BH Animations - Shack capture RLV Version 2.7

BH shack capture RLV Version 2.7

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Britt Halberstam

- BH Animations

Todays review will be bit different, but very honest and personal. Its so many reasons for it and i will share it all with you my readers. Recent few days in SL make me contemplate and wonder about few stuff, and this is what i came up with:


Lenora - Perv German Oktoberfest

Perv German Oktoberfest

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Organization: BelleJour Shinn

- Libido Sim, Lenora

Traditionally like each year before my dear friend BelleJour Shinn owner of B.O.L.D. stores and Libido sim organizing and sponsoring Perverse German Oktoberfest. For those of you who did not participated in previous years main thing is all is free. Great gifts, great events, and great prices. This is what belle says about 5 day event on Libido:


Luna Animations - LA JAZZ 2 MultiPole v1.171 (copy)

'LA JAZZ 2 MultiPole v1.171 (copy)'

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jennifer Brennon

- Luna Animations

Summer is definitely gone. I got so many questions about dancing poles and devices from people that opening new clubs in SL now when all are back and all is crowded. And that give me inspiration for todays review. In my knowledge there is only one dancing pole that will cover all; single female, two female and 3 female dances and single, two man and 3 man dances at same time. Its made by Jennifer Brennon owner of Luna Animations. This is what she says about 'LA JAZZ 2 MultiPole v1.171 (copy)'


Windmaster Production - Rug polar white Bdsm

Rug polar white Bdsm 1140+anim 2/3 some 4 some XPOSE_20A

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Windmaster4 Vernon

- Windmaster Production

In huge and wast  Windmaster Production store is hard to pick just one item for review. All that Windmaster4 Vernon making is high quality and design flawless. So for todays review we decide to focus us on low prim furniture, that will be ideal for SL new residents and have all that experienced
SL resident needs and like in furniture, no matter of gender, human or vampire, BDSM or "vanilla". Something that all will like and love to use. New updated and upgraded Rug polar white Bdsm 1140+anim 2/3 some 4 some XPOSE_20A is exactly that.


Selina Anatra Designs - Sybian Mesh Edition RLV

SA Sybian Mesh Edition RLV

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Selina Anatra

- Selina Anatra Designs

Today's review is request form one of my female readers. She was looking for low prim RLV device with xcite compatibility. I did look around, and this is the best that i was able to find:

SA Sybian Mesh Edition RLV made by Selina Antara owner of Selina Anatra Designs store. This is how she describe it:


DIGS - Douglas Couch - Adult [MESH]

DIGS - Douglas Couch - Adult [MESH]

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Iris Maskelyne

- DIGS - Furniture and Prefabs

Today i will present to you newest DIGS - Furniture and Prefabs store creation by Iris Maskelyne. She is well know by hers amazing quality and specially impeccable high class design. Item that we choose to present for you reading pleasure is following that line of successful great looking furniture with great RP use value too, new DIGS - Douglas Couch - Adult [MESH]


X-clusives Animations - After School Detention


Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Kacey Pomegranate




Alterior Motions - Puppy Grooming Stand Mesh - Metalic

AM Puppy Grooming Stand Mesh - Metalic

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: AprilMae Devin

- Alterior Motions

It was bored day in SL, long one to. So couple of my friends and i decide to go and check whats going on in some public sims and see who is cheating who. So we teleport to one high visited open to public BDSM sim. Since i got my own private dungeon and i dont like much when newbes are not to friendly i didnt explore it fully. We look around, walk little bit and there it was. Brand new piece of furniture that i never see before. You can imagine the rest, but i will tell you about 60 minutes later i was talking to AprilMae Devin owner and designer of Alterior Motions, creator of furniture that i discovered for you. This is what she told me:


Pestique store - Oslo Chaise Longue (Adult) Xcite!

Oslo Chaise Longue (Adult) Xcite!

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sara Greene

- Pestique store

It all started just like another day in sl. Im's and routine. My dear friend Jo tp me to some club, they having party. Im usually not coming to parties to people that i dont know, but Jo is always so kind and sweet so i was not able to say no to her. Club was ok, crowd friendly, and after usual greetings and compliments i start to zoom around. And there it was, piece of adult furniture that i have not seen before. Right click, edit and open creator profile. All was looking good, i try system and animations, look at it from all sides all was more then good. So i didnt burn any daylight and i send review offer to Sara Greene owner of  Pestique store. She did reply in minutes and we arrange meeting few hours later.


PrimPossible - 1 Prim Asian Bedroom MoCap Animations

PrimPossible 1 Prim Asian Bedroom  MoCap Animations

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Ample Clarity

- PrimPossible 1 Prim Furniture Store

Eternal fight is going in in SL, prims against design, prims against number of items that we will keep or choose to rez on land, prim saving...... And like night in shining armor Ample Clarity show up and offering you, my dear readers, solution in his PrimPossible 1 Prim Furniture Store. All is just and only one prim land impact. Sounds to good to be true? Lets give Ample Clarity chance to say what he has to offer:


Alina Animations - Sex Car Vintage - drivable + sex engine


Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina Animations

This will be special review for special item. So i wanna do it like they do in RL when they presenting new fine wine or something like that. I wanna create environment, mood for you my readers to enjoy this article even more. so first let me recommend music for you:


