BH four poster bed

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Britt Halberstam

- BH Animations

This is my second presentation of Britt Halberstam's high quality animated furniture. Her reputation one of the leading Sl animators is growing with each day. Only "complaint" that i ever heard is that she is making great stuff but for dungeon and BDSM sims only. Well not any more. Long time wanted "gentle" looking item from her collection is finally out. BH four poster bed is something that you can really call wolf in lamb skin. Eye candy out side and huge menu filled with all from cuddles from bondage in side. But lets do some numbers first. The BH four poster bed is 100 % mesh with only 6 prim land impact (temporary 5 prims more for pose balls and ropes) custom made by Britt with a huge texture menu. You are able to choose thousands of combinations to be sure you find your favorite look of this bed. Changeable are the bed frame (9 colors), the curtains (6 colors and without), the bed sheet (36 textures) and the bed linen (72 textures). In side all that beauty is real treasure animated menu with following features:

* new, up to 1,5 minutes lopped high detailed animations for  pretty realistic motions
* new, bondage menu for female and male submission
* seamless short sequence with truly animated transitions between the poses
* animated undressing (by using RLV)
* realistic facial expressions
* realistic representation of bondage for female and male
* quickly adjustable positions without options menu
* includes free tk relay giver

RLV features while using a relay in automode:
* automatically working smart RLV technology
* lock your partner and make it impossible to escape (by bondage)
* undressing with realistic animations
* RLV menu with several options
* capture function

300 unique BH animations that you won't find anywhere else in SL made and used just in BH Animations furniture, outstanding customer service, details and quality with low prims and texture changer that is making BH four poster bed suitable for any space, RLV, bondage with custom cuffs giver that comes together with bed by each purchase make this new creation from Britt Halberstam high value item to have. Be sure to take few minutes of your time and take look in store or SL market for it, links are printed under article with warning that when you look you realize that you just must have it ;)




.:*Belle's*:. Bitchy Tabledance v.1.9.9 MESH

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: BelleJour Shinn

- Belle's Breath of Lust Design

Some creators are perfectionists. No matter how good they make something they keep improving it, making it better and constantly updating to give users of they product the best that they can. If any one in SL fits that description BelleJour Shinn does. Working hard and zealous to make animations more fluid and longer, working relentless to make that sculpt/mesh more sharp, pretty and prim less on land impact and working dedicated to making textures that she uses look like real so you feel like you can touch them, smell that wood through your screen or hear that chair squeaking under your avi weight. Sure you will think that degree of quality and precision in her creations have appropriate high price, but thats where you will be wrong. BelleJour  keeping her "top shelf" high quality products on "bottom shelf" price range, making so many wonder why. She wants her creations be accessible to all so all SL residents can afford them and enjoy them. If you think i'm bias on this review, challenge me. Go to her sim, Libido land of pure sin in Lenora region, test her furniture for yourself go to one of her stores on that sim and check the prices, and tell me i was wrong. So far in my almost 3 years in SL no one did, because i'm trying to do the same as her in my own way, to present best that SL adult furniture has to offer at fair price for all you users to enjoy.

After all that long intro lets do some review finally. For todays feature out from variety of  Belle's Breath of Lust Design offers we chose .:*Belle's*:. Bitchy Tabledance v.1.9.9 MESH latest update released. Box include not one but 4 versions of table:
Bitchy Tabledance v.1.9.9 6 Prim (landimpact) Mesh Wood
Bitchy Tabledance v.1.9.9 6 Prim (landimpact) Mesh Pink
Bitchy Tabledance v.1.9.7 7 Prim (landimpact) Sculpt Wood
Bitchy Tabledance v.1.9.6 10 Prim (landimpact) Sculpt Wood

No matter what computer you have, viewer that you are using or settings that you prefer there is a version in that box that will look and rez impeccable on ur land and screen. Hand made premium animations for female dance (10 animations) with loop on/off and bottle fun, with 56 unique couple animations that are made by BelleJour and can be found only and exclusive in this table for fm, fmm, fmmm and fmmmm intercourse with one of the longest overlap times in SL for satisfaction of your lust and erotic passions. Each of the 4 chairs have separate sit-script. However you wanna use this great product, just for dancing and looking at your partner, private place couple sexual item or wild gang bang public place toy its fully up to you. Value, versatile options, customer back up service, impeccable craftsmanship in creating it and extreme popular price making this table best buy and must have item for any adult furniture user resident. Five thumbs up.    




