* DEDICATED * 3some Sex Rug, Mattress & Bed Add-on MFF

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Mony Lindman


First time on my blog i have privilege to present and review creations from DEDICATED Store owned by Mony Lindman. As all of you my dear readers know im more then happy each time we got new store on blog and i appreciate all feed back form you. So don't be shy and let me know what you think.

For opening presentation Mony Lindman did chose her * DEDICATED * 3some Sex Rug, Mattress & Bed Add-on MFF and this is how she describes it:

"NEW ! * DEDICATED * 3some Sex Rug, Mattress & Bed Add-on - 110 Positions ! 3 some Lovescenes ! Threesome Erotic Sounds - MFF

The most advanced 3 some sex item in SL for 1 male and 2 female avatars!
You won't find anything like this, anywhere else!

Most sex beds in SL, have only a few positions for 2 girls & 1 boy , sometimes even mixed with positions for 2 boys & 1 girl, which for some men could be a real pain in the a.. :)

Here you have 110 (one hundred and ten!) 3some positions, all for 1 boy and 2 girls (whereby the girls don't mind touching also each other at times:). The high quality animations selected and combined by me during 6 months of work into highly sensual 3some positions, are made by the best animators in SL!

You can use it as separate 3some Sex Playground (rug, mattress, beach or picnic towel) or put it over your bed as a 3some module add-on (invisible texture included in the menu, along with 20 other textures)

Clicking the button SWAP on any pose , the 2 girls will change their places. Clicking again SWAP, the girls will return to their previous position. They will however never take the place of the man. The man will also never take a female position.

There are 11 menus with 10 positions each, for a total of 110 positions, listed so that if you click the menus and the positions left to right / top to bottom you will get a natural development of the 3 some event going from kissing and petting, through foreplay and oral sex, to sex and after sex, massage & cuddles.

All positions are also set as a SEQUENCE (scene) which you can start with ONE CLICK and let it play. It will go through all 110 positions in order for about 45 minutes. Instructions to change the time of each pose are included in the box! You can make it run for HOURS..

Whenever you like one pose and wish to stay there longer, you can click the button PAUSE and all 3 avatars will remain in that pose till you click RESUME. Then the sequence will continue automatically.

In the menu SEQUENCES you will find 3 more sequences, 2 where the man concentrates respectively on each of the women and 1 where he plays always with both. The first 2 are very good for the case that a couple invited another female for a 3some. The 3rd sequence is for the case that the man wishes to interact with both girls all the time and could be also seen as a "quickie" (although it's not very short either).

The main sequence has ALL 110 positions which includes playing with each of the girls, playing with both, plus all the foreplay, oral, sex, after sex and cuddle positions. You can of course chose also another order using the normal menu where you can select the positions in the order you like.

And there is more..

You have also a menu for EROTIC SOUNDS! It includes nicely mixed 3 some erotic sounds as well as individual male and female sounds. The sound menu can be selected at any time and playing a sound will not interrupt the poses or the sequences. The sound menu has also a button "STOPsounds " which you can click at any time. This will stop only the sounds, not also the animations. ATTENTION: there is also a STOP button on the main menu which stops animations and not sounds!

You can add more sounds to the sound menu by just placing your sound files in the object's content. They will be listed automatically in the menu. But please keep in mind that there is a maximum of 20 sounds that will show in menu so if you wish to add more, you must remove some of the existent sounds (move them to your inventory, do not delete, you may need them later)

There is also a TEXTURE CHANGE menu. Here you will find 22 textures for rugs, mattresses, beach or picnic towels plus an invisible texture. You can change them by clicking the buttons. If you wish to add your favorite textures you can do so by putting those textures in the object's content. But please keep in mind that there is a maximum of 22 textures that will show in the menu so for each texture you wish to add , you must remove 1 of the 22 textures already included (move it to your inventory, do not delete)

Last but not least, although all positions have facial expressions, I include in the package a facial expressions HUD with FULL permissions as a free bonus, so you can give one to each of your partners. You can use it to enhance the existent expressions or, if you have a similar taste, you may wish to use the "toothsmile" expression permanently. For my taste this makes all expressions look better, mostly the open mouth and the tongue out expressions look much better if combined with the tooth smile.

The facial expressions HUD is included as a free gift and you can use it also separately."

Test in world here:

DEDICATED Store is not newcomer in SL adult furniture industry but well established and known for his product so all i can add that on test * DEDICATED * 3some Sex Rug, Mattress & Bed Add-on MFF was performing smooth and flawless with out any glitches and issues.

MLPV2.4h system in platform with just 1 prim land impact with texture changer has user friendly menu, specialized for 3somes mff and for 3somes mff only. Sub menus are 3some mff, (no other kinds and combination of 3somes) sequences, sounds and textures.

All animations used in this product are high quality, chosen to provide you unique pleasure and best animated support in your 3some mff RP scenario. Rich in FPS (frames per second) and well aligned.

If you are mff sex enthusiast and you like low prim items, with my recommendation, look for * DEDICATED * 3some Sex Rug, Mattress & Bed Add-on MFF and other fine products from DEDICATED Store on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




A+ Wizard King Dance Sex Pole Table 1.07

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: DaSein Noyes

- Archdemon - Dark Addictions store


"if you made it, they will come", ad i did come to one public sex adult sim, and imagine suprise on my face when i did see great looking piece of furniture from store that i haven't hear before. And my readers know me by now, click edit see name of creator and im him. 10 minutes later i was talking with DaSein Noyes, owner and creator of Archdemon - Dark Addictions store. Straight shooting and open kinda guy, so even after only few sentences we did find common ground and here it is, great new store and more fine new products for you with 20% money back offer if you only send im or note card to DaSein Noyes and mention my name or blog is reason for your purchase.

A+ Wizard King Dance Sex Pole Table 1.07 is just part of big set, Archdemon wizard king bundle, and i will review it whole one piece at the time, because in my opinion whole set review will be to much to read on several pages. Also you can buy whole set, piece of set or anything you like in  Archdemon - Dark Addictions store and get 20% money return, so finish reading this review and hit that teleport button ;)

At the beginning, like always few opening words and technical details from creator DaSein Noyes:

A+ Wizard King Wooden Stripper Sex Dance Pole 3 prim Land Impact
Polecat Happy Ending
Wooden Stripper Pole with or without petrified wood tree stump table


Low prim High Quality Stripper Pole that includes 8 Tease dances for Two in addition to 20 Pole Dances
and 7 Single Dances with the man (or woman) watching

Fully functional dance pole suitable for a private bedroom as well as a party room or a club
Does everything a Dance Pole Should and more
including over 50 high quality sex poses most of which utilize the dance pole as a prop
No reason to jump onto another item for that happy ending!

20 Pole Dances
7 Single Dances
10 Waiting and greeting poses
8 Seduction Dances
40 Sex animation sets
15 MMF Hot Threesome sets

5 preprogrammed sequences

Remembers personal position adjustments
Cum splatter not included

Archdemon - turning luxury into a necessity
- No useless or ill-fitting poses
- No confused disorganized menus
- No annoying poseballs!
Reap the rewards of the love and care we put into our craft

Archdemon is committed to bringing you the highest quality specialty items at reasonable prices
All feedback is important to us and very much appreciated

For customer service and inquiries contact
DaSein Noyes - Archdemon"

Ok its my turn now ;) First that i really need to say even if this sex pole appears to be strictly gorean or medieval it will accommodate bit darker strip club or castle with out any problems. And second thing will be not to look at it as just another stripper pole, because its so much more. AVsitter™ 1.29 system will gave you tow sub menus for dance, but in same time it will give you oral, front back and 3some sub menus and sequences so its literally sublimation of dance pole and sex bed in one item. And i like it.