Sex Beach Bamboo Mat v2

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Quentin Calvert

- Jester Designs

Second life is huge place and you can always wonder. Even when you sure there is nothing new to see you will be surprised what awaits you behind next corner. And i like to wonder from time to time, on my bike on SL highways or just clicking on different items on new discovered sims and go where luck and teleport leads me. Thats how i end up in Jester Designs, store owned by Quentin Calvert. Memories came out when i was looking for first animated bookshelf for my castle hitting store by store in storm, and somehow along the way i completely forgot about his fine place. Quentin was there to, so we start to talk. This is what he said to me that makes me say: ok i need to put this guys work in my blog. "I guess my philosophy is that I still get a sense of pride and enjoyment when someone buys something and tells me they enjoy it". More then well said. We are surrounded and outnumbered in SL with places that chaise just fast profit, way to pay rent, and take money out of the game. No pleasure and pride, no hard working man from Merle Haggards and Johnny Cash songs, that stands high behind his work, all that we see in so many places is just charge them double, suck them dry take the money and run. So no wonder that when i see difference and bright example i get all sentimental. But lets go back to review and numbers:

Excellent beach mats and towels with great solo, cuddle and sex animations. Comes in 7 patterns but you can easily re-texture to your own taste with just 2 prims land impact.

314 animations ~ 163 positions in easy to use menu

Menu is an updated version of our other popular products, and includes positions for all tastes and preferences. Check out the demo in store!

Simplicity, functionality, high quality, versatility, excellent customer support with unbeatable low price. With free updates and upgrades all consumers. Dont have anything else to add to it or ask for it. Just awesome furniture at awesome prices. I have rule that i dont name exact price in my reviews, so i will just say that Sex Beach Bamboo Mat v2 is way under 500 lindens and you need to see it to believe it. I guess that each day is sale off day in Jester Designs and they been here since 2006. URL for market place store and in world store are under the text so fell free to go surprise your self just like i did ;)




BDSM Bed 3 Bedroom Set

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Bird Lilliehook

- LoveBird's Paradise

Story goes something like this: i was semi-newbie, got me my 3. house in SL with 450 prim so i was thinking i can rez whole world at that time. I start to search for good menu and animations beds, and on one second hand sale i did find my first bed form Bird Lilliehook. To be honest, design and price make me buy it in that point of time. But when i rezzed that bed and try it out in my home i was amazed and went straight for her store, buying and trying new stuff each few weeks. Sadly one day she decide to close he SL in world shop. It was the biggest sale of that i did ever see in SL. People where waiting for tp to even come on her sim, i was on voice with few friends, and all you can hear was ching ching noise that viewer makes when you buy and get lindens. Bird Lilliehook was standing on top and refunding all that come and purchase some percentage of price back. I was sure she will be back, store was to good and furniture to quality to just leave behind and forgot about it, till i find out reason why she was gone. RL work, something that none of us can compete. But Bird still keep her LoveBird's Paradise SL market place store open and filled up with hight quality and exceptional furniture. For her first time opening review on my blog we choose Bird Lilliehook's premium top bed that she did made, LoveBird's Paradise BDSM Bed 3 Bedroom Set. This is what she says about it:

¸.•.¸ BSDM 3 Bedroom Set ¸.•.¸

This BDSM Bed includes:
Full Cuddles - 4 menus
XXX - 4 Menus
Girl on Girl - 2 Menus
BDSM - Post, Hanging, Cage, Chair Included
7 menus of BDSM fun

Male/Female/Female - Cuddles and XXX

This bed has Special BDSM Props, including Post, Hanging Post, Chair, and Cage. All have a full menu of Animations to go with each prop.

Bedroom Set Includes:
BDSM 3 Vsex Bed = 20 prims
Plush White Rug

BRAND NEW CUFF and Chain System!

Vsex Engine Includes:
382+ Animations
Xcite Compatible
Facial Expressions and Sound
MF, GG, MFF, BDSM, Harcore
BDSM Toys - Post, Hanging Post, Spank Chair
Lapdances, Slowdance and SO much MORE!

BDSM Props and ANIMATIONS included in BED.

(All Have a menu of animations to go with them - BDSM and XXX)

XPOSE 4.0 and BRIGHT CUFFS INCLUDED - CHAINS USED with Numerous positions


More Information:

(The Animations and scripts are NOT modifiable, but you may edit texture and colors)

As you can see its still very modern bed, with so much to offer. I think time did to her furniture what it usually does with good wine, and make Bird Lilliehook's furniture more rape, well aged for finest BDSM and erotic fans pleasure moments. Using her fine products for over 2 years in SL now i can say for my self that i do love to come back to them and use it again and again. She is still on line, and let me tell you she is sweetheart, so if customer service is needed she will provide it with out any doubt in best matter possible. Dont let this piece of SL BDSM and erotic glory days pass by you and go look at  LoveBird's Paradise SL market place store. Link on the bottom.

Spin the Bottle Game

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jenni Eales

- The PAINTOY Factory

Sad true is u cant be sexually active 24/7. I know i try it lol Or u just need to find some way to relax people that just meet in ur club or private party and move conversation to something more provocative and sexual? Well if answer is yes Jenni Eales from The PAINTOY Factory store got answer for you. Spin the Bottle Game is amazingly fun, easy and provocative in same time. And she sure fill it some great features, animation and items that game will rezz. Here are some technical features:

Scripted Game for 2-6 players

- Xcite! compatible

- single and couple poses

- many sexy tasks!!