Nerenzo Love raft

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Vic Nerido

- Nerenzo Design

Story goes something like this: one of my friends teleported me to one adult sim, we were standing there and talking and few couples was banging they brains out around us on beach loungers. Animations caught my eye, menu did look big so i start to be interested and realized thats the same loungers i been seen on so many adult SL beaches. I hit edit button, check creator and that was my first contact with Vic Nerido owner of Nerenzo Design. Great guy, simple and easy to talk same like his store. Even his prices are light and easy. But furniture is great. Quality mesh and sculpt prims, premium animations, great customer service and ideas. For this presentation Vic choose his latest creation Nerenzo Love raft. I will say here that he is making it in 3 different versions and prices, with drive option too. Ill be reviewing stationary one cos it got the biggest menu of them all. So lets do some numbers now; 100% mesh great looking raft with only 7 prims land impact with Xpose menu that contains 626 top quality chosen animations in 308 positions that will cover all form single animated poses, talk & relax, cuddles, foreplay, sex, even 3 somes and 4 somes are included. So its very usable and wide range quality adult item, ideal for rp and long hours of passionate fun at see where you can let ur mind and fantasy go wild. Once you try Nerezo store products you will be returning to them with pleasure and anticipation for new releases.




LA JAZZ 2 MESH Plush Lap Chair v1.19 (copy)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jennifer Brennon

- Luna Animations

I meet Jennifer couple years back, random group message and we start to hang around. She didnt give away with anything that she got successful business with adult furniture going on in SL, you will find that out only if you look in her profile. Simple and down to earth California girl with huge gift and talent for animations. Out huge variety of her furniture we choose LA JAZZ 2 MESH Plush Lap Chair v1.19 for my review today. Chair got so many features that's making her unique and one of the top lap dance and sex chairs on market today. From revolutionary Jazz 2 Sex Engine to new "One Button" system for adding animations if u ever desire any additional that chair dont have already build in. Cuddles, Kisses, foreplay, oral, and more sex animations that you will know what to do with in intuitive menu system. And with  650 high quality animations you will always have the right animation for whatever mood or kink strikes your fancy. One thing is always been very distinctive to Jennifer work, and that is passion and pure force that you will see in her animations, make her work even more distinctive and desirable to have. All that, with sounds, particles, Xcite script is packed in 100% mesh chair with just 6 prims land impact and texture changer that will allow you to perfectly blend it in your private home, strip club or any ambiance of your desire. Dont take my word for it, try it out for your self and you will love it ;)





Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Kristina Deschanel

- *KL* BDSM Store

BDSM  the way it use to be

This time i like to do some old school stuff, dark deep cold stone walls of dungeon, in some medieval castle... Picture that for me please for a second and i'm sure the first thing that comes to your mind is St. Andrews Cross and this one that i present for you today is a beauty. Kristina Deschanel owner of KL store and creator of our reviewed Cross, always makes her own textures. You can almost smell that leather ribboned throughout the hard wood when you look at it.  It is a great decoration but it has a purpose too. Solo chained slave poses and a Domination/sex menu that will satisfy both Master and sub. It also has a mplv system that works like a clock, and includes attachment points for cuffs that will work with all SL cuff system and it will give you hours and hours of bondage fun. This 23 prim robust build beauty is so common at public BDSM sims and dungeons that it is about time to get your own piece now since they are only 750 lindens.


