BN inc. - Classy leather sofa

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Leffe Levenque

-  BN inc. (Batteries not included) store


- Touch of Elegance and Class

Few days back i did join SeXX Sells event as one of official blogger and let me tell you i was not expected that it will be so much fun. I did meet great new creators and find new stores that i did not even know that are out in SL. One of the new store that i have pleasure to present on my blog for your reading pleasure is  BN inc. (Batteries not included) store owned by Leffe Levenque.

Leffe Levenque did choose for opening presentation on my blog her new BN inc. - Classy leather sofa. When i did receive it and rez it i was amazed. Fine high class work of art, featuring best of classic and new what SL furniture making industry have to offer in this point of time.

Main features are;

- 200+ of the highest quality animations

- endless amount of texture combinations

- solo, couple and threesome fun

- unique highly detailed props

- materials ready

First that you will noticed after you rez BN inc. - Classy leather sofa and click menu is shape of pose balls, unique and high detailed. And that exactly how the whole product is. you just cant find bad spot or something that is not in place or working the way it should be.

So let me emphasize one more time, design is impeccable. This new BN inc. - Classy leather sofa will be perfect as decoration, something that will bring that high class touch in your home or any other interior space that you wanna use it, in the same way like she will be extreme useful and good as animated Rp help for your pleasure and lustful moments.

MLPV system is used for menu that is extremely user friendly and intuitive, divided in logical sub menus. In fact you wont have to try it out at all and learn it, you can just rez and start with your RP its so well made and simple.

Animations used in this fine new BN inc. - Classy leather sofa are top quality, fps rich and chosen to support your RP story and provide you maximum pleasure in use. Covering all form single male and female, to mf, ff, mff, mmf and fff this is well rounded all day use couch that will preform well in hanging around, talking and all similar PG situations and be amazing for hard core sex to.

With my strong recommendation im looking forward to see more Leffe Levenque creations.

This BN inc. - Classy leather sofa made exclusive for Sexx Sales Expo and other fine products from BN inc. (Batteries not included) store you can find and try at links under the text:





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