my blog to.

This first and opening presentation of Harry's Outdoor & Living store is exclusive and made for SEXX SALES EXPO only where Harry Quijote has his brand new exclusive made and just released item, Naughty Surfboards Hawaii Special Edition. More products will be presented and reviewed in coming period of time, so fell free, like always to provide me with much more feed back and requests as possible.

At the begging few opening words and technical details from creator Harry Quijote:

"Naughty Surfboards Hawaii Special Edition
Outdoor set by Harry Quijote

Naughty Surfboards Hawaii SE (9 Land Impact)

Perfect addition for your beach land. Place the board against a wall on your patio, or plunge them in the sand of your beach. The naughty boards give your land just that extra entertaining touch that you have been looking for!

- Menu controlled Xpose couple animation engine. 9 romantics and 9 sex animations. Animations can be adjusted and saved easily!
- Mesh object with free Auto Updates
- Board texturizer. Choose between 4 board options.

Come back for many more cool products, visit our sim Harry's Houses
Your Designer,

Harry Quijote"

Unique in design, this high quality exclusive made piece is ideal for any beach, ocean or island sim. Textures are impeccable, with texture changing hud that will make Naughty Surfboards Hawaii SE looking perfect for that tiki wall cabin, palm tree or where ewer you wanna place it, and add decorative value to your outdoor surrounding.

Xpose! system menu is simple to use, intuitive, filled with smooth high quality chosen animations that work with out any glitch or issue. On test all was flawless, and i was enjoying my self in use of this fine exclusive product.

With more to come form Harry's Outdoor & Living store you can find this Naughty Surfboards Hawaii SE on exclusive offer on SEXX SALES EXPO on link under the text:



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