Warm - Lillesand Bed Adult

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: WarmAnimations Lisa

- * Warm Animations *

Last year for my birthday i got 2 same presents from friends made by Lisa Warm. So i made note card asking her can she replace them for me for something else from her store. Answer come in 20 min and that was my first contact with her in person. She not only replaced all for me but also she gave me item 1500 lindens expensive then one i was trading saying thats for my birthday. So i cant really say anything but superlatives when it comes to her customer service. Simple and hard working Lisa soon become one of furniture sponsors of my SL castle and my dear friend. Always serious when it comes to her work its no wonder that she is one of rare creators that even have her own you tube channel (web url link on bottom). For her first presentation on my blog she choose her new Warm - Lillesand Bed Adult. In fact its not just bed, but whole room with bed side tables and bench but you can choose will u rez all or you need to save prims and keep just bed on your land. In 100% mesh object made by Lisa with only 8 prims land impact she did install fully Xcite! & Sensations compatible menu with automatic rotation of penis Tilt in total of 786 custom made original Warm animations in 263 Couples Poses, and 23 scenes. Big menu is easy and intuitive to use, you can choose Map option and play animation by animation or Scene and bed will play for you all animations from chosen sub menu. This Set comes also with Texture changer and change all the set together bed, bedside tables and bench. With that its very simple to blend this high value set in any space, private or public. Wast choice of cuddles to hard core action will insure that all your sensual fantasies will be satisfied with this bed and it will make you return and use it again and again. Highly recommended :)  



Alina Animations - Statue DIANA

[AA] Statue DIANA

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina Animations [AA]

Couple days back i did make review about Alina's statue EROS, but hard worker as she is, she already got new version on the market. [AA] Statue DIANA target all shemale in SL and users that like to play with them. Many SL shemale clubs, if not all, will not allow male avatars in they clubs, so where statue EROS wont do, the new  [AA] Statue DIANA will. Made in 100%  mesh with land impact of 7 prims contains   32 Poses : 18 for solo girls, 14 for two girls in no pose balls latest trend easy to use menu. Skin color got texture changer, penis got size changer, and tongue moves when the respective poses are selected. So all you need for full satisfaction of your sensual needs and fantasies, by your self or in company its in side. Great decoration piece, provocative place for woman to sit and rest on or sexy toy. Any of those ways you will use it you cant go wrong. Now hurry and get it while its hot, link for SL market place and in world store are on bottom ;)





Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Kacey Pomegranate


- or how to spice up your sl ride to max :)

Around two years ago i was at my friend SandyD hotel, when Kacey Pomegranate tp in. She did bring her new bed from her new store to donate and visitors of hotel can try it out. Bed was good, so i did go to check the store, few beds and rugs there, solid start. And look at it now, two sims full of toys and animations of everything that your imagination can desire. So i will do something unusual today and review car, SUV to be precise.
Solid build and good look, big and robust vehicle with acsv6 script. So it will drive like any bike in SL smooth and easy to maneuver. Also any acs HUD will work with it so u dont even have to use keyboard command if u dont want to. Pick your better half and hit that SL highways, chat, giggle and have fun: Then all u need is nice curve or bend on the road, or forest, park that car and click the hud. Thats where the real fun starts. Huge Xcite compatible menu, with picnic accessories and food, animation for eating, playing games, hanging out, cuddles and foreplay in so wast menu that even if you where not horny before you will be horny now, and finally sex menu, that will make you "do it" in the car, on the car and beside car. What can i say more, its amazing all around car and fun pack that will leave no road sexy fantasy unfulfilled. Extra good news, its on the summer sale till september ;) Bringing you cool ride at cool price for your hot SL summer, yours truly Edvard Taurion.



Smooching Serpents Banksy Bang

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Eve Light

- *SMOOCHING SERPENTS* sophisticated RLV furniture

Its my pleasure today to present Smooching Serpents store. All you RLV fans in SL must be very pleased and familiar with their furniture. Creating something new, and not seen before Smooching Serpents designed this urban grunge RLV item. only 8 prims, when pose balls are not out, with auto shut off if no one using menu for some time, this  "toy" will be ideal for all urban, slum sims out there. With 11 different textures it wont be any trouble to blend it in your sim surrounding. also one great innovation, weather changer build in. So options are really huge. Highest quality animations in solo, couple and 3 some menu, with option to play them like scene will give you and your sim visitors plenty hours of pleasure each time when it will be used. This is just peak form iceberg of the undiscovered treasures that they have in Smooching Serpents, so with more to come i wish you hot SL summer.