- reworked appearance

- choose from 11 texture sets

- prim count: 7

Low prims and great performance will make this, Spin the Bottle Game made by The PAINTOY Factory, favorite game on your public sim or private parties. Easy to fit and blend in any space with texture changer is "must have" item for all party loving people and adult club owners. If you dont have clue how to get traffic or your sim is empty at the moment just make group notice and start the game, it will do the trick. Fair price and good customer service is benefit too.

Looking forward to see new projects form this expanding store and creators.

URL for market place and in world store is below




Smooching Serpents ScareCrow

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Eve Light


* * * P R O M O * * *

I guess i develop telepathic powers that i was not a wear of. I was talking with my friends and with out no reason i fell need to im Eve Light owner of  SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture. So i did and to my surprise she told me that she is about to release new item on market, Smooching Serpents ScareCrow. The way i am, always wanna to keep you my readers informed about latest and best furniture in SL, i did take me one and set review for you. This is the info creator gave me about it and the way she introduced it to me:

"lots of animations, texture changer, and and and... and dead cheap... first in a series of low price dungeon equipment in-full and extensive Smooching Serpent quality  :-)"

Technical features:

- lots of high quality bondage animations

- rezzes ropes & gives cuffs

- no pose-balls

- nice cage to store your slave

- great design with texture change

- RLV force sit & restrictions menu

- copy permissions (rezz as many as you like!)

- free lifetime updates, this toy will never be outdated...

- 9 prims land impact

Again i was amazed by quality, skill in making and creativity by Eve Light. I cant compare this Smooching Serpents ScareCrow with any other product that i know on market. Its unique in idea, design and rp value. And all that in really amazing low price, lets just say that 500 lindens is enough for this fine "top shelf" hight quality product thats sets new standards in BDSM equipment furniture world.

Please take few minutes and visit SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture store in world or market place and look at it for your self. I have no doubt that you will find it interesting and fantasy stimulating like i did.




NBN wall rack

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sweety Enzo

- Nice but Naughty erotic furniture

I do love to come back to Sweety Enzo store. She is like her name says sweet to the bone person, and great furniture creator so im always in anticipation for what she is gonna come up next. On last review we where nice with her line of the beds so now its time to be naughty. Today for your reading pleasure i present NBN wall rack.

In 100% mesh item originally made and textured by Sweety Enzo and just 2 prim land impact, you will find easy to use Xpose menu with over 200 high quality premium animations chosen for this great product. CISS cuffs system, and all else that you need for outstanding BDSM rp session in your dungeon. Nice but Naughty erotic furniture store is well know in giving plenty options to customers, so in that manner purchase sex box contains 3 different color and textures of
NBN wall rack. Fully copy and modify giving you also option to re-texture and have that perfect custom fit for using space of ur choice.

Each piece of furniture that Sweety Enzo owner and creator in Nice but Naughty erotic furniture makes is detailed, well made product for maximum users pleasure. Low price, high quality and service, makes it one of great places for shopping and its one of "must have" creators that you need to have in your public or private SL space.

High recommendation for NBN wall rack, and im looking forward to see what she will release next form her adult treasure chest of innovation.

Pandoras SEX Box Dolls

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Arianna Dragovar

- Euphoria Home of Sexy & Silly Things and Ethereal Jewels

Same like in real life, in SL you never know what new day brings. I was having fun and chatting in one club when one of my sl groups did pop up with message " If anyone wants a free collar with RLV on it let me know I am testing out a script-they have moving dirty GIFS on them :)" I was not able to resist, and i send im to person that send collar message, to perfect stranger that ws giving away stuff. Thats how i meet Arianna Dragovar, owner and creator of Inside Pandoras Box Sim  and Euphoria Store. She tp me to see her place and i was amazed. Sim is huge, so detailed and so creative like its hard to find in todays SL. We where walking around and talking and this is what she tell me about her sim and store:

"Inside Pandoras Box is an Artistic Fantasy Erotica Sim that has taken Over 2000 hours to build. With Over 90 Free Unique Things and 4 Amazing Free Skyboxes it has a Mediterranean Outdoor Voice Hangout Lounge with the Best Sex & Dancing Animations, 2 Pools, The Dirty Ice Cream Shop, an Outdoor Carnival, Beach, The Main Store Euphoria filled with Sex Dolls, Shapes and Jewelry and the Mermaid Grove with the Save the Animals Treehouse. Come find Free Collars, Sex Toys, BDSM Fun, Boats, Gliders and Feather/Fish Tours!  Be Sure to take the Hummingbird Teleport to see the Grand Finale The Ethereal Realm which is in the Sky to find Your Destiny through Hope & Inspiration. Please Visit Inside Pandoras Box Where Dreams Really Do Cum True!"

My attention was drown by her sex dolls; cheep but quality made, great looking animated decoration for your adult sim, private home or just amazing gift for someones rez day. Its innovative, decorative and creative like whole her sim. Like always i will set URL for market place store and in world store so please go look for your self, and you will be amazed same like i was. Great job Arianna Dragovar!





Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Celeste Zuta & MatthewD Magic

- Designs By Celeste

"At my door the leafs are falling, cool wild wind will come, sweethearts walk by together, and i still miss some one"

That's how Johnny Cash sings about autumn, but if he ever was in SL, he will know that autumn is best time to open new club or rebuild the old one. Kids are back in school, all spending more time in doors so SL is full and packing again. All that make wanna present to you my readers one special piece of furniture that was designed for clubs but it will be fit awesome in private homes to. From Designs By Celeste store, made by Celeste Zuta & MatthewD Magic im proudly present to you for your reading pleasure DBC XXX SLEEK POLE AND LAP DANCE SYSTEM W/COLOR CHANGE MENU. This is what creators are saying about this fine piece of adult furniture equipment:

"Thank you for your interest in the new evolution of dancer entertainment in Second Life. Depending on which version you purchased we will describe what is included in each version and the differences between the two and the features they contain. All our new X Lap Dance Systems are using the top of the line XPOSE engine to increase reliability and reduce lag. All the systems are available on the wall behind the floor models including transfer versions,copy versions, and modify versions of both transfer and copy for those of you who would like to texture, color, or customize them for your own clubs or homes.

The System is quite revolutionary and I will explain a few of the features here. With the System your dancer can run everything from one menu and entertain up to 3 customers at one time. Your dancer can dance on the table, stool, or pole depending on the version and then when needed (like when the dancer is tipped or asked for more) then they can switch to the customer menus which will give them 2 full lap dance menus (18 lap dances) for any one of the 3 customers. Your dancer can go seamlessly between the stool, table, or pole to the lap dance then back again from one all- in- one control menu. There is also a Loop feature for both the Stool and Pole dance menus to allow hands free operation for your dancers while using those menus. This is a one of a kind system in Second Life, you will not see it for sale anywhere else but here. The System is run by one menu which can be set for access by any combination you please. For clubs I would recommend having the menu users set to group only having the group your staff group, if you have one. This way only your dancer can control the menu. The ball user access set to ALL, this will allow anyone to sit and use the poseball. If you leave the menu open to ALL then anyone can use the menu and the dancer looses control of it if someone takes it from them. The combinations of security features are there for you to do what is needed to suit your establishment. Below you will see what versions we offer and keep in mind we are constantly evolving this system so check back often or join our customer group for new releases.

9 Motion Capture Floor Dances
6 Motion Capture Stool Dances
18 Lap Dances
3 Customers Entertained Simultaneously
10 Prims
This is much like our original DBC ULTIMATE LAP DANCE SYSTEM (no longer available) with a few changes and additions. The table dances are now on the floor as well as a 1 prim stool that rezzes for the stool dances and of course 18 lap dances for each customer, twice the amount of the old system.

9 Motion Capture Floor Dances
5 Motion Capture Stool Dances
18 Lap Dances
22 Motion Capture Pole Dances
3 Customers Entertained Simultaneously
10 Prims
This is by far our greatest creation to date. It includes all the aspects of dancer entertainment currently available in Second Life in one system. Your dancer can easily go from 9 Floor Dances, 5 Stool dances, or 22 Pole dances to any one of the 18 Lap Dances and back within this powerful engine. The pole and stool both rez on demand when the specific dance is selected and de-rezzed when they go to the lap dances. The stool is 1 prim and the pole is 2 prims. No longer do you need separate poles, stools, or lap dance chairs not to mention the dancers having to stop from using one to bring the customer to the other. From this System your dancers can do it all and do it well with one menu.

We offer both versions in 3 colors, and also a Modify version for those of you who would like to texture or color yourself to customize it for your home or club. As well as all colors and versions in a copy version as well.

Positions. A note about positioning. We strive to make our positions well crafted and configured crisply but unfortunately all avatar sizes vary. In positioning these we have used average sizes for both men and women seeing that most male avatars are tall and average female avatars are a little shorter then those. XPOSE engines which we are using have an adjustment menu built in to change positions on the fly at any time as well as a more in depth positioning option with a save option so you can either customize your System for yourself or your dancers can customize them at anytime while using them to satisfy their sizes. This should alleviate any concerns due to positions in your purchase which we as creators take seriously and spend countless hours trying to get as perfect as possible.

We are proud of our creations and stand behind them 100%. We do not offer refunds under any circumstance but will replace anything that stops working for any reason. You can also drop me a note card about any questions you might have or IM me if I am online. We take customer service very seriously and want you as customers to be satisfied."

Saying all that they did all my work lol

All that is left for me to say is to visit Designs By Celeste fine store and take look on variety of high quality items made for your pleasure by top standards and best performance. Link for market place
and in world store are under the text.  


*KL* Capture Cage

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Kristina Deschanel

- *KL* BDSM Store

In fast growing BDSM market few names in SL do have cult status. Making furniture that stud test of time, intensive use, impeccable design and animations that just inspired you to use it over and over again. One of those names by no doubt is Kristina Deschanel owner and creator of *KL* BDSM Store. Her products are on all public BDSM sims, new ones and old ones, allowing us to enjoy and play with her unique design and quality furniture. for this review Kristina Deschanel did choose *KL* Capture Cage, latest product in her amazing store. 16 prim land impact in familiar Kristina design that did make her brand name in BDSM world  is an advanced menu driven piece of equipment that implements the latest features of the MLP 2.4 and adds support for RLV Relay API in addition to Lockmeister compatibility. Menu is extremely user friendly and easy to use featuring:

* Discipline
* Use sub
* Swing
* Cage
* Lock
* RLV Capture
* Get
* Stop
* Options

I will try to explain what few less know options for BDSM novice does:

Turns frame into a cage (adds cage door and pack plane). Clicking on it again turns it back to frame.