I have to compliment creator DaSein Noyes not only for choice of premium quality smooth and fps (frame per second) rich animations but also for impeccable job that he did aligning them together. Everything is in right place, working well and smooth, so you can be sure that 90% avatars (if they are not extra small or extra huge) wont have to touch that adjust button at all. All you need to do is rez this fine product and let your lust and fantasy run free and wild ;)

So to make long story short, new A+ Wizard King Dance Sex Pole Table 1.07 meets all latest SL furniture making standards, being 100% mes low prim, using AVsitter, highest quality animations etc and if you add to that special 20% money refund offer for my blog readers from store owner DaSein Noyes, and you can check that claim, this is definitely one of best buys at the moment with my highest recommendation.

So one more time no groups, no questions asked, you buy, contact DaSein Noyes and mention me or my blog will get you 20% of your spend money in his store back.


This A+ Wizard King Dance Sex Pole Table 1.07 and other fine Archdemon - Dark Addictions store products you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




Saturday special double feature:

NBC Sex Vanity Table Maddison V1.2 XCITE

NBC Sex Vanity Table Retro V1.2 XCITE

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Nicolette Brinner

- *NBCreations* High quality animated sex furniture

For this Saturday double feature we got two hot looking tables from Nicolette Brinner's *NBCreations* High quality animated sex furniture line. 100% mesh they combine low prims and high quality animated big Xcite menus that im sure will be appealing to you my dear readers.

At the beginning few opening words and technical details from creator and owner of  *NBCreations* High quality animated sex furniture, Nicolette Brinner:

"NBC Sex Vanity Table Maddison V1.2 XCITE

NBC Vanity SexTable Maddison = 11
NBC Vanity Accesories = 5
Total Land impact = 16

NBC Sex Vanity Table Retro V1.2 XCITE

NBC Vanity SexTable Retro = 8
NBC Vanity Accesories = 6
Total Land impact = 14

- XCITE Compatible
- Over 320 Animations
- 180 Solo and Couples poses
- 11 Hot Scenes/Sequences (Also playable by auto play function)
- SexToys Dildo's for him and her, Porn Magazine and Whip Included
- Facial Expressions
- 100% Mesh
- Copy yes / Mod Yes / Transfer No

NBC Sex Vanity Tables Menu Includes:

- Chat, Cuddle and Kiss Poses
- Adore Scene (Playable Adoration Sequence/Scene)
- HJ&BJ Poses
- BJ-Scene-1 (Playable BJ Sequence/Scene)
- BJ-Scene-2 (Playable BJ Sequence/Scene)
- BJ-Scene-3 (Playable BJ Sequence/Scene)
- Finger&Lick Poses
- FaceRideScene (Playable Ride His Face Sequence/Scene)
- 69 and HJ+Lick poses
- 69-Scene-1 (Playable 69 Sequence/Scene)
- 69-Scene-2 (Playable 69 Sequence/Scene)
- TitFuck Poses
- Tits-Scene (Playable TitFuck+BJ Sequence/Scene)
- Sex-Scene-1 (Playable Sex Sequence/Scene)
- Sex-Scene-2 (Playable Sex Sequence/Scene)
- Sex-Scene-3 (Playable Sex Sequence/Scene)
SCENES ONLY ( All the 11 Playable Sequences/Scenes in one menu)

I can tell you its all High quality animations and absolutely no freebies included but come try it out at my in world store and convince yourself.
I like my products to speak for themselves.
Enjoy !!!

I take my customer service seriously. If you have any question regarding any product you can contact me ( Nicolette Brinner ) by IM when i am on line but please send me a notecard with your questions when im off line to be sure it all reaches me.
Thank you for Shopping at NBCreations

NBCreations, official partner of Xcite"

Well im not female but im "old enough" to know that each lady has to have her own private corner, and this new series of NBC table is aiming for just that. Well designed and rich decorated, in different styles and time periods are very appealing and detailed. Prims of the tables are inherently low on bout models, but if you need to "cut down" more u can always take away decorations.

MLPV2.4z9 with Xcite script is used as system of choice, and it works good, all animations are well aligned, transitions are smooth and both tables where performing flawless on the review testing. Menu is user friendly, divided on following sub menus: vanity, masturbate, interact, his time, her time, 69+masturbation mf, sex & cum, scenes only and spank.

All animations used in the two reviewed products are high quality, long duration, smooth going and fps (frames per second) rich. Well selected and placed in easy to use sub menus, animations will provide you with outstanding animated support for any RP scenario of your choice.

All together both tables are well made and all around great performing pieces of furniture, Nicolette Brinner is giving us more with each new product that she makes so im very interested in what will future bring form her store. While we waiting for her new creations, we can have fun and pleasure on this well made tables from *NBCreations* High quality animated sex furniture that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:





SC13 Naughty Rocks V.2

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Maximus Chrome

- Scorpio13 Designs

Some times i do fell like im repeating my self but i do have high respect for creators that always improving, updating and upgrading they products and dont stop to provide they customers best and latest that they can build. Maximus Chrome, owner and creator of Scorpio13 Designs store is certainly one of them. After my review of his SC13 Naughty Rocks V.1 released on October 16. 2013. that you can read on link below,


he did not let more then 4 month to go by and he is releasing brand new updated and upgraded version 2.

This is how he describes his latest creation, SC13 Naughty Rocks V.2:

"My eyes ran like invisible fingers over her bare flesh. She had not been disobedient. She had not been arrogant or inconsiderate. Perhaps it was this reason she was there. My eyes narrowed as I admired her from afar. It pleased me to see her this way. She did not protest when I shackled her wrists and ankles to the rusty chains. She did not ask why. She looked at me with those wide, stunning eyes. I locked the chains in place, mounting them to the weathered steel rings buried deep within the faces of the rocks. I said nothing, but finished the task and then walked out of her sight.

The moon was full and the light glistened off her milky skin. I made my way to the hilltop and waited. I knew she would please me. It was one thing to be an obedient, pleasing slave, the other to truly feel it and the moon…yes, the moon was the true test. I had seen the coldest of women turned to lustful beasts only from the sheer presence of the moonlight. I watched…eager…in anticipation….and then it happened. She lay on her back against the cold rock, her flesh bared to the moon. She was chained, but still had the freedom of movement. Slowly and tenderly her fingertips begin to slide down her body, grazing slowly over her luscious breasts, circling sensually around each nipple. It did not take her long to find the sweetness between her legs and she began to moan. Her body began to writhe like a hypnotized snake as she touched herself, her voice echoing louder in the cool air. I smiled and made my way down to the rock. I watched for a moment before she saw me and as she did, her eyes met mine and she licked her lips. “Please,” was all she said to me. I disrobed and joined her on upon the rocks. She had shown me her true self and I would use her as such.


Whether it's Gor, Medieval, or your own backyard, sometimes you just have to chain a slut to a big ass rock and use her like the world is about to end. A mesh reboot of one of the SC13 best sellers, this item makes the previous naughty rocks pale in comparison. Featuring 14 HUD controlled selectable textures as well as the hottest animations, this baby is sure to meet all of your naughty rock needs. LockGuard compatible scripted particle chains and a gorgeous design make this perfect for any roleplay or personal SIM. Item is also phantom for less lag, making it perfect for combat SIMs. This one is a must see. Come by the store and check it out."