Digital Dream BDSM RLV set

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Ray Zymurgy

- Digital Dream Furniture and HUD

-all that you will ever need for dungeon in one box

Lets imagine this: you just discovered BDSM and you love it, and wanna have your own dungeon filled up with all goodies, or you opening/refurnishing club. Need all, need best and at good price? Digital Dream got solution for you and it all in one box. Amazing 11 pieces mesh set that will fill your dungeon form top to bottom. Large pillory, small pillory, chair, cross, 3 different style poles, bench, stool, cage and rack in mesh filled with best carefully selected Xcite animations, 411 of them to be exact, CISS cuffs system and RLV. No desire cant unfulfilled with this great package and it guarantee fun non stop that you will always be glad to come back and use it again. Colors and design are timeless, so set will fit your home, gothic castle or BDSM club too. Currently this is with out doubt best and biggest BDSM RLV set in the price range that allow you to have all 11 items for price that you will usually pay just for 2 items if you buying them separate. Offer is in world only because Digital Dream want you to come and try it out from first hand what they got created, see the quality and functionally of they fine products. My advice will be to look for them because offers like this one in furniture world dont happen to often. Cool price and items for your hot SL summer :)

Something Else - Master Chair 3.0 Cognac

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Cerina Zeplin

- Something Else Designs

Too beautiful to keep in a dungeon

It always make me happy when i get the chance to discover, meet and present to my readers new stores and designers. Cerina Zeplin certainly is one that i believe is doing a great job and has a bright future in adult furniture. The first thing that caught my eye by in seeing her creations, was the basic look of the items. They are so detailed and wonderfully textured. No signs of any beginners mistakes, furniture looks like it has been done by a pro who is in the SL furniture  business for many years. Not only that but she manage to fill up the segment that i believe is neglected in the SL BDSM world, and manages to make it so warm and gives it a"living room" feel to her items. Just classic charm vintage looking furniture pieces for D/s use. Her Master Chair comes in 3 different colors/textures,cognac, charcoal and onyx, that you can blend in any style and type of SL home that you are using. With 15 single sits, 2 erotic sequences, 55 awesome couple animations in great looking 9 prims that will be an attractive refreshment and many hours of erotic fun for your private home or club or any other  public place that you own. Hope that you will enjoy using it as  much as i did while testing it. ;)

No SL market place store at the moment.


Fukki'n Bitch Swing v.2.0 belle breath of lust design

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: BelleJour Shinn

- Belle's Breath of Lust Design

Take me to the limit one more time ;)

What limit we are pushing to the edge today? More then few and its my undivided pleasure to share this right on the edge piece of art furniture with you. we talking about 3 prims only here when pose balls are not rezed. Original self made sculpt map for swing with cum stains on floor, that looks impressive good in black, then again, its fully copy mod, so if u wanna it in any other texture or color, just make ur pick and change it. mlpv2.4 system taken to another limit, limit that is maximum duration set by LL, BelleJour Shinn use it full, same as frames per second, so she creates original, hers animations for your pleasure that you will have to wait till they overlap, longest one allowed by LL tos. Cuffs? You dont need them, your female sub will be tied up by Swing, saves prim, lowers lag. Solo sub menu, fm, fmm,fmmm,fmmmm, fmmmmm. So if u like to share your sub u can share it all over the place ;) And if she deserves or need some more this swing will rez dildo machine so u can take your well deserved rest and relax ;) Did i mention that it cost only 420 lin? So if that all is not pushing limits for your using pleasure and benefit in sl then your humble review editor/me dont know what is :) Enjoy your hot summer in sl with this cool piece of furniture.