In cage mode, it locks the cage doors and prevents them from being open.

RLV Capture
It will scan for nearby persons wearing RLV Relay device. If it finds them, displays a list from which a specific person can be chosen on forced into the cage. RLV relays are common in collar devices such us OpenCollar. If you don't own one, the cage can give you one in Get → Relay HUD.

Once a person is captured, going into RLV Capture menu will present two options. *Release* will allow them to use stand up button which has been disabled automatically when they were captured, but keep them in the cage, which they can now leave if they want.

*Unsit* will force them off the device.

Gives out items: Cuffs, lockmeister compatible cuffs for use with bondage equipment, Help: notecard; Relay HUD: RLV compatible relay HUD for use for the capture.

All that features, amazing unique design, great choice of premium quality animations and more then fair price making this fine *KL* BDSM Store product must have item for all BDSM and RLV enthusiasts and users.



VJ-Wow! That's what I call Doggy!

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Vijay Uggla

- OmniPotent Animations

Discovering real animation enthusiast and creators that are zealous in they work to make new, different, impeccable high quality furniture and present them to you my readers is what i love the best. Thats why its my pleasure to have Vijay Uggla owner of OmniPotent Animations joined to our blog family of great and unique designers that i review on my blog. OmniPotent Animations are original in more then one way. Vijay Uggla making new different animations for each piece of furniture that can be find exclusively and only in his products and this is what he says about that:

"All Animations and Sculpts and Textures Made by Vijay Uggla
Original and exclusive to each individual product.

OmniPotent Animations Never recycle animations between products.

OmniPotent Animations Never use 3rd party Animations, Sculpts or Textures.

For opening presentation and first review on my blog we choose for you my readers one of OmniPotent Animations classic and awesome piece, VJ-Wow! That's what I call Doggy!, couch thats very often rezed on many good open to public adult sims. Couch that, in my humble opinion, should be in all better private adult furniture collection. Gentle and harmless by the look but "hard core" and intense by his content VJ-Wow! That's what I call Doggy! couch will satisfy all, from "vanilla and normal" to BDSM users. Here are some technical info:


All crammed into a Sofa-couch with a full featured interactive sex bed animation engine with synced sound animation action! and particle bodily fluid effects!!

Animations never before seen (or heard of) positions that will totally blow your mind (...and load).

Molesting, Breat grabbing and Fucking
Fingering, Tickling
Foot sex
Acrobatic Sex (REVERSED legs in the air pumping action!)
Strangling and Fucking
Slapping [ from many Doggie positions! ]
Hair Pulling
Forced Sex
Belly Rubs
Flips [ You Have to see to to believe it!! ]
Ejaculation - shiofuki Gush making
Doggy Style: Described in the Kama Sutra as "the congress of a cow"
Butt Fucking with various arm / butt or hair grabbing and Speeds ! !

Made of >> 169 << individual animations!!! for the ultimate in interactive Sensual experience...

Why Choose "WOW! That's what I call Doggy!"

1. Top Quality:
Incredible amount of detail (highest unique key-frame per sec). The advantage over motion capture is the lack of superfluous details which detracts from each animation's core message. You get undiluted, top roleplay experience

with OmniPotent made animations. Don't take my word for it. Try it!

2. Top Value:
No recycled animations. Each animation in all OmniPotent products are made specially just for ONE

product. You never get the same animation from any other product. This product has the highest number

of animations-to-price ratio of all OmniPotent creations. Absolute MUST HAVE for collectors!

3. No Nonsense:
OmniPotent animation devotes hard hours into animation quality. No time for professional marketing

strategies, Fancy shop fronts, pricing wars, spamming, etc etc. Therefore any issues/problems dealt

without drama or wasting of our time ~ with Your satisfaction as priority.

All original animations ONLY available in this product.

Slapping with sounds.

Squirting with gushing particle and sound effect!!

Variable speeds on selected animations.

Original sculpted prim sofa with baked textures. Tintable to your own liking.

Couch extends automatically for certain positions.

Lifetime Update system.

====technical notes======

Modify - yes
Copy - yes
Transfer - no

Sculpted Prim Sofa ranges from 4 to 9 Prims based on Pose selected

With all that said, i only can add that Vijay Uggla is very easy to work with so customer service and support must be on high level to. Highly recommended quality piece of furniture that i enjoy in my SL home and im always glad to come back to. Be sure to take look OmniPotent Animations store and try it out.




