d&b glass Cage

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Mija Perfferle

- Deviant & Bizarre store

I admit, i did spoil my readers. Im getting so many im's about what the best trap/lock RLV cell wold be and many times, no matter i suggest,
its always something that people are missing or thing that they would like to change in design. And that's actually good thing, its showing that my blog serves the purpose. Educate people, give them best for they money and bring top quality in SL adult furniture making.

I went to Mija's Perfferle Deviant & Bizarre store to end up that search for that ultimate trap/lock RLV cell because i been told they cells got all.

This is what she told me about her store and products:

Why did i decide to name my business "d&b"?

I can´t really say how I came up with my brand name but i liked the looks of "d&b".
It is like yin and yang, as those letters look quite identical but as mirror images of one another, and the wording "deviant & bizarre" was an obvious choice.

What does "d&b" offer you in SL?

First of all, I like to do meaningful, innovative, and high quality furniture with a lot of added fun as I put my heart into my products.
I want to provide my customers with unique products: things they have not seen anywhere else before. That´s why all my products are crafted from scratch. I don´t think i will ever buy full-perm mesh or animations, as i like to provide my customers with unique "hand-made" products.

I have two product lines.

One product line is for BDSM: bondage furniture, entertainment toys for clubs, and financial domination toys, to name a few.
The other product line is for PG home furniture, decor and architectural builds.

We decide for her first and opening presentation on my blog to review her finest d&b glass Cage. So here we go with technical info:

d&b glass Cage

Some might remember the very old Bondage Playground run by New Neighbor and her very nice glass cage – of course back at that time with no RLV features, only one pose, and a timer up to 1440 minutes with group, owner and public access… Due to it closing down and reopening this place I felt to redo this cage all meshy and of course with “up to date” features. Hmm and, of course, (wicked me) with some features some subbies might get excited… regretting they jumped into the cage the very next second? Well let´s see what´s on the table? *evil grin*

CUSTOMIZED glass cut-out designs are AVAILABLE and can be requested from me. An additional cost may be required depending on complexity of your personal choice in the appearance of the cage. If this interests you, please contact me with your request.


• fully meshed, high detailed glass cage with very low LI, just 7 prims
• low lag script, only three scripts (133k)
• extensive appearance menu (up to 1400 + 1 variations)
→ 70 glass colors to pick from
→ 4 grunge/dirt/scratch glass effects gives you a variation of 280 possible glass looks
→ 5 various frame textures
→ total darkness for isolation
→ change the color of the outer leash holder, giving your cage a personal note
• main leash post sunk into the floor of the glass cage (if your sub is on your leash you can simply <prefix>post and click next the main leash. DANG, trapped)
• 4 cuff points on the side of the cage, cut out glass, giving the holders space and making the cage look unique
• 10 custom animations
• you can add your own animations (name those properly) and they show up in the pose menu
• sit position can be adjusted for each avatar and saved. the cage stores sit positions of 10 avatars (queue)
• RLV restrained (no unsit, no touching of objects further than 1.5 meters away, no TP and no map)
• RLV folder accessible (you have full access to the #rlv folder and can attach/detach gear)
• door sound included when closing the door
• auto trap – traps everyone who enters the cage and starts a counter (default 10 minutes, editable by the Owner only).
• logout detection, timer stops when captive logs to RL and does resume, locking the captive back in place when the captive returns *the timer stops, if the Dominant opens the door and enters the cage for a "special treatment" and resumes again when the door closes.
• optional Afk Test:
→ the captive regularly sees quiz tests and has to click a number in a timely fashion to avoid a penalty
→ Tease mode – the captive gets teased randomly by getting an unsolvable quiz (penalty added)
→ the Dominant decides the penalty (+ 2, 5 or 10 minutes)
• cheat detection – the key holder gets a message when the victim cheats out of the cage
• if the sub enters the cage unforced and gets trapped (sub has to sit) the sub can pick a Dominant (enter a name in the menu) and the Dominant gets an IM with a message and a LM where the sub can be found, transferring to this Dominant control over the cage. This feature shows up only on cages set to “public”.
• 3 access modes
→ Private
→ Public
→ Group
• maintenance mode, very handy for dungeons holding several glass cages. Simply add the UUID, name of your staff/officers to the note card inside the cage and those easily can maintenance abandoned cages.
• update feature – only the cage with [mod/copy, no transfer] permissions supports a lifetime update feature.

For all rlv lovers and fans this must be looking great but its also very easy to use for novice and enthusiasts (we all need to start from somewhere).

Menu is logical and intuitive and customization and textures almost infinitive. With all that its just matter of few clicks to make this fine d&b  glass Cage to look like it was custom made to fix your dungeon or any other space that you like to rez and use it.

This fine product and much more you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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