What we have here is brand new completely improved and updated product. Land impact of this new 100% mesh SC13 Naughty Rocks V.2 is cut down to only 10 prims, new and better textures in even bigger number are used, and they are now in separate hud. I did mention that in my previous reviews of Scorpio13 Designs products, and i like that kinda solution more then texture changer in menu. Reason is simple, less scripts in object equals less lag.

AVsitter™2.0 system is used to power big and in same time user friendly menu, divided in solo, chained, cuddles and get nasty sub menus with cuffs giver. Like always when it comes to Scorpio13 Designs products nothing was left by chance, so all animations are in high quality, premium performance, smooth in transitions and chosen to provide best animated support for your RP scenario.

For closure of this review i can only add that price is very affordable to so with all said above i can recommend this new updated and upgraded SC13 Naughty Rocks V.2 to all nature and outdoor RP and bondage lovers.

Links for SL market place and in world store are under the text:




NBN Mesh Bondages ropes *Aura* 208 animations 3 textures/ copy

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sweety Enzo

- Nice but Naughty erotic furniture

You did send me so many questions, my dear readers, where is Sweety Enzo form Nice but Naughty erotic furniture and why i don't have more of her products reviewed on my blog. well here is the answer, she was busy, working hard on her new releases. So today, with pleasure, i got brand new release from Sweety Enzo's store, NBN Mesh Bondages ropes *Aura* 208 animations 3 textures/ copy.

At the beginning, like always, few opening words and technical details from creator:


♥♥♥ adult version ♥♥♥

→ all animations from the top SL-creators ←

Included are 3 versions of the ropes - a dark brown one, a black latex version and a light brown wood version.


♥ 21 menus ♥
♥ 115 poses ♥
♥ 208 animations ♥
♥ singles ♥
♥ cuddles ♥
♥ sex ♥
♥ spank♥
♥ bondage♥
♥ 2 scenes ♥
♥ 3somes ♥
♥ give items ♥
♥ 4 prims ♥
♥ 100 % mesh ♥
♥ latest xpose version ♥
♥ copy ♥
♥ mod ♥
♥ RLV ♥

Feel free to come to my store and test the item any time you want!
If you have any questions or need help, just IM me or send a notecard

Support in English and German"

What i like to say additionally about this fine new product is versatility, in design and in use, and amazing user friendly smooth menu all in 100%mesh low prim copy package. Like always by Sweety Enzo you receive more items in purchase box in different textures in stead one with texture changer. In some of my other reviews that i did before i did say i like that solution better, because less scripts means less lag, and even if you don't like any of textures that Sweety Enzo is made for you item is copy mod, so you can texture it in any way you like with any fear that something will go wrong, if it does you just rez new copy, thats all.

Xpose system, with RLV and CISS, makes this fine new NBN Mesh Bondages ropes *Aura* 208 animations 3 textures/ copy run smooth and stable. Sub menus are intuitive and user friendly, filled with top quality chosen animations the will provide you best possible animated support in your RP scene while ur lust and fantasy running wild.

Another thing that i personally like about this new NBN Mesh Bondages ropes *Aura* 208 animations 3 textures/ copy is that it does not strikes you as bondage or even sex furniture at first look. Its kinda innocent, like room separator or just decoration until u click on it and discover his true nature lol

To conclude, Sweety Enzo did another great high quality product, in her traditionally well made design, with awesome menu at more then affordable price, ergo i can only strongly recommend it to all, and you can find this NBN Mesh Bondages ropes *Aura* 208 animations 3 textures/ copy and other fine Nice but Naughty erotic furniture products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




LA JAZZ 2 MESH Imperial Lap Chair v1.20 (copy)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jennifer Brennon

- Luna Animations

Usually i "tease" little bit at opening of the article, giving short intro or story but this time i cant do anything else except ot say that Jennifer Brennon creator and owner of Luna Animations outdid her self this time. New LA JAZZ 2 MESH Imperial Lap Chair v1.20 (copy), in my eyes, is the best that she ever did so far, in all aspects. Design, textures, new design of pose balls, new animations in menu; all is picture perfect.

Lets see what she says about her new LA JAZZ 2 MESH Imperial Lap Chair v1.20 (copy) product:

"Powered by the revolutionary Jazz 2 Sex Engine, this Lap Dance Chair puts all others to shame. Packed with over 650 high quality animations you will always have the right animation for whatever mood or kink strikes your fancy.

Features Include:

• Revolutionary new "One Button" system for adding animations
• Powerful features system allows you to create effects never seen before
• Completely editable system allows you to
- Redefine Menus
- Change Button Names
- Edit Duration
- Change Styles of play
- Add/Remove Sounds
• Innovative transition system
• Dynamic pose ball adjustment, adapts to changes in number of users automatically
• Revamped scripts speed loading times and reduce lag more than ever before
• Streamlined scripts use half the number of scripts of the Jazz 1.0 Engine
• Xcite and Sensations compatible
• Rough sex, group sex, hot slow sex, it does it all! Get your Kink on!
• Automatic re-sync capable
• Cuddles, Kisses, foreplay, oral, and more sex animations that you will know what to do with!
• Intuitive menu system
• Upgradeable can hold thousands of animations
• Blanket control, pull the covers up or down
• Lights that can turn on/off
• Particle system comes with fireworks, love fountain, and snow (expandable, add your own or use predefined packs)
• Manager control allows for open play or group only modes
• Sexy voices, six included, expandable with predefined packs or add your own
• Rock solid script stability, user settings not lost on reset
• Easy menu configure system
• Individual controls for female/male sounds
• Facial animations
• Story mode allows sequences of animations to be played up to 36 selections long"

Its more throne by look and more lap dance chair by menu and that makes this new LA JAZZ 2 MESH Imperial Lap Chair v1.20 (copy) more then good for all purposes and subcultures in sl; goth, gorean or just great design or animations enthusiast, all will have fun and benefit from this great new product.

Improving design by each new creation, expanding menu and giving always even more in any aspect seems to be winning formula for Jennifer Brennon. This time even pose balls are redesigned, so its clearly visible how much work and attention she gives to each even smallest detail in her products. Huge texture changer with so many options, colors and possibilities leave no place for any worry about will this fine made new LA JAZZ 2 MESH Imperial Lap Chair v1.20 (copy) blend in perfectly in space where you wanna keep it and use it. It will look like it was just made for you and your interior.

When it comes to menu and specially to animations i need to say what i always say for Luna Animations; they are by all means unique. Top in quality and performance, smooth in use and transition and long in duration but also they have that special "magic" touch that  Jennifer Brennon knows how to gave them. They are intense, bursting from raw and pure lust and sensuality. Any who ever try to use anything form Luna Animations store knows exactly what im talking about. And in this new LA JAZZ 2 MESH Imperial Lap Chair v1.20 (copy) that tradition is live and kicking, giving us same pure sex charge in even more and new animations set that are at user disposal in LA unique and easy to use menu.

With out any doubt i do recommend and advise all to check this new LA JAZZ 2 MESH Imperial Lap Chair v1.20 (copy) and other fine Luna Animations products that you can find at SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




d&b punWheel Prof.Edition

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Mija Perfferle

- Deviant & Bizarre store

Each true dom, sub or slave owner knows how hard it tis to always keep things interesting and innovating, keeping that spark burning and relationship growing better and deeper. Well guess what this article is for u and it brings good news, you dont have to do that any more. New Mija Perfferle's d&b [misc] punWheel Prof.Edition will do that for you.

Here are some opening words and technical details form creator Mija Perfferle:

"There is not much to tell about this wheel, maybe I should take the risk and not hide the fact… telling straight the wheel is loaded and makes the Dominant always win? (tease!)