KAI - RUG/ADULT/natural

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: kaiya Manbi

- Kai home design





On my SL travels and exploration i discovered so many good looking and detailed decorated places. One of them certainly is TURTLE COAST adult beach on Kaiya Islands. Sim was filled with good crowd, mood and music great, but my attention, like always, was attracted by the furniture. I never did see that models so i click edit and contacted creator. To my pleasant surprise kaiya Manbi was so open and warm person so we start to talk. This is what she told me about her store:

"The Kaiya Islands have been running for nearly 7 years - The wild coast naturist resort being its landmark venue and now Turtle Coast Adult Resort.  Since the Islands began i have had shops selling things that i have on my beaches, like sun loungers, chill cushions, little huts etc, but found more and more i was being left behind with my old fashioned  "pose ball" animations - so a year ago, i deleted everything in my shop and started over, with a fantastic product called AV sitter - each item is now menu driven and has NO pose balls - what a treat!!  Beach huts, mountain huts, all furnished or unfurnished, with every piece of furniture packed with great animations - I also added some adult products, very expensive to make but have turned out to be great sellers - Adult bed, couches, rugs and rafts - My shop is a very specific style, i dont like to put anything out of the floor that isnt 100% unique and perfect -- enjoy :)"

This is what kaiya Manbi tell me about reviewed KAI - RUG/ADULT/natural/NO COPY so its numbers and info time:

>>> LUXURY RUG >>>Natural <<< ADULT version <<< NO Copy/Full Mod >>>

* Available in 5 color themes
 - White Wash
 - Soft Earth
 - Natural
 - Rustic
 - Moroccan
* Available in Adult Version,  Copy/Mod/No Trans, as well as  No copy/Mod/Trans
* Available in Cuddle version, Copy/Mod/No Trans, as well as  No copy/Mod/Trans
* Av sitter menu driven
* No pose balls rezzed
* 41 Singles, Pals, Cuddle & kisses
* 50 Adult couple animated poses. Boy/Girl / Girl/Girl / 3Some
* 10 prims

With all that my conclusion is that Kai home design make high quality versatile items, form houses to furniture any certainly is awesome store that you need to check out and look around. Being friendly and successful kaiya Manbi is customer service, if needed, will be at high level im sure. Plus she was kind enough to give all of you my blog readers 15% money back for all purchased items from her store not just reviewed KAI - RUG/ADULT/natural, all you need to do is send her after you buy. I will repeat offer in bold again and give you links for SL market place and in world store on bottom. Enjoy it :)





~Dirty Deeds~ "De-Feeted" Foot Play Set

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Cimone Blackburn

-~Dirty Deeds~

One of sweetest and most imaginative designers in SL Cimone Blackburn keep coming with new and imaginative ideas for us. Her Dirty Deeds truly is like huge treasure chest of playful adult ideas that needs to be discovered. Paying high attention to details, variety of uses and best choice of premium animations that are available in SL position her furniture and design high up on what adult furniture market got to offer today. Unusual and always new and fresh, bringing new use and fun in objects that you wont aspect. For todays review  Cimone Blackburn choose her ~Dirty Deeds~ "De-Feeted" Foot Play Set. This is what she says about it:

The Dirty Deeds "De-Feeted" Foot Play Set is a naughty little piece thats perfect for all you foot lovers! It's packed with over half Foot Fetish & Foot Sex Animations for both him & her.. This little beauty is sure to please ANYONE not just the foot fanatics! It's Menus are filled with Reading, Drinking, Masturbating, Painting Nails, Massage & a tonne of traditional XXX too! Sure to fit any environment, this comes with a Texture Change Menu so you can customize the Rug, Chair, Table, & Even the Towel.. its Foot-tastic ;)

Its filled with poses so you can chill out, read a foot related novel, suck toes, hump foot & More!

You can choose to sit alone, or with a friend to make things more interesting...

Sits 1 or 2 People.

Facial Expressions added to the Menus to give your av a realistic look!
(it even gives out dirty books & drinks to use with the poses!)

☆ Sit Alone or Together - Mix & Match Singles Sits for some great combinations!
☆ Read Alone or Together - Choose from an assortment of Foot Related Porn!
☆ Play Alone or Together - Feeling Frisky? Play around alone, or with each other!

Made with high quality textures for a realistic look.
( complete with organic foot oil & dirty socks )

♦ 20 Solo Animations.. (Sit on the TABLE TOP or CHAIR, & touch for a MENU)
(including lots of Drink, Read, Masturbate & Foot Specific Animations!)

♦ 116 Couples Animations.. (Click the Rug for Couples Menu, Sit on the Pose ball)
(including OVER HALF Foot SPECIFIC Animations both PG & X-RATED!)

♦ Some Animations use a BOOK for reading... (wear the book given from the
item, you can use your own book if you like but positioning may be required)

♦ 28 Different Textures.. (Mix & Match via the "Textures" Menu)

136 animations in total

15 prims.


a COPY version of this item is also available for purchase!


------------------- OWNER & OPTIONS MENU: (For SINGLES MENU! Chair & Table -------------------

* CLICK & HOLD to get the owner menu.... messages will appear in local chat when a selection is made.

* In this Menu the OWNER has options to:
- Control ACCESS to the item (public, group, or owner only)
- Toggle HOOVER TEXT on/off
- RESET the item & reload the default settings
- Toggle the camera when sitting on/off

Check back into the store so see whats new..
Or join the group, its free.. to keep informed on new releases!
(& get occasional freebies)

If you have questions or need help etc. etc..
Please send me a notecard.. ty :)

Always fun and in good mood to this great person will not disappoint you with customer service to. I guess you can say same creator like furniture; delightful and new, never bored or old. So please take few minutes of your SL time and visit her store, you will pleasantly surprised. im looking forward to see more of her fantastic work and creations with anticipation.