Sex Bed White Angel Bdsm 1140+anim 2/3 some 4 some XPOSE_12B

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Windmaster4 Vernon

- Windmaster Production

- or the way i like to call it from vanilla zero to BDSM hero :)
You finally got a home in SL and are looking for a bed? or you have one but it just doesn't do all what you would like it to do? or you are animation enthusiast and looking for something  better? Well there is a product for you that will cover all of  your animated sl needs. saying that i do mean all, dances, for Master/slave, group, pole, cuddles, massage, foreplay and "regular" sex for fm couples, any kind of 3 somes and 4 somes, tantra chair sex, and huge BDSM menu with rezzable horse, wheel and stockade. If you are thinking is that all, think again, because vampires are not forgotten on this "bad boy bed", all packed in only 13 innocent looking prims with premium textures. Animations are Xcite compatible and imagination inspiring that will make this bed one of your pride possession in sl that will make you wanna use it again and again. The only down side that i was able to find in this product is that it does not come with a sexual partner included. Everything else is  already in it. :)


BH BottomUP Rack

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Britt Halberstam

- BH Animations

- top of the line BDSM furniture
All of us that own land in SL trying to save prims and have the best. Many times you will hear that good looking detailed BDSM furniture need to be prim heavy. Well not any more. Britt Halberstam owner, designer, animator and builder of BH animations its not only multi talented but extremely pleasant down to earth person that manage to have all in her fine furniture. Newest one, BH BottomUP Rack is 100% mesh build, and in all beauty and glory (picture for article is straight up form in world no photo shop or anything like that) land impact just one prim. And what fine prim it is. Menu with custom animations made by her and are only find in her products for solo, mf and mmf, RLV that will not only grab person but also take her clothes off, that will not just vanish, but be gone in animations you riping it and taking it down for ur subject, cuffs, dildos and cane giver, and texture changer too. With all that its "must have" item for all BDSM enthusiast or life styler in SL. Easy to blend in modern or traditional dungeon, with low as possible land impact you will be having hours and hours pure pleasure and fun.
Be sure to enjoy your SL summer, and im going back to my dungeon, to play with rack some more ;)



Alina Animations - Sex Bed Pleasure V. 4.0


Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina Animations
Who can tell what new day in SL brings, you tp to some new sim and meet 2 great girls that dont burn any daylight and wanna go straight to the point and then one is partnered and her partner just log in so he wanna join in too and so on....


Innovation Rounded Bed

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Ulrich Nansen

-low prim beauty

Right kind of motivation is great thing, can make you inspired to do awesome stuff. If you ask Urlich Nansen owner of Innovations store he will tell you " which furniture to pick is a harder one since I got so many products already,  been in the business 2½ years after getting fed up with being unable to find proper furnitures for my skybox business". And he was not telling lie. Store is full with fine pieces of adult furniture. For this opening review we did choose bed. Many reasons for that, main is all will be having no trouble to find something for them in that big xpose menu. Sits, cuddles, mf, ff, 3somes in all combinations and more, all in premium chosen animation to satisfied your sensual needs and fantasies. Wrapped up in eye candy rounded shape with fine textures will make great and valuable addition to your private home or club alike with just 9 prims land impact. So if you didnt visited and explore Innovation store so far, take that lm from bottom and you will be pleasantly surprised with quality, choice and prices.


Xplicit Dream Lounger

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jodi Morane

Its always pleasure for me to discover new stores and meet new creators, thats why im doing this reviews, persons that really stick up with they ideas, effort and creativity. One of those "special" people is Jodi Morane, owner of Xplicit store and creator of the lounger im presenting to my readers today. She is one of those down to earth, easy to talk personality and "one man band" in same time. Making all by her self, animations, mesh, and textures and giving us consumers piece of her own fantasy world.
Let me say few more words about lounger im reviewing in this article. Mesh with land impact of just 4 prims and texture changer, filled with 140 custom high quality animations and seven scenes made in AVsitter1.26 no pose balls system with solo sits, couple and many more menu of custom choice high quality animations. In my eyes thats premium summer item that is must for any beach or outdoor loving person in Sl for this season that will fit and be easy to use in any private or public surrounding. Professional made is also professionally presented and sold by friendly and helpful staff in Xplicit store that will make your shopping experience even more pleasant. Market place url and in world store land mark is attached so dont be stranger and fell free to stop by and have look or order demo and try it out by your self :)