6 games to play with
Super low LI (Land Impact), just 2 prims
Mcgiver – multi-content giver (the Orb), giving the sub content to fulfill its assignments
resizable, you even can wear the wheel in your hand as fun device... (but i recommend a wall, pillar or simply put flat on the floor)

How does the wheel work?

The pun(ishment)Wheel comes with 5+1(bonus) games which are:

• bdsmSL (bdsm fun wheel with unique punishments)
• bdsmRL (crossing the thin line to RL… exciting and scary, no?)
• femdom (serve and entertainment wheel)
• bdsmEvent  (bdsm punishments with gift fields for events at clubs, or elsewhere.)
• latexDoll (encasement focused punishment for dolls)
• bdsmSLx ( restrictive focused assignments with a touch of fun)

Anyone can click the wheel and make it spin, once one of the 16 fields was spun you see in local chat (whisper mode, 10m range) the punishment/reward on the wheel (texture) and also a more detailed assignment.

The bdsmSL game holds various punishments which match perfectly SL like get caged, kiss a dominants’ foot etc.
with the bdsmRL game I was trying to cross to the RL and make this game more appealing and excited like the submissive has to cane her ass, tie up her feet or simply drink something she strongly dislikes.
With the femdom wheel you get a nice wheel to enjoy males serving, entertain and hopefully are smart enough to tell good jokes?
For some assignments the submissive needs special poses or special items. Those come also with the wheel and if the submissive clicks the rotating orb, she/he get a menu and can pick the matching “item” to fulfill the assignment, pleasing you.

How do you switch between the games?

With a simple click you do make the wheel spin (simple and goes without saying?)
But… if you click the wheel… hold the mouse button down for a couple of seconds, release next… (E.g. 2 seconds) you´ll see a menu popping up with the 3 games to choose."

So to make it plain and simple, what you getting is 6 different games in one wheel for different fetishes or life styles; BDSM SLx, femdom, Latex Doll, BDSM event, BDSM RL and BDSM SL. Left click the wheel, keep it pressed for few seconds and release, menu with previous listed options will pop out, u choose what you like and games can begin.

I see this item like necessity for any half serious open to public D/S sim. Simple and efficient device that will keep you and ur guest occupied and amused for hours.

Not much else to say, except go and get your own copy of this unique and innovating game device, at very low price, and start spinning ;)

New d&b [misc] punWheel Prof.Edition and other fine product from Deviant & Bizarre store you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




Smooching Serpents Stolen Carrera (V 1.2)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Eve Light


*** PROMO SALE 1000L$ OFF ***


On your request, my dear readers, we have special item, actually two of them and special price for you. So not only that fully driveable Porsche with sex menu and RLV is discounted for 1000L$ but u will also get build in plug in for sky box, 'Lost Island' fully equipped and furnished with animated RLV furniture for free. Wow!!!!

Smooching Serpents

Is there anything more sexy than taking a girl for a ride and fuck her on the engine hood?
This beautifully sculpted car might be your new best friend...


- as fast as beautiful
- texture change (paint, interior, wheels)
- automatic mode or switch gears manually
- takes a passenger
- flight mode
- lock/unlock option (can be driven by anyone)
- realistic sound design
- open doors, trunk, soft top
- turbo option, burnout, and much more...test it!


- this car is a drivable sexbed!
- high quality sex animations (solo & couples)
- cuddle, foreplay, fuck, rape
- pose ball -free, just stay seated and fuck anywhere!
- RLV forcesit / RLV restrictions menu


- Going for a ride and no idea where to go?

With this vehicle you will have the option to push a button and immediately tp up in the sky and rezz a skybox or scene.
Included in this Version there is the Scene "Lost Island".

Scene "LostIsland":
Tropical Sky-Island, incl. a "Forced Sunshine" RLV Sex Hammock (rezzes pillory, x-cross and more for your bondage fantasies!), sunbath pose balls, a romantic fireplace, swim-able water and more.

In SL everybody wants an own island :-) This is your perfect mobile home...

There are more Scenes and Morphing Houses available as Plug-ins, all furnished by Smooching Serpents - Check them out!


Skybox Scene
'Lost Island'

(Plugin for Smooching Serpents Skybox Elevator or Vehicles!)

Imagine you click a button on your motorbike or car and it takes you up in the sky and rezzes a private, furnished SKYBOX for you and your lover?

Beautiful Tropical Island Scene with small beaches for more than dreaming, sunbathing, and deep talks by the campfire...


Smooching Serpents Forced Sunshine RLV Sexbed/ Hammock

- high quality sex animations
(cuddles, massage, foreplay, lesbian, BDSM, spanking, choke, rape and more...)
- rezzes a pillory, x-cross, chair and a chest for your bondage fantasies!
- any RLV restrictions you can imagine (read separate NC!)
- facial expressions
- gives strap on and dildo
- fuck anywhere!


How to use:

1. Rezz your elevator or vehicle anywhere (you must have rezz/build permissions)

2. Click it and select "edit" from the pie menu.

3. Go to the "contents" tab and drag and drop the object "RezIsland" from your inventory into your elevator or vehicle and the script "scene plug in" into the vehicle (if it isn't already there)

4. If you already own a skybox scene you don't need to put the same script inside twice. In this case only insert the object.

5. Now just sit and go for a ride!

6. Remember you need rez/build-permissions on the land you are using it! And be aware of landowner auto return ;-)

Enjoy your virtual fantasies!

What shall i add to all this??? Another amazing product form Eve Light and SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture store. Few weeks back i did review Mustang and it was mazing car same in design as in performances. Carrera is "modern younger brother" of that mustang so it can only be same or better quality.

On test all was running smooth, car and acs scripts where running good, texture and pattern changer also, RLV and animations menu flawless. Rezzing sky box was easy, all did fit perfect and all menus where working like Swiss clock.

I really cant find any down side to this new Smooching Serpents Stolen Carrera (V 1.2) product made by SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture store. All i can say is that i honestly recommend you all to come and check this fine new product on SL market place store or in world store on links under the text and be true king of the road and RLV love making ;)

*** PROMO SALE 1000L$ OFF ***






AM Master/slave Bed

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: AprilMae Devin

- Alterior Motions

One creator and store that we didn't have in few month on my blog and i really like her products is AprilMae Devin and her Alterior Motions store. So after Her RL obligations break i'm happy to say she is back and we have new AM Master/slave Bed for review.

Always known to make her own animations and selling them in full perm in her store and in one other huge well know full perm animation place that i wont advertise now, AprilMae Devin raising standards and quality up with each new product. this is how she describes hers AM Master/slave Bed:

"Thank you for your interest in Alterior Motions Master/slave Sex Bed.

The bed consists of 7 menus for a total of 42 couples sets of animations geared toward the Master/slave relationship.

About nPose: This is a no pose ball driver menu to try and keep things tidy. As you can't choose the usual pink or blue pose balls to know who sits where there is an order that needs to be followed. nPose sits by "seats" and in this bed there are 2 seats. Seat 1 is the sub/slave, seat 2 the Master/Mistress. Generally speaking it is easiest to sit in the proper order; 1 then 2, however, if you muddle things up by accident there is a "change seat button" that will allow to swap over to the correct seating.

There is several props in the nPose menu. Anyone using the menu may click on the Props button and send the prop folder to the corresponding avie. There is a short delay before the menu comes up so don't click repeatedly or you will send numerous copies of the prop folder.

This was a fun project for me to do and I hope you can use and enjoy it as much as i did planning and creating it.

Aprilmae Devin"

Fine made and detailed bed, with great animations created by Aprilmae Devin in fair price will sure be just few additional reasons for purchase. She is know by making and selling full perm animations in her store and in other popular SL stores for animations (i don't wanna name them now so i don't advertise them) and all her products that i did review so far on my blog where success. Quality work and fair price product cant be anything else.