Smooching Serpents Demon Wings

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Eve Light


I have hard job today. To make review and put in words all that this, state of the art, motorcycle can do. And i also have to admit i did put this article "on the hold" and take my time to think what will be right way to present it to you my readers and describe all the features that Smooching Serpents Demon Wings motorcycle have even in his basic standard version. Eve Light owner of * SMOOCHING SERPENTS * RLV Furniture store really did show what her creativity can do on this one, and she created something that is way in front any standard for any bike known to me in SL so far. So i will let her tell you what that "bad boy" can do:

Smooching Serpents ---DEMON WINGS---
Take her for a ride she will never forget...

Motorcycle FEATURES:

- as fast as beautiful
- automatic mode or switch gears manually
- takes a passenger
- lock/unlock option (can be driven by anyone)
- change sounds
- realistic driver animations (lean left/right,..)
- turbo option, burnout, wheelie, and more
- change parts (wings on/off, handle bars, seats)
- enhanced texture change


- high quality couple animations
- cuddle, sex + "the hard way" (BDSM)
- poseball-free, just stay seated and fuck anywhere!
- RLV forcesit / RLV restrictions menu


- Going for a ride and no idea where to go?

With this vehicle you will have the option to push a button and immediately tp up in the sky and rezz a skybox or scene.
Included in this Version there is the Scene "Lost Island".

Scene "LostIsland":
Tropical Sky-Island, incl. a "Forced Sunshine" RLV Sex Hammock (rezzes pillory, x-cross and more for your bondage fantasies!), sunbath poseballs, a romantic fireplace, swimmable water and more.

This is your perfect mobile home!

There are more Scenes and Morphing Houses available as Plugins, all furnished by Smooching Serpents - Check them out!

+ you always receive automatic lifetime updates!

And all that in price range that is under average ACS script bike in SL. I was amazed by performance and options. Texture changer is extraordinary, so all is fully customizable till smallest detail when it comes to look of this fine bike. In just few minutes and few button clicks in menu you can create your own personal dream bike and hit that SL highways. When it comes to sex menu i only have praises for it too. Wast and easy to use, with high quality animations that we used to have in all * SMOOCHING SERPENTS * furniture with full RLV feature. And like all that is not enough Eve Light offers 5 additional upgrade plug in modules that will rez additional sky boxes fully furnished with her top of the line sex RLV furniture. If you are true biker, nomad, if u like to travel light, this is must have bike for you. With 2 clicks of the button you will have your own personal sky box at any height you choose for your and your partners intimate pleasure moments. And since all bikers sim are open to public rezzing that means no rent. Rezz it, use it, derezz it and move on. Options are countless, and with this Smooching Serpents Demon Wings motorcycle only limit is your own imagination. Also i have to add that people from SMOOCHING SERPENTS are kindest one i know in SL so if u have any questions about upgrade or how to add the additional plug in module they customer service is ready for you. With all that said, i strongly recommend Smooching Serpents Demon Wings motorcycle and suggest you to tp in store and have look at it. All that this bike have to offer is hard to put in words.




Warm - Antique Bed Adult

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: WarmAnimations Lisa

- * Warm Animations *

Today i have special treat for you my readers.
WarmAnimations Lisa owner and designer of * Warm Animations * just released her new Warm - Antique Bed in PG and Adult version. Release date September 7. 2013. And best news for you as consumer is that bed is on 50% sale on Designers Warehouse till September 19. Breaking news, top quality stuff and great prices. Dont you just love my blog when i do that? ;)

This is what creator WarmAnimations Lisa says about her latest product:

The Adult Version of this bed contains a total of 786 Animations in 263 Couples Poses, and 23 scenes

This menu in question its a Mix of my Stories Engine and my Dirty Sex Rug with some new animations mostly on foreplay.. I try to make a mix of the best of 2 worlds from who know my animations know the Stories menu its a fully romantic and tender experience and the Dirty Sex Rug its fully of Kinky, Rouch and Horny sex.. The new foreplay & cuddle animations includes a 69 scene and a Please Her scene that for sure you ill never forget them!

Fully Xcite! & Sensations compatibe;
Yes all the poses have automatic rotation of cock Tilt!

I will add that Warm - Antique Bed Adult got 12 prims land impact, 100% mesh made by WarmAnimations Lisa. Bed looks very sophisticated and detailed, kinda gentle and female oriented on out side, but menu and high quality Warm made animations in side menu will give you wide choice form gentle stuff till hard core, leaving all ur sexual desires and appetites satisfied.

WarmAnimations Lisa is well known and established brand name in SL adult furniture industry so with that you can be sure this is one more hit product form her line that has all the best from her style, design and quality. Reliable and fun to use with great customer back up if needed.

with all this said, i can recommend this bed, for public sims or private homes, and advice all that didnt try * Warm Animations * beds or wanna one more in they collection, to use this great occasion and get it with 50% discount till September 19. In world url for Designers Warehouse is under the text.



Alina Animations - Round Couch V4

[AA] Round Couch V4

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf


This will be unusual and strange blog. Blog that i wanna to make for my self and for you my readers. Please let me explain how and why.


