Shoki Animations - Darlington Bed - White & Brown

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Shoki Feden

- Shoki Animations

All of you my faithful readers know how i fell when i have new store that gonna be presented on my blog, its like kid when he discovers brand new candy factory lol So with unhidden joy today for you reading pleasure i present you brand new member of our blog store family, Shoki Feden owner and creator of Shoki Animations.

Before actual review and all technical details i wanna add that Shoki Animations is not some newcomer store, but year long established and successful place for quality mesh furniture and animations, now producing in-house some very high quality Mesh items and animations, needless to say I am definitely looking forward to seeing what future releases are in store.

Ok, time to roll up the sleeves and start with work ladies and gents, so like always at the beginning of the review few words and technical details form creator of this well made Shoki Animations - Darlington Bed, Shoki Feden:

"The 100% Mesh Darlington Sex Bed has carefully crafted by Shoki Animations to high the highest quality with a very reasonable land impact (9)

Also available in browns (See related items)

The bed also includes:

476 of the highest quality animations including the Shoki Animation ranges:

■Hard Sex
■Hard Sex second edition
■Kama Sutra
■Hair pull sequence
■Loads of cuddles and kisses
■ Foreplay and Oral
■Menus packed with slave poses
■3 some
■Girl Girl
■Will rez a BDSM Post

➠ Not only this but it comes with copy permissions, rez as many as you like, never worry about losing it.

➠ RVL Compatible

Come and visit us in world to see it up close."

What i like to emphasize first about this fine made Shoki Animations - Darlington Bed, is that we have fine and gentle looking product for hard core BDSM/bondage fans. True wolf in sheep skin that will satisfy all from cuddle and kisses fans, massages, to sex in huge and rich menu plus wide and huge variety of BDSM and bondage animations for D/S pros and enthusiasts.

Made in 100% mesh, original Shoki Feden creation, with Xcite, RLV and CISS system, this fine quality product provides all latest that SL furniture market has to offer at this point in time.

Menu is big but in same time easy to use, so you wont need any time to get use to it, animations are in top quality, fps (frames per second) rich, smooth in transition providing you maximum animated stimulative support by each use. And it is true all around menu, like i mention before it goes from cuddles to slave/sub and bondage animations so its ideal for public sex sims where you need to offer your visitors all variety that you can get and satisfy each taste or you just wanna bed that can do all for your private place, with this Shoki Animations - Darlington Bed you cant go wrong.

Additional info's, pictures and more you can find on:


With all said above, features and options that this quality product offers you in moderate price at same time, i cant do nothing else but to recommend you and suggest that you check this Shoki Animations - Darlington Bed available in white and brown color, and other Shoki Animations fine products on SL market place or in word store on links under the text:



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