Blog post guide

1) Use Post Title in the form: "Furniture Brand - Furniture Name"
example: "Alina Animations - Sex Car Vintage - drivable + sex engine"
It makes easier for people to search and memorize what is the article about.

2) Photo picture is great

3) Put a page break after the pic and first lines of text, to force readers to open the post page: We want them to navigate along the site, not just the first page!

4) Keep the "Adult Furniture Stores" updated. You may add-remove all the links easily.
You may try adding their blog to the blog list too, to show their most recent posts.

5) Use styles: there's a style for when you quote someone text - there's a " button up
in the editor window toolbar.

6) Always remember to add TAGS (up right in the edit window), they show up in the
front page near the search box and help people find what they're looking for just with
a glance. tags may include:

- Designer name: Alina Graf, Kacey Pomegranate, Ample Clarity, etc.

- Designer Brand: Alina Animations, X-clusives Animations, Luna Animations, etc.

- Furniture name: Couch, Chair, Pool Table, Dance Pole, Table, etc...

- Furniture Features: RLV, BDSM, Xcite, Low Prim, Copy, Transfer, Modify, etc.

All the tags are grouped together in a tag cloud named "Labels" in the front page.
When clicked, the links point to a page grouping all the post with that Keyword.

7) Don't post more than a post a day, after the first you may schedule them to show
in your blog a day or a month later, to keep your visitors coming every day or two

I put this page in your site, the link is at the very bottom of your home page, you
may move it elsewhere, to have it at hand whenever you need it ^^


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