So i would strongly suggest to all my dear readers to stop by at  Aprilmae Devin's Alterior Motions store, hit midnight mania boards, check animations and this new AM Master/slave Bed that is available in world store only on link under the text:



Saturday abiss double feature;

Le Parisien set Black&Gold leather copy version

The Apartment by Abiss - skybox rezzer

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Frasha Boa

- Abiss Interior Design

This was originally two separate reviews, but your questions about Abiss houses, skyboxes where u can rez ur furniture, even textures, bring me to this idea about double feature. I don't usually do the houses (unless they are furnished with adult animated furniture), but in this case its same maker and it is one of the best looking skyboxes that i did see so far, so i said ok lets give it a try. I hope you will like review and it wont be to long for you to read. Feedback is always welcome ;)

Since huge successes of Abiss Decadence set review u  asking me for more refined and top designed interior sets from Frasha Boa store. Since i aim to please here is one so new that is not available on SL market place but in world store only, Le Parisien set Black&Gold leather copy version.

Since its copy its ideal for all high class Sl clubs and public places and you can choose from 5 different colors; black leather, gold leather, red leather, velvet rosenoir, and Black&Gold leather.

At the beginning of the review few opening words form creator Frasha Boa:

"Thank you for your interest in this fine crafted furniture set!

**Key features**

Contains following:

2 x Armchair 10 prims
1 x Couch  11 prims
1 x Central table 7 prims
1 x  lamp 4 prims

Total prim count for the entire set = 42 prims



-lamps are only non mod items

-package contents may appear no mod from inventory view but when rezzed are fully modifiable

-mod permissions are enabled for purpose of color tinting , script and poses management only. Any unlinking and prim rearrangement as well as texturing  is NOT recommended and "voids the warranty". Scroll to bottom for further info on this.


** Le Parisien Couch **
usage and features:
Sculptie shaped and textured love seat with high detail textures.

75 different sitting/ laying  animations inside  2 seats. User "sits" on couch using RMB and "sit here" option, then choosing the seat. Touching sofa brings up an extensive menu with pose choices for either male or female avatars. Users can adjust their own pose presets hight and rotation - type /1a to get adjust dialog box.  Owner only option, is accessed when owner touches couch. Can reset sit/lay poses, set access, adjust users, etc...

Touching the recline / back rest of  couch, gives additional 80 couple pose pairs driven by separate mlpv2 menu. Pose balls are operated via touching again same recline part.
The choice of poses and animation will satisfy almost everyone`s needs. Cuddles, foreplay, intercourse, girls only and solo activities are some of animation groups embedded.
For further info on menu usage, please consult documentation at:


** Le Parisien Armchair **

Sculptie shaped and textured love seat with high detail textures.
50 different sitting/ laying  animations inside. User "sits" on the armchair using RMB and "sit here" option.  Touching the armchair brings up an extensive menu with pose choices for either male or female avatars.
Users can adjust their own pose presets hight and rotation - type /1a to get adjust dialog box.  Owner only option, is accessed when owner touches couch. Can reset sit/lay poses, set access, adjust users, etc...

** Le Parisien central table **
Matching textures with sofa and rest of the set
sculptie table with mod rights so it can be resized or set to full bright.

** Le Parisien lamp **
Matching textures with sofa and rest of the set. Touching brings up simple dialog to control intensity."

Now from where shall i start? About Abiss design i cant say any more or bigger praising words then i already did in my previous reviews of they items. Design is one of, if not the best in SL. Impeccable, elegant and timeless... Let me put it like this; even if it dont have sex animations in side i would buy it for my castle. Enough said.

Second thing is that it has one fo the biggest collections of single female, and single male, sitting/relaxing animated positions, and that, beside looks, makes this Le Parisien set Black&Gold leather copy version "must have" set for any photo or video production in SL.

Sex menu in couch is MLPV system, trusted and reliable, with all that you can imagine plus this time D/S animations and sub menus are used to. And let me tell you, it performs in the same way it looks, just amazing. All animations are high quality, long overlap running time and smooth in playing and transition.

To make long story short, with buying this Le Parisien set Black&Gold leather copy version or other fine Abiss Interior Design furniture or buildings you just cant go wrong. So buy smart and buy safe on link under the text:


The Apartment by Abiss - skybox rezzer

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Frasha Boa & Oggy Bonetto

- Abiss Interior Design

One of the best looking skyboxes that i see so far and i got pictures to prove it ; )

Structure facts:

250 prims
98% mesh structure (most floors are regular prims)
Day/Night texture change option
Panoramic image control - add your own images*
Rez-Faux system- easiest possible
High detailed textures
Lighting fixtures and lamps are linked with structure and should not be removed


Footprint: 31 x 31 m
* skybox is inside huge sphere ( 56m) ( optional)
Minimum parcel size required: 2048 sq. meters *

Prims: 250


Q: Can this skybox fit 1024m parcel?
a: Physically it can, however its not advised as you probably won't have enough prims, except in case of bonus prim parcels.
Q: Can I remove panoramic images?
a: Yes you can, it is separate object and can be removed without a problem.
Q: Can I remove sphere that surrounds the skybox?
a: Yes, no problem at all.
Q: How to add my own image/texture as background?
a: Select "Panorama Image Controller" and drag texture you wish to add in its contents ( you`ll see existing images inside), no script changes needed.
Q: Can I lock doors?
a: No you cant, use some 3rd party security system if you really think you need it. Why would you lock a door in skybox?
Q: Can we close the curtains?
a: No, those are static.
Q: Can I combine 2 skyboxes and make them one large?
a: Its not intended by default, but by all means yes. Combine different/same rooms in any way you want. You can always clean up and rezz another version in case you are not satisfied with the result and start again. We have tested combining different rooms together, with great success, just make sure you align openings/doors nicely.
Q: Can I add/remove certain prims?
a: Yes, however, day/ night texture switch might misbehave. Better resize and conceal prims instead. Avoid unlinking.
Q: Can I remove shadows/illumination effect from lamps?
a: No, physical illumination accuracy was out goal and entire structure has pre-baked illumination to achieve displayed effects.
Q: Can I use my own paintings?
a: Yes ofcourse! Drag and drop the painting from your inventory directly over existing painting (try not to hit frame or wall)

Additional Info:

*Contains rezzer powered by *Rez-Faux scripts
* Prim renaming and un-linking is not recommended since day/night texture switch works via linkset to reduce lag. (However if you are skilled enough, by all means go ahead. (just make sure controller is not the root prim)
* The skybox is 100% mesh building therefore you'll need a mesh viewer to see it. Viewer settings higher LOD factor is optional, however skybox is tested with low settings and visually appears correctly.
* Structure is being sold as displayed at demo location.
* Inside of building is set to full bright for best visual experience.
* Outside of building is also set to full bright. You can tweak it individually due to mod permissions on structure.
* Mesh behavior allows this prim count, we have checked with Linden Lab support team and behavior when you add script in mesh structure, it sometimes raises prim count. Thus, until you use save option from rezzer box, you might have more prims showing then actual number. ( in plain language, when you make mesh build of any type, prim count may raise when you drop a script into contents of that mesh, not always, but its normal says LindenLab).
* In case of this structure, its prim count may also increase significantly if you unlink all prims, which is also normal cause mesh works that way.
* Please be advised to check the prim count on your parcel prior to purchase, some parcels might have less prims available than others.
* Baked textures- shadows are "burned" into textures
* Prefab editing isn't recommended, however if you really feel like editing the skybox just rez another copy if you're not happy with result. Entire structure is mod/copy so you can always rez another copy in case you made an accidental mistake.