SA Wall Rack v3

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Selina Anatra

SA - Different by Design

There is something special in small stores, something that you cant find in big fancy ones, maybe because we expect it to find it there, but when you discover something awesome in hidden one, pleasant surprise overwhelms you. Thats the felling that i did have first time when I tp'd to Selina Anatra Designs. Walls filled with amazingly well made collars, nipple and belly rings in Tokon system and my favorite, great BDSM furniture. Elegant high class looking mesh wall rack with 10 prims land impact made by Selina Anatra textured with her own made textures will look awesome on any wall, classic or modern dungeon alike. menu filled with carefully chosen premium animations includes solo, foreplay, oral sex, capture, sex, BDSM, and much more. Even machine hidden in side. Lockmeister cuffs system compatible with most collars and cuffs, including, Tokon, Amethyst and OC, and RLV build in only add to the value of this beautifully made piece of fine furniture. And i have to say that all future updates are automatic and free and you can be sure that value of this wall rack will only go up since Selina dont stop to improve and make it even more better then it already is. Certainly cool item for hot SL summer that will keep you hot all year around ;)


CSC The Throne 2.0 - Gothic Black

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Cald Stine

-Cald Stine Creations

I did meet Cald Stine some 2 years ago, he just did have brand new item out on market and i was, like always, very inpatient to buy it. Cuffs didnt rez chains so i im him, and he was in my dungeon in 10 min, fix issue instantly, apologized for inconvenience and give me one more piece of his furniture as gift. Thats what i call premium customer care. Also i like to mention that i did bought 4 different items in his store after that and all of them was and still are working impeccable.
Throne that i will review today caught my eye when i was asked in one BDSM master forum about best one that can handle two subs/slaves at same time and its Xcite compatible. So if you looking for something that will meet that demands look no further, CSC the Throne is right thing to buy. Classic beauty, robust and elegant build with 27 prim land impact is must have item for all "old school" dominant people out there. It's loaded with high quality animations for solo, couples, and threesomes. 115 of them to be exact, that goes from solo sits, dances, teases, and sex in user friendly menu. Throne dont have texture changer but its modifiable, so you can easily blend it in any space that you like. Because of its style and versatility, those with a bent toward Goth, Masters, subs, slaves, vampires, or anyone with a mild or strong interest in BDSM will enjoy. I hope you will have as much fun as i did while i was testing it ;)


~Dirty Deeds~ Wall-Banger - CorkBoard

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Cimone Blackburn

Few days back my dear SL friend told me i need to go check Dirty Deeds store and meet owner Cimone Blackburn. So i did go and i was pleasantly surprised. Store is packed with fine furniture and items and Cimone is great and kind person just like i was told she will be. We start to talk and she told me like so many other creators that i meet that she did start to build because she was not able to find furniture that she likes for her own SL needs, and this is what she says about her creations " Ive been building the things the way "I" would want them.. and Im a picky gal ;)   I want only the best animation that flow.. the most realistic textures.. the most user friendly menus that make sense, best low lag scripts etc." So i did have a heavy task, out of all that adult furniture and treasure variety i'd have to pick just one for review. Item that caught my eye was ~Dirty Deeds~ Wall-Banger - CorkBoard simple because it can blend in any home and it got so many ways that can be used. With just 4 prims land impact and floor texture changer you just cant go wrong. Menu is extremely user friendly, MLPV2.4z8 engine, with PG, foreplay oral and xxx premium selected fps rich animations that will make you play with and use this fine piece of furniture over and over again. For private home or public club, kitchen or garage you just need to have it and enjoy it like i did when i was testing and reviewing it.



