*- ReACT Gen Xi -* Bedroom Suite

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Akaesha Revnik

-  Akaesha ReACT Store

*** 25% DISCOUNT OFFER ON ALL *- ReACT Gen Xi -* Bedroom Suite ***

(note: pictures used in this review are showing just one suite you can choose among 36 others of them)

 After my review of *- ReACT Gen Xi -* KamaSutra Rug form December 29. last year my im is full of your requests for more Akaesha Revnik products.


That and 25% discount on all *- ReACT Gen Xi -* Bedroom Suites motivate me to make this big weekend review so lets get this show on the road :)

36 different models of fully furnished and equipped *- ReACT Gen Xi -* Bedroom Suites are discounted 3000 lin. Main same features of all of them are:

           ReACT Generation Xi:
    3200 Animations Bedroom Suites
               ★ FEATURES ★

Bedroom Suites (♥ Orgasm edition ♥) By ReACT™
▶▷▶▷ INCLUDES ▶▷▶▷ Gen Xi Bed, Lover's Bath, Lover's Sofa, Lover's Table, The Sketchbook,
                                   Lap Dance Chair, Sex Wardrobe, and ALL Decor
ALL ReACT furniture are NOT made from full perm, stock or freebie animations.
Akaesha Designs makes ALL of our own animations with motion sourcing.

...Lover's Bath..............http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FePaksuq68 
...Lover's Bed..............http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqoPtMJvVCE 
...Lover's Sofa.............http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEegAss4BXI
...Lover's Table............http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBkoEv6A7VY
...The Sketchbook......http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jso36HcBKeU


★ 59 Unending "Interactive Love-scenes" made from over 3200 Animations!
★ 6 Custom Love-scenes (Over 3 hours long!)
★ 46 Custom ♥Orgasm Animations♥!
★ Caress and Cuddle scenes
★ Oral animations and foreplay scenes
★ Custom Fingering and Spanking scenes!
★ Blanket Scenes (From Cuddles to eating, drinking and sensual Animations under a blanket!)
★ Up to 9 Adjustable custom speeds (Faster and Slower) for all Sensual and Erotic Sex Animations

★ Record your OWN Love scene in real-time (Up to 20 hrs or 150 Action and Reactions!)
★ Animation Caching, Preloading and Syncing for smooth viewing
★ Adjustable Avatar Positions and Rotations with 1 click save

★ Automatically attached Props ( Reading a book, Food items such as Cookies, Toast,
    Cupcake and Champagne glass)
★ Different Rezzable Dining Settings (Breakfast in bed, Shareable Ice Cream Sundae,
    Dessert and Champagne) with Eat, Drink and Share Animations
★ Customizable visual settings to match your taste! (Color and Texture changer)

★ Maximum Speed Control (Up to 6 Available custom speed animations for every position!)
★ Dual Interface (Menu Driven & HUD Driven)
★ FREE Controller ReACT HUD included (also given out by the product to guests)
★ Facial Animator included in the ReACT HUD

★ 24/7 Customer Support www.akaesha.com

I have done reviews for furniture that was filled with 1000+ animation but here we been talking about over 3200 of them, in bed, bath, closet, etc. All in premium quality and original Akaesha made to provide you maximum pleasure and satisfaction in use. All that in low lag, easy to use top design.

Visual taste is different and individual, from person to person, but with 36 different *- ReACT Gen Xi -* Bedroom Suites sets its impossible not do find one you like. And take my word for it, i was having hard time to choose just one, all of them are looking so good.

So if we ever have options to choose from we do have it here now. All of 36 *- ReACT Gen Xi -* Bedroom Suites coming with texture changer, and after just couple clicks on unique ReACT HUD made by Akaesha Revnik you will have that *- ReACT Gen Xi -* Bedroom Suite set of your choice blending in your space like it was custom made for it. With all decorations, mirrors that you can even type message on, fireplace, pictures and statues etc it will give high class look and touch of finesse that is hard to find.

All items on the test where working impeccable, all animations transitions where smooth and natural, and my whole impression of this unique high quality product is much more then positive. After 7 years in SL furniture business Akaesha Revnik is still keeping her tradition of top quality made furniture and awesome fine and distinctive good style.

*** 25% DISCOUNT OFFER ON ALL *- ReACT Gen Xi -* Bedroom Suite ***

With my high recommendation you can find  *- ReACT Gen Xi -* Bedroom Suites sets on SL market place or inworld store on links under the text:



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