For any questions IM Frasha Boa or Oggy Bonetto

Enjoy your SL day/night
Abiss team


I hope you will like this double feature special review and find furniture and skybox awesome in same way that i did. Enjoy your weekend :)


SC13 Naughty Water Cooler

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Maximus Chrome

- Scorpio13 Designs

Maximus Chrome owner and creator of Scorpio13 Designs does not stop to amaze me and hopefully you to my readers with his series of affordable low price 400L$ low prim great design and performance furniture in top quality. Way to go Maximus Chrome !!!

Today ill be reviewing for you new SC13 Naughty Water Cooler and at the begging few opening words form creator Maximus Chrome:

"Dear SL-Penthouse Forum,

I hate working late. It’s boring, tiring, and being I am on salary, it’s not like there is any overtime involved. However, with that said, I had an experience the other night that changed my outlook forever. There I was typing away at my computer. My eyes were getting blurry so I decided to go get a drink from the water cooler. As I popped my head up like some sort of prairie dog from the cubicle farm I saw her rounding the corner, heading to the break room. She was so hot. I had seen her several times during the normal work day but never talked to her. It seemed the stars were aligned tonight though so I headed in that direction as well. I could have sworn I saw her look at me from the corner of her eye, but I could have been wrong. I turned the corner to the water cooler, slowly and quietly, almost as if sneaking up on her and my jaw dropped at the sight that beheld me. There she was, skirt pulled up, panties pulled down, her fingers grinding over her pussy with fury as she moaned like some sort of lust crazed banshee. She looked up and saw me, but much to my surprise, she didn’t stop. She smiled and pulled her finger from her clit, sliding it between her lips to suck on it as she looked me up and down. “Come here.” She whispered, pulling her finger from her lips with a pop. “I need a drink.” I looked over to the water cooler for a moment and then back at her before it dawned on me what she meant. I stepped closer to her and she dropped to her knees, undoing my pants and working my cock like it was the last one she’d ever get to see. I have to say, she drained me several times that evening, but I was very thankful to have that water cooler so handy so I could easily

It’s naughty office time!!! Only 3 LI, come check it out!!

NOTE: This item is part of the Scorpio13 Designs Naughty Wall Decor Collection. This is a collection of items, designed specifically to be placed against the wall in order to use the flat surface for realistic utilization of the positions. The idea is to have everyday items that might be found in a variety of environments as part of this collection in order to maintain a stylish, yet incognito display for one's toys."

Amazing in simplicity of design, 100% mesh with just 3 prims land impact this new SC13 Naughty Water Cooler will sweep you from your feet not only by his "dirt cheep" price but by performance and quality in build same like in use.

AVsitter™2.0 is system, menu user friendly, contains solo, cuddles and get nasty sub menus filled with high quality top shelf animations, selected to give u best and smoothest animated RP support possible.

Its necessity for any office RP sim, cheep, unique and with so low prim impact that you just have to get one. When i come across furniture in this price range and in this quality i dont wait, i just hit that buy button. And with products from new redesigned Scorpio13 Designs store you just cant go wrong.

This new SC13 Naughty Water Cooler you can find on SL market place and in world store on links under the text:




BH femdom HUD RLV (F/M)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Britt Halberstam

- BH Animations

I appreciate all feed back that get form you my dear readers, so looks like i neglected all female domination fans and fans of BH Animations furniture. So today ill present to you Britt Halberstam's BH femdom HUD RLV (F/M).

This is how Britt Halberstam, creator describes it:

"Thank you for your interest on the BH femdom HUD RLV (F/M)

This HUD is able to show you a scene of over 18 minutes in length...
...start and enjoy it ...live a movie

* fully automatic running femdom scene include undress
* sequences with truly animated transitions
between the poses
* unique high detailed long loop animations exclusive and only available by BH Animations
* realistic facial expressions
* exclusive for this HUD humiliation with finest smooth animations
* quickly adjustable positions without options menu
* start your HUD anywhere and grab a victim
(rezzing must be allowed temporary)
* force your victim to do anything you want
* includes free tk relay giver

RLV features require a relay in automode:
* lock the victim and make it impossible to stand up
* rip clothings off of your victim with realistic animations,
matching to the shown animations includes preventing them from new wear
* RLV menu with several options
* capture function"

First and foremost; in my opinion, Britt Halberstam is among one of top 3 animators in SL. With out any doubt. Second, my hat goes down to her because she does all by her self; animations, scripts, mesh... if it is in her product its made by her. So if any one can stand behind her product she can, and her store sales rates and your interest for her products only confirms that she does great job.

When it comes to BH femdom HUD RLV (F/M), aldo thats not my cup of tea by far, i can only tell you if you are in female domination go buy one, like yesterday, dont wait second more.

Extremely user friendly interface and menu, unbelievable low scripts, with so flawless animations that are highest and best quality that you can find in SL at this point of time. Running time is pushed to max, fps are maxed, all that can be maxed and make better then any competition is made in best way possible. Lowered are just scripts.

All this unique work, top quality premium product BH femdom HUD RLV (F/M) and other impeccable creations from Britt Halberstam u can find in BH Animations store on SL market place or in world on links under the text:




Smooching Serpents Bamboo Frame

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Eve Light


Great news again form SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture store!!! Eve Light owner and creator continues with her low priced top quality line of new 100% mesh low prim products, so for this week we have brand new Smooching Serpents Bamboo Frame device that sales for 499L$ reviewed on my blog. Great deal and amazing design, but lets do one thin at the time.

Few opening words form Eve Light, that created this new awesome Smooching Serpents Bamboo Frame:



Sex like Art.


- 100% Mesh, high LOD!

- high quality BDSM animations for couples

- facial expressions

- gives rope harness and dildo

- rezzes beautiful ropes (lockguard compatible)

- RLV ForceSit/Restrictions


If you need support, please contact Cerowain Ceawlin. He will be glad to help :-)

Enjoy your virtual perversions!"

Many messages that im receiving form you my dear readers telling me that SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture store knows how to make things right way. And i agree with you 100%. Not only that new products are coming regularly and each is more better in design and options but price is really low for options that each product gives to users. Plus its copy, its like win win situation.

In 100% original self made mesh, with only 10 prims land impact, and thats for similar shibari and rope frames nothing at all, Eve Light give us, the users, friendly and uncomplicated menu, filled with RLV and unique custom top quality animations that are carefully chosen to provide you maximum satisfaction and smooth transition in use of this fine new product while your libido and fantasy running wild.

Impeccable design, and unique, distinctive look of new Smooching Serpents Bamboo Frame just invites you to come and try it out. Play with it, explore all options that it has together with your sexuality, and enjoy one of SL best bondage devices like i was when i was testing it.

To conclude, this is one of maximum safe buy, regarding price, options that you will have in device, store name and credibility so you cant go wrong with this one. My top recommendations and advice to all to go and check this new Smooching Serpents Bamboo Frame and other fine products from SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture store that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




Shoki Animations - Animated Rusty Leash Post

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Shoki Feden

- Shoki Animations

For all dominant sub or slave owners in SL if you are looking for good animated low prim leash post dont look no more, Shoki Feden owner and creator of Shoki Animations got right "stuff" for you. Low prim 100% mesh easy to use.

Here are few technical details and description form creator Shoki Feden:

"100% Mesh, 3 prim least post, modeled into a realistic pipe held into the ground with 4 solid yet rusty nuts and bolts.

