DIGS - Conall Chair - Adult [MESH]

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Iris Maskelyne

- DIGS - Furniture and Prefabs

For this week low prim and price and high quality i did decide to present to you my dear readers something new from DIGS - Furniture and Prefabs store. New just released
DIGS - Conall Chair - Adult [MESH].

Home cant be with out bed table and chair (in some states thats even defined by law), so lets see what top quality chair means in todays SL.

Rustic weathered wooden chair for inside or outside.

6 texture options for the wood.

Complements the Conall Stool

Seats 1 avatar, or one couple.

Contains cuddles and kisses and adult poses

No poseballs! Just right-click and sit. Positions are all adjustable and stored for each avatar.

Made by latest SL furniture making standards, Iris Maskelyne
owner and creator of DIGS store is bringing us 100% mesh 3 prims land impact product with texture changer, easy to fit and blend in any surrounding like it was made for it.

AVsitter no pose balls menu is filled with animations and easy to use. From unisex, female and male sitting poses to cuddles and hard core sex, all in smooth top quality animations chosen for your RP pleasure and satisfaction.

Adult purchase box of  DIGS - Conall Chair - Adult [MESH] contains beside adult version of chair pg version to and all that in copy permission, and that makes this fine product ideal for all lecture halls, 7 seas fishing tournaments or any gatherings of large number of avatars that need to be seated one way or the other ;)

Amazing well made product at amazing and affordable fair price.

This DIGS - Conall Chair - Adult [MESH] and other fine DIGS product you can find on SL marketplace and in world store on links under the text:



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