Lash Suckle Chair 2014

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Ash Ellsberg

- Lash store

I do have many requests for specific fetish rp items. Like always i try to for-fill them all but its not always easy to find right furniture specially in good quality and price. So today im glad that i can make review about milk/breastfeed fetish item that is affordable, quality build and well animated.

From Lash store owned and created by Ash Ellsberg i bring you, for your reading pleasure, new and updated Lash Suckle Chair 2014.

I will let Ash Ellsberg to open review for us and give us bit more technical details:

This chair is designed for adult breastfeeding role-play.

New in the 2014 update!

- New Kiss and Hug animations!
- New Repeat Spank animation with speed controls!
- Four new sex animations!


- Tidied up some of the existing animations.
- Fixed HUD to work on any screen attach point.
- Neater, cleaner menus.

If you have an older Lash Suckle Chair, please contact me, Ash Ellsberg, for your free upgrade.

The chair is now fully mesh! - Land impact is now three prims plus pose-balls.

Optional milk effects attachments are provided for added realism and an optional HUD is included for simple, easy and precise positioning.

The milk effects are automatically triggered by the suckle and spray poses.

The chair uses the MLPV2 animation system with some modifications and additions.

Choose from five different chair colors - Black, Dark wood, Light Wood, Red wood and Pink.

First that i would like to say about Lash Suckle Chair 2014, that judging by your comments and requests breast feeding and milking is rising fetish, so this product will be great welcomed in market thats almost empty and craving for products like this one.

In simple user friendly menu, rich in options and props giving stuff, you will find sub menus  that are not milk fetish only orientated, but also usable and common in others BDSM/bondage items. And i see that as additional plus; more people can use it and have fun with Lash Suckle Chair 2014. Threesome play is also included in sub menu.

All animations used in new Lash Suckle Chair 2014 are smooth and top quality, carefully chosen and made to provide you maximum pleasure in your RP.

Unique and well made, with texture changer and more then fair price this new Lash Suckle Chair 2014 is must have item for all breast feeding fans out there in SL and much more, well created animated adult item that you can find on market place or in world store on links under the text:



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