What is different with this version and the standard Shoki Animation Leash Post?

This version contains:

•    18 Shoki Animation Slave poses, all with breathing and super smooth transitions between animations

•    RVL

•    No pose balls (just right click > sit)

•    Lock guard compatible

•    Can be used to leash with your own collar (Open Collar for example)"

What i wanna add that actually you dont need collar, any RLV relay will do, like Susan's or from strip poker table etc. When you click on Shoki Animations - Animated Rusty Leash Post he will scan for any RLV relay around and you can capture your sub or slave or who ever you wanna RP with.

Sub/slave position animations in side are well made, AVsitter™2.0 works smooth on transitions and all is solid and performing impeccable. Small in prims and size but great in value and performance.

This new Shoki Animations - Animated Rusty Leash Post and other fine Shoki Animations products you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:


MP Noir - "Space Line" The PARDIS

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Marcus Perry

- MP Noir

New "toy" from MP Noir store is out and im glad to say that Marcus Perry, owner and creator of the store continues in best tradition possible, keeping quality and animations high and price and prims low.

Here is few opening words form creator Marcus Perry:

"Space – The Naughty Frontier !

This line of Sex toys draws its design origins from the classic Science Fiction and will fit perfectly into any Dark Future, Cyberpunk or SF themed sim, no matter ether it is a RP location or your private home.

Check out the items picture for a detailed list of animations.

This Item uses the popular and reliable MLPV2 system. It is menu driven and easy to use. Standard options such as User permissions (All / Group Members / Owner can use), Pose ball adjustment or Chat information are available."

First thing that i have to say about new MP Noir - "Space Line" The PARDIS that is defiantly unique and original idea. Well build with just 5 prims land impact and copy it will be well investment for any public urban or similar RP sim.

Good and trusted MLPV system works flawless, menu is intuitive and user friendly, divided on following sub menus: props, BDSM, misc, scenes and sex. Animations are good and well chosen, high quality to provide you maximum animated visual stimulating experience in use while your libido and lust are running wild.

Over all more then well made product for his price and it stays permanently rezed in my SL home yard, now if thats not recommendation enough i don't know what it is.

This new MP Noir - "Space Line" The PARDIS and other fine MP Noir products you can find on SL marketplace, or in world store on links under the text:




H&S Happy Camper Sex Set

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Abbadon Soulstar

- Heart & Soul Designs

If you are outdoor and nature fan, camper, biker that likes to travel light and stop where he likes to rest have fun, make bbq this new H&S Happy Camper Sex Set from Heart & Soul Designs is made for you.

At the begging few opening words from Abbadon Soulstar, owner and creator of  Heart & Soul Designs store:

⁂•:.♥.:• ⁂ Got Off ? ⁂•:.♥.:•⁂
H&S~Happy Camper Sex Set~

H&S~Happy Camper Sex Set~ is well designed it is a mere 35 total prims with over 418 high quality animations and no static poses. We have packed everything in a rez box for convenience of set up, once positioned save and remove the rez box
Built using high quality textures and native prims & Sculpted & Mesh Prims,
Please Be aware you need the current viewers to see this item properly.
418 high quality animations!
Our Animations are among the best in SL!!
All legally purchased from the top animators on the grid.
====( FEATURES & MENUS )====
Tent 21 Prims
Sleeping Mat 2 Prims
Table & Flashlight 1 Prims
Cooler 1 Prim
Camp fire 3 Prim ( say sound on or sound off in local ) for realistic crackling sound
Wood block & Axe 1 Prim
Couples/3Sum Stump 4 Prims
Couples/Singles Tree Trunk 2 Prims
Instructions and LM to Heart & Soul Design Inworld

Featuring the **NEW** AVSitter 2 engine ( NO POSE BALLS ) just click and sit. One of the many new features of AVsitter2 is select role when sitting, when you first sit each person will get a menu, notice the standard arrangement in my set up are as follows. I have identified each sitter with the type of menu used. You may see male 1 male 2 and Female 1 and female 2. male 1 and female 2 are always couples or single animations. the exception is if the menu contains no single animations. In which case each sitter will start in the first couples pose of the menu.
Male 2 and Female 2 will be part of a 3 some  unless the menu contains 4 some then they will have paired poses with each other as will male & female 1.  By using the back button on the menu sitters may swap position with anyone on the menu. This is awesome for MMFF or MMF & FFM, you can literally swap with any partner.
PROPS, another new feature with AVsitter 2 is handling of props. when playing an animation your ava may have an item rez near them which is to be used to enhance the the animation examples are a strap-on or dildo, wine glasses, cigarettes. To use the prop simply touch it and accept the menus request to animate your avatar.  when you change poses the item will poof, providing there not a lot of lag then it may take a few seconds.
Also don't freak out if someone other than you touches the item first. Just smack them and toggle back to another pose then back to the prop pose. ^^
 **REMEMBER THIS TO AVOID CONFUSION** It's always good to have one person driving the menu.

Now its my turn to talk lol

In this case we not talking just about tent, but also bottle cooler, grill with fire circle, and 3 sitting logs, so whole scene is there in one rez box. All you need now is that special someone that you will share magic and sensual moments in this camp paradise.

Two items are equipped with menu for sex, stump log and blanked in side the tent. And menus are different, so by purchasing this H&S Happy Camper Sex Set you are getting 2 pieces of sex animated furniture by price of just one.

AVsitter™ 2.0 system is installed in stump same like in tent, menu is user friendly and animations are in high quality, going from cuddles to hard core couples and 3 some sex. So what ever your mood might be you will always find something interesting to do with this fine made H&S Happy Camper Sex Set.

 On test all was working smooth and perfect and i was not able to find any mistake in tested furniture. But if by some accident you have any issue or question about Heart & Soul Designs furniture, Abbadon Soulstar and his team got amazing customer service and that also making your decision to purchase this fine H&S Happy Camper Sex Set safe investment.

This and other well made Heart & Soul Designs products can be find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




VJ-Prostate Pleasure - OmniPotent

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Vijay Uggla

- OmniPotent Animations

All my readers asking me for something new, unseen, something that will raise that kink bar up and make them more excited and aroused. Since i aim to please, today im proud to present to you original and unique creation from Vijay Uggla, owner and creator of OmniPotent Animations store, VJ-Prostate Pleasure - OmniPotent couch.

At the begging, like always, some space for technical details and description from creator of the reviewed device, Vijay Uggla:

Treat yourself and your man something nice. Touch him and feel him deep inside and get him off in a way he never felt before!

*** [Click above "Watch in Action" for preview.]

Experience the ultimate in :-

!! Force Jerking,
!! Rimming,
!! Deep Prostate Massage,
!! Milking..
!! Handjob
!! BlowJob
[ Lots of explosive Happy Endings! ]

Get your hands on this quick before your man runs to another man/slut with one...cos once he can get this from you, he needs no other ;-)

Made of [ 32 ] individual animations for 20 different button options.


Fully Protected Life time redelivery
-failed delivery
-accidents etc.

(redelivery terminals located at main stores)

====technical notes======

Modify - yes
Copy - yes
Transfer - no

currently using MLP V2.4z3
check out .readme notecard for MLP V2.4z3 instructions.




In my eyes this VJ-Prostate Pleasure - OmniPotent is "must have item" for any medical themed adult sim, femdom sim, cuckholding sim or for any bisexual male and anal enthusiasts out there.

Totally unique and different, original in any way possible this product practically does not have any competition. Specially hand made original animations that can be find just in VJ-Prostate Pleasure - OmniPotent device are state of the art, top quality, smooth in transition and fps (frames per second) rich, providing you best possible animated support in RP thats possible.