Alina Animations - Statue EROS

[AA] Statue EROS

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina Animations [AA]

This time i decide to do something just for you ladies out there and all that fell that way. If your master/dom/partner is tired, busy or off line and you got certain "needs" Alina Animation got answer for you. Brand new just 7 prims land impact Eros statue. While it can be used just for elegant high class decoration for your home or club, its got great functional value too.
SC13 Naughty Cushion - Fabric Version

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Maximus Chrome

- Scorpio13 Designs

Many people in SL are talking about trends and fashion, even in the adult furniture industry. Mesh is something you've got to have, and a huge texture changer, as low a prim count as possible, a no pose ball system and (as if all of that is not enough of an eternal issue) you have to ask yourself if it is it ok for gorean sims, goth sims, or bdsm, ect. For this great piece of adult furniture, all you need to be is heterosexual. Following the latest market demands, Maximus Chrome, owner of Scorpio13 Designs put together for your pleasure this great Naughty Cushion piece with quality, elegance and a vast variety of options. This gorgeous set of pillows comes with 40 selectable shadow baked fabric textures individually adjustable for each cushion. It's 100% mesh with a land impact of just 3 prims and is filled with premium high quality animations chosen for your pleasure in a very easy to use menu. No wonder, since I've known Maximus' work for few years now, and he really did get more and more amazing with time. So gorean, goth, bdsm or vanilla, private or public sim, with this Scorpio13 Designs jewel you can't go wrong. On top of it, the price for all that quality and beauty is really more then affordable, so please check it out! You will be more then pleasantly surprised!


PRIME Lovers Island

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Winona Wiefel

-PRIME Furniture

Big stores comes with big ideas. At least once we all did dream to run away from all stress, im's, and just be alone with that special someone stranded in beautiful tropic island.
Thant's exactly what Winona Wiefel from PRIME Furniture did made for us. Our own private tropic paradise with just 12 prims land impact (offsim version that is included in all purchase package have 13 prims) is extremely detailed and good build,  so good that even sea foam got options menu. Textures are flawless and eye pleasing. All that is powered by AVsitter no pose balls system that is more and more popular in furniture this days. 126 premium quality animations are in 63 sets menu that is very simple and easy to use. Just ideal for your own small hidden paradise, use it in ocean orb, or like off sim decoration you cant go wrong with it. Summer is almost over but on this island of sensual pleasures you will always have hot time ;)



((C.C.)) SpreadEagle v4.95

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: CrowleyCorp

When we are new to SL, homeless, nothing else to do then using other persons sims and clubs for erotic play. But while we doing that, we do find out and discover furniture and creators that we prefer and love to come back to using they products again. Then finally we decide to rent or buy our own land in SL and buy that furniture for our private use. Thats how i first time get in contact with CrowleyCorp owner of Crowley Corporation. First impression was very positive and im glad that i can say years after that initial meeting he is same simple and easy going person that makes even better furniture then before. Constantly working on upgrades and ways to make his products even better and more appealing for consumers. For today review we choose SpreadEagle v4.95. Like in all Crowley's products no cuddles and no vanilla. BDSM, bondage and control from start to finish. In 20 prims land impact you getting original design sculpt device with texture changer that will make it easy to blend in any style dungeon or D/S space. RLV is build in, easy to use and will grab, capture and strip. LockGuard system, with cuffs giver is also in side. Animations are custom build, specially for SpreadEagle and cant be find in any other furniture in SL, same as custom sounds in device. Menu is extremely user friendly, multi speed animations that Crowley making so good together with realistic sounds and cum/splash particles guaranties many hours fun and enjoyment with this great product. Together with friendly customer service and constant upgrades of this original design makes it one of the recommended best buy SL BDSM furniture. Available in world only.


