SC13 Naughty Rocks V.2

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Maximus Chrome

- Scorpio13 Designs

Some times i do fell like im repeating my self but i do have high respect for creators that always improving, updating and upgrading they products and dont stop to provide they customers best and latest that they can build. Maximus Chrome, owner and creator of Scorpio13 Designs store is certainly one of them. After my review of his SC13 Naughty Rocks V.1 released on October 16. 2013. that you can read on link below,


he did not let more then 4 month to go by and he is releasing brand new updated and upgraded version 2.

This is how he describes his latest creation, SC13 Naughty Rocks V.2:

"My eyes ran like invisible fingers over her bare flesh. She had not been disobedient. She had not been arrogant or inconsiderate. Perhaps it was this reason she was there. My eyes narrowed as I admired her from afar. It pleased me to see her this way. She did not protest when I shackled her wrists and ankles to the rusty chains. She did not ask why. She looked at me with those wide, stunning eyes. I locked the chains in place, mounting them to the weathered steel rings buried deep within the faces of the rocks. I said nothing, but finished the task and then walked out of her sight.

The moon was full and the light glistened off her milky skin. I made my way to the hilltop and waited. I knew she would please me. It was one thing to be an obedient, pleasing slave, the other to truly feel it and the moon…yes, the moon was the true test. I had seen the coldest of women turned to lustful beasts only from the sheer presence of the moonlight. I watched…eager…in anticipation….and then it happened. She lay on her back against the cold rock, her flesh bared to the moon. She was chained, but still had the freedom of movement. Slowly and tenderly her fingertips begin to slide down her body, grazing slowly over her luscious breasts, circling sensually around each nipple. It did not take her long to find the sweetness between her legs and she began to moan. Her body began to writhe like a hypnotized snake as she touched herself, her voice echoing louder in the cool air. I smiled and made my way down to the rock. I watched for a moment before she saw me and as she did, her eyes met mine and she licked her lips. “Please,” was all she said to me. I disrobed and joined her on upon the rocks. She had shown me her true self and I would use her as such.


Whether it's Gor, Medieval, or your own backyard, sometimes you just have to chain a slut to a big ass rock and use her like the world is about to end. A mesh reboot of one of the SC13 best sellers, this item makes the previous naughty rocks pale in comparison. Featuring 14 HUD controlled selectable textures as well as the hottest animations, this baby is sure to meet all of your naughty rock needs. LockGuard compatible scripted particle chains and a gorgeous design make this perfect for any roleplay or personal SIM. Item is also phantom for less lag, making it perfect for combat SIMs. This one is a must see. Come by the store and check it out."

What we have here is brand new completely improved and updated product. Land impact of this new 100% mesh SC13 Naughty Rocks V.2 is cut down to only 10 prims, new and better textures in even bigger number are used, and they are now in separate hud. I did mention that in my previous reviews of Scorpio13 Designs products, and i like that kinda solution more then texture changer in menu. Reason is simple, less scripts in object equals less lag.

AVsitter™2.0 system is used to power big and in same time user friendly menu, divided in solo, chained, cuddles and get nasty sub menus with cuffs giver. Like always when it comes to Scorpio13 Designs products nothing was left by chance, so all animations are in high quality, premium performance, smooth in transitions and chosen to provide best animated support for your RP scenario.

For closure of this review i can only add that price is very affordable to so with all said above i can recommend this new updated and upgraded SC13 Naughty Rocks V.2 to all nature and outdoor RP and bondage lovers.

Links for SL market place and in world store are under the text:



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