H&S ~Red Passion Sex Bed~

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Abbadon Soulstar

- Heart & Soul Designs


In my search to bring you my dear readers more stores and more fine adult furniture i did join SEXX SELLS expo and to my pleasure i did discovered few creators and stores that i did not know before. So today its my pleasure to present you for the first time on my blog Heart & Soul Designs store owned by Abbadon Soulstar.

For first time review on my blog Abbadon Soulstar did chose his new H&S ~Red Passion Sex Bed~, and here is how he describes it:

Well Designed it is a mere 11 prims with over 386 high quality animations and no static poses.
Built using high quality textures and native prims & Sculpted & Mesh Prims, Please Be aware you need the current viewers to see this item properly.
386 Top Notch animations!
Our Animations are among the best in SL!!
All legally purchased from the top 4 animators on the grid.
SOLO- 7 very comfortable rest animations for relaxing while you sort that out of control inventory
SLUMBER- 6 Cozy and comfy couple rest/sleep animations.
CUDDLES - 3 menus packed with 25 sexy loving cuddles that will set the mood.
ANAL - 8 ass slamming animations be her back door man, she'll be smiling all night!
RIDE - 12 smoking hot animations smooth and sexy fun.
ORAL 4 HER- 11 yummy animations she will be puddy in your hands after these
Oral 4 HIM - 9 Mouth filling eye watering animations ...grins, literally!!
COCKSUCKER & PUSSY LICKER - Newly added 12 sequenced animations they smoothly transition one into the other you can either select the poses your self or use the auto sequence feature for hands free enjoyment.
MISSIONARY. - 14 intensely erotic and hot poses
GIRL-GIRL 1&2 - 20 sexy animations in all! This is also a new item for Heart & Soul and will be appearing in all of our newer products as they are released. We carefully selected and added these animations just for the ladies.
DOGGY - Bow WOW!! 10 hot and intense animations these are some of the best offered in SL
MASTURBATE - 10 animated poses dedicated to the art of self satisfaction for you and your partner, you'll get off watching your partner get off also we stuck some pretty yummy 60 animations in there too!
TITTY FUCK - The names says it pretty clear, 8 yummy animations very nicely done created to smoothly transition one into the other, You'll find this on our AUTO SEQ feature as well, we all know you'll need to keep your hands free hehe!
COW GIRL - 9 yummy cow girls animations ..save a Horse! Ride a cowboy was never more exciting than this, don't miss checking out the
WALLFUCK- slam her while pressing her against the wall intense and erotic 5 animations.
AUTO-SEQ feature. one click and your enjoying some hot non stop action.
3SUMCUDDLES- One of the most requested items we hear from our customers is "We want more 3 some cuddles"
Well we heard you and we are pleased to bring you 13 damn delicious 3 some cuddles. These are sweet, tender and will leave you with a smile on your face.
FFM & MMF - Two of the best damn 3 some menus you'll see in one product!!
TOYS - Our Toys are good enough to sell by themselves...detail and quality counts and we don't cut corners awesome Toys to be used with the FFM 3-some menu.

First thing that caught my attention was content of purchase box. Its big and filled with items. Beside bed you get two dresser drawers, two framed art, floor rug and  two potted plants. Awesome touch and idea that i really like. With all that extras you will have no trouble at all to blend that bed perfectly in any space that you like to use it.

Bed is well made, nice in design and all textures used are matching perfectly. Menu is user friendly, divided in logical sub menus that covering all from solo and cuddles animations to hard core sex for couples and 3somes.

Animations used in this fine H&S ~Red Passion Sex Bed~ are premium quality, chosen to give you best RP passionate moments and pleasure in use, fps rich working smooth and with out any problems.

I can honestly say that my first impressions about Heart & Soul Designs
store are very positive and i can recommend Abbadon Soulstar fine work to you my readers. Looking forward to see what he will have for us in future.

This H&S ~Red Passion Sex Bed~ and other fine products form Heart & Soul Designs you can find on links under the text:



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