NbN Mesh  Bdsm Bed  Set *HEAVEN AND HELL*

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: sweety Enzo

- Nice but Naughty erotic furniture

Looking for high quality furniture is my passion. That's what keeps me going to write reviews for you. My pleasure is when I'm able to find high quality furniture at an affordable price and dig up something that will give you more "bang for your buck". Well i did more than good today. I'm presenting to you a new bed form Sweety Enzo, owner of Nice but Naughty erotic furniture store. Let me say that Sweety is really living up to her name, because she did not put one bed in that box but 3 for the price of one. Now that is sweet in my book. Its hard to say just a few words about a bed as complex and versatile as this one is. In this great looking bed that's 100% mesh with just 7 prims land impact, copy and mod, you get an Xpose 4.0 system menu that is huge and at same time extremely easy to use. From solo animations to couples, BDSM, bondage, group these high quality premium animations and scenes that will keep you and your partners occupied for hours of sensual fun and pleasure. Allow me to do some numbers to illustrate it better; 821 chosen animations, 12 animated scenes, 52 objects rezzer and 33 items giver. Impressive. on top of that RLV build in. With all this said, and  the unbelievable low price, this Nice but Naughty erotic Mesh  Bdsm Bed  Set *HEAVEN AND HELL* really is a "must have" item for any club or private home. Five thumbs up from me! Now hurry in Sweety Enzo's store or market place and get your own piece im going back to play with mine ;)



-JR- HOOKERLAMP (4some+f) v1.80

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jaqueline Rau

-JR- dirty sex shop

Its my privilege to review for you today something form Jaqueline Rau owner of -JR- dirty sex shop. She is one of few rare furniture maker that was able to build and create cult status for her creations among SL fetish lovers. Multi creative Jaqueline is not person of many words, but of many deeds. Showing her talent in making intimate body parts, fetish HUD's, tattoo's, bikinis ect. Her furniture is something that she is always improving and updating, making it even more fun to use and making possible for her customers to constantly get new and fresh animations to play with. Thats how i meet for first time, some years back, when i was contacting her to update my toys that i bought from her. She was very polite, fast to response, so with any doubt i can say that her customer service is on high level, same as her furniture. In this article i will review Jaqueline Rau's -JR- HOOKERLAMP (4some+f) v1.80, witch is top model with biggest menu, but she also making them and selling them just as decoration, and with different versions of menu and price range so all can find and buy something for they needs. And what ever you buy you can always update and upgrade. Let me get in some details now; in 100% mesh object with just 4 prims land impact you will find huge menu made from exclusive custom high grade animations divided in single hooker/FF/FFF/FM/FMM/FFM/FMFM/FMMM easy to use menu. To be exact 159 of them in 136 poses with smooth realistic movement that will inspire your fantasy and make ur imagination wild. Texture changer is build in so with all of that its just something that you need to have in any urban RP sim, in front of your club or just in your private home yard when your partner fells "bit trashy". Great toy, great animator, great pleasure. I hope you will enjoy it same as i did testing it for you.


DIGS - Ferryside Couch - Adult [MESH]

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Iris Maskelyne

- DIGS - Furniture & Prefabs

In SL some creators trying to make difference, to make furniture that will not only be functional but to be decoration to, eye catcher and something that will make ur virtual space even more decorated and pleasant place to be for you and your  friends. One of those creator that "walks extra mile" in her design is by any doubt Iris Maskelyne owner of - DIGS - Furniture & Prefabs. This is what she says about her store " I set up shop with DIGS about 6 months after joining Second Life. I had begun building with prims and template sculpts a few months before. Almost 4 years on I'm working with my own mesh models and hand-painting textures to create original furniture with which people can decorate their homes. I've always had a focus on usability, so my animations engines have evolved over the years to make items as versatile, varied and inclusive as possible."
Today its my privilege to review for you my readers Iris latest product, DIGS - Ferryside Couch - Adult [MESH]. First what got my attention on this couch was the design. Showing that DIGS creation not only fell comfortable in manors, castles and high class interior, but also in young peoples apartment and homes, urban RP sims ect. In this 100% mesh original DIGS build object with just 5 prims land impact is texture changer to that gives you diverse selection of texture options for the wood, cushions and pillows. Following what looks to be latest trend in adult furniture now, Iris use no pose balls system on this couch that contains MF, FF and MM cuddles, kisses and adult poses and premium quality chosen animations in intuitive and user friendly menu. To conclude; great looking, well rounded low prim modern couch build by latest trends and technology that SL offers that will satisfied any demanding customer needs. Be sure to try it out ;)