Something Else - Woodsy Garden Bench X-R

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Cerina Zeplin

- Something Else Designs

After making great and brave steps in world of exquisite high quality BDSM furniture that is true decoration for all interior places not just dungeons, because she really is true to her credo "too beautiful to keep in a dungeon", Cerina Zeplin owner of Something Else Designs goes out door for first time with her new Something Else - Woodsy Garden Bench X-R that i have pleasure to review and test first as brand new product released to sale on september 3. in her in world store. So this is exclusive for you my readers.

Amazing good looking 100% mesh with only 3 prims land impact will give u garden, porch, park or any out door area that special antique and old time class mood and value, both as decoration and highly functional piece of adult furniture. Powered by AvSitter no pose balls system, Cerina gives us latest trends in adult furniture SL industry with traditional high quality premium choice of animation for this masterpiece bench. 147 of total animations are divided in:

15 Single Sits - Male & Female
23 Couples Cuddles & Kisses
8 Master-Slave Cuddles & Kisses
35 Couples Sex Animations

in very easy, intuitive user friendly menu. With outstanding quality, impeccable eye to details and constant work to keep her fine product updated providing customers reliable "top shelf" items that guarantee pleasure in use and satisfaction of your sexual dreams and fantasies. Her customer service is always ready to assist you and answer any question that you might have or provide any help to all her consumers. On top of all that Cerina Zeplin is giving   20% Introductory Discount for Group Members. With all that said this latest product from Something Else Designs is high value "must have" item that i more then highly recommend.
Available in world store only.



*DD* Lover's Raft 3

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Ray Zymurgy

- Digital Dream Furniture

Summer might be soon gone in real life but in second life we always can enjoy sun and tropical paradise. To help us with that Ray Zymurgy owner of Digital Dream Furniture released new *DD* Lover's Raft 3. Before i go in technical details and review this fine piece of rp adult furniture, i will take moment to remind all what kinda fine customer service Ray and his team got in Digital Dreams store. Constantly coming up with new ideas for his fine products and keeping price even more low for all that are in Digital Dream group. Now lets do some numbers: 100% mesh with land impact of just 4 prims place this raft on top line product by all current market standards. But quality mesh and low prim is not all that *DD* Lover's Raft 3 got to offer. In xcite/sensations menu is over 350 high quality chosen animations for your pleasure and rp from your dreams that u can do one by one or in 20 play scenes that gives you even more hands free time for rp or what ever you wanna do with your hands in that point of time.... Ideal for swamp, lake, tropical tiki environment, both on public or private sims *DD* Lover's Raft 3 is smart choice for yours and partner of your choice seductive and erotic moments of pleasure in second life. If you add great design, superb animations, low prim and price with Digital Dream customer care, this new raft is right choice and best buy quality item of adult furniture for any "by the water" rp enthusiast in SL. To buy product at group prices purchase need to be made in world.





Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Kacey Pomegranate


Well known for creating quality high functional objects with great adult and functional every day use menus Kacey Pomegranate keeps raising the standards bar with each new product. For her second presentation on my blog she chose her latest top of the line X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS SKYLINE BED - BLACK. So lets do some numbers; 10 prims land impact only with build in texture changer makes this new X-Clusives bed easy to fit and implement in any space that you desire, from private homes to public adult rp sims. Over 800 animations, custom quality, X-CLUSIVE made, are inside this fine product that uses two engines. The Multisit Pose System is for individual sits and the XPose Engine is for the couples' and multiples' animations. Advantage is that when you want to just sit or sleep you don't have to open menu and wait for pose balls, but just sit on bed and choose animation that you like in your own individual menu. Saves time and keeps you in control. When you switch to Xpose engine pose balls come out and you have a huge easy to use menu at your disposal. Covering all, from chillin', dance, romance, heating up, oral, vanilla, anal and doggy, rough to multiple sex for 3some and 4some. Also X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS SKYLINE BED - BLACK in couple animations will allow you and your partner to:

Read a book
Use a laptop
Have a snack in bed
Feed each other strawberries or chocolate kisses
Share a tub of popcorn
Tickle each other
Play a game
Brush hair
Jump on the bed

Options are plenty in this high quality product and the way I see it the only limit will be your own imagination. Great product form great store and this is what  Kacey Pomegranate says about X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS:

* Is one of the most popular animation shops in all of SL
* Has unique animations from romance to sex, daily living to dance, club animations & specialized BDSM devices, furnishings for the entire house, indoors and out (all animated).
* Has been in business for over 5 years and continues to grow!
* Has a main store covering 2 Sims FULL SIMS.
* Has over 10,000 members in 2 groups - The VIP group offers 25% discount on most products and special MM Board gifts.
* Is competitively priced, with numerous daily specials, discounts, in-store hunts, Free Specials, MM Boards and spontaneous prize give aways.
* Doesn't just set up the shop and leave it to run itself.
* Has 30+ staff members offering high quality customer service, practically around the clock, and numerous languages represented.
* Hosts dances and contest within the shop, allowing for more socializing.
* Also host a number of high quality third-party vendor items.
* Partners with numerous businesses and events to help make Second Life a more diverse, enjoyable experience for all.

So with all that with mine recommendation take few minutes teleport to X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS and enjoy shopping experience and fine products that Kacey Pomegranate presents for your SL pleasure.