4 prims land impact and copy mod permits will allow you to blend, this fine piece of original SL adult furniture, in any space of your choice and life time update and redelivery policy from OmniPotent Animations store makes it 100% safe investment.

Fair priced and one of the kind VJ-Prostate Pleasure - OmniPotent you can, with my sincere recommendation, find, try and buy on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




Shoki Animations - Darlington Bed - White & Brown

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Shoki Feden

- Shoki Animations

All of you my faithful readers know how i fell when i have new store that gonna be presented on my blog, its like kid when he discovers brand new candy factory lol So with unhidden joy today for you reading pleasure i present you brand new member of our blog store family, Shoki Feden owner and creator of Shoki Animations.

Before actual review and all technical details i wanna add that Shoki Animations is not some newcomer store, but year long established and successful place for quality mesh furniture and animations, now producing in-house some very high quality Mesh items and animations, needless to say I am definitely looking forward to seeing what future releases are in store.

Ok, time to roll up the sleeves and start with work ladies and gents, so like always at the beginning of the review few words and technical details form creator of this well made Shoki Animations - Darlington Bed, Shoki Feden:

"The 100% Mesh Darlington Sex Bed has carefully crafted by Shoki Animations to high the highest quality with a very reasonable land impact (9)

Also available in browns (See related items)

The bed also includes:

476 of the highest quality animations including the Shoki Animation ranges:

■Hard Sex
■Hard Sex second edition
■Kama Sutra
■Hair pull sequence
■Loads of cuddles and kisses
■ Foreplay and Oral
■Menus packed with slave poses
■3 some
■Girl Girl
■Will rez a BDSM Post

➠ Not only this but it comes with copy permissions, rez as many as you like, never worry about losing it.

➠ RVL Compatible

Come and visit us in world to see it up close."

What i like to emphasize first about this fine made Shoki Animations - Darlington Bed, is that we have fine and gentle looking product for hard core BDSM/bondage fans. True wolf in sheep skin that will satisfy all from cuddle and kisses fans, massages, to sex in huge and rich menu plus wide and huge variety of BDSM and bondage animations for D/S pros and enthusiasts.

Made in 100% mesh, original Shoki Feden creation, with Xcite, RLV and CISS system, this fine quality product provides all latest that SL furniture market has to offer at this point in time.

Menu is big but in same time easy to use, so you wont need any time to get use to it, animations are in top quality, fps (frames per second) rich, smooth in transition providing you maximum animated stimulative support by each use. And it is true all around menu, like i mention before it goes from cuddles to slave/sub and bondage animations so its ideal for public sex sims where you need to offer your visitors all variety that you can get and satisfy each taste or you just wanna bed that can do all for your private place, with this Shoki Animations - Darlington Bed you cant go wrong.

Additional info's, pictures and more you can find on:


With all said above, features and options that this quality product offers you in moderate price at same time, i cant do nothing else but to recommend you and suggest that you check this Shoki Animations - Darlington Bed available in white and brown color, and other Shoki Animations fine products on SL market place or in word store on links under the text:




SC13 Naughty Mailbox

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Maximus Chrome

- Scorpio13 Designs

Maximus Chrome's 400L$ line of latest 100% mesh products in top quality continues with new SC13 Naughty Mailbox. Amazing low 2 prims, with AVsitter™2.0 and smooth performing menu with high crafted animations will leave you amazed.

But first lets hear few opening words from creator of SC13 Naughty Mailbox, Maximus Chrome:

"Dear SL-Penthouse Forum,

I often thought that the act of mailing a letter was all but a forgotten practice. Email and text messaging, cellphones all seem to have taken over more traditional ways of communication. However, on occasion, one must still mail something even though it seems a bit antiquated. I was frustrated as I ran out that night to drop the letter in the box in order to make sure it got picked up in the morning. Little did I know, my outlook on the postal service was all about to change. I saw her propped up against the worn blue mailbox. She wreaked of vodka and cigarettes and had a crazed look in her eyes. I dropped my letter in the slot and then she grabbed my pants by the waistband, yanking me toward her until her face was just inches from mine. "How about you shove something in my slot?" she smirked and then planted her lips on mine, her hand reaching further down into my pants, gripping my cock tight. I reciprocated her every move and shoved her against the mailbox hard, tearing my way into her, and as I used her body every which way to Sunday I laughed in pleasure. I slapped my hand against the sturdy metal box, the one holding both our writhing bodies up and just grinned cheekily...God bless the postal service.

Only 2 LI, perfect for urban role-play or anything you can think of and as always...super hot!!!! Check it out!"

Dont let to be discouraged by this amazing low price, we are really having quality product here, and all my faithful readers that did read previous reviews that i made about Scorpio13 Designs store 400L$ line of furniture, as i like to call it, knows that i dont lie.

Ideal for any urban, ghetto sim, with land impact that you wont even noticed that is there and easy to use menu divided on solo, cuddles and get nasty sub menus in all that latest and newest SL adult furniture production can offer: mesh, AVsitter™2.0 no pose balls system and top quality chosen animations that will support your RP story in best way possible while your libido and lust running wild.

There is not much else to say, great priced, great made, great performing product that you just have to own, new SC13 Naughty Mailbox, can be find on SL market place and in world store on links under the text:




BN inc. - Lucky shot cuddle and sex pool table

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Leffe Levenque and Shameena Shorashi

- BN inc. (Batteries not included) store

Last month article that i did about BN inc. - Classy leather sofa was well accepted and i did receive so many positive comments about BN inc. (Batteries not included) store. So today i will present one more fine made item from Leffe Levenque and Shameena Shorashi, their BN inc. - Lucky shot cuddle and sex pool table.

This is how she describes it:

"If you are looking for some well designed pool table that decorates your place and has high quality animations, then this is what you need.
An easy to use menu contains +200 animations and allows you to pick solo, couple or threesome fun.

The pool table comes with 19 different ball and cue setups which are also available as separate accessories if you wish to design your own layout.

List of accessories:

white ball
extension cue
empty cue case
cue shaft & red cue base
red, blue, green and gold cue
small & large cue rack
8 & 9 ball set
8 & 9 ball rack
8 & 9 ball racked set
8 & 9 ball scattered

You can select out of 2 different table designs, 4 different wood textures and 5 different cloth textures. The props will automatically adjust to match your selection.

Poses have been carefully aligned, but due to the great variety in avatar size and shapes, it is still possible adjustments are needed.
This can be done by using an intuitive menu.

BN inc. provides excellent customer and after sales support."

First what i have to say about BN inc. - Lucky shot cuddle and sex pool table is amazing design. You getting two different style of pool tables in each purchase box plus additional box with accessories. Each table has texture changer and it can be blended in any space of your choosing perfectly, having decorative role by it self and specially with all accessories that comes with it.

Menu is in good old trusted MLPV 2.5c system easy to use. non sexual part includes game set up, 8 ball or 9 ball, and sexual goes from single male or female poses for relax or self play, mf, ff, mff, mmf and fff combinations. Well and imaginative names in sub menus will guide you in use of quality animations, smooth and rich in frames per second, perfect to support and make your RP with this fine BN inc. - Lucky shot cuddle and sex pool table pleasurable and sensual experience to remember.

In my eyes the BN inc. team does good job with their store and products, constantly using top quality items, giving choices and options to customers and keeping design on highest possible level she cant be unnoticed on adult SL furniture market.

While we waiting and looking forward to BN inc. (Batteries not included) products and creations i recommend for all that looking for SL pool table this fine BN inc. - Lucky shot cuddle and sex pool table that can be find on links under the text: