Pestique Spa Hot Tub (Adult) Xcite!

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sara Greene

- Pestique store

Pestique store is asked most for reviews and is more recognized by you, my readers. I have no doubt that the Top quality,detail, and their low prices has a lot to do with that. Sara Greene owner and creator of the store has a new item out "Pestique Spa Hot Top (Adult) Xcite!" and I will show you it today on my blog.

Lets have some technical details and description first:

"Couples Hot Tub with realistic water jets, bubbles & steam. Will rezz various props including floating rose petals, towels and candles. Scripted with singles and couples bathing, cuddle and adult animations. Compatible with Xcite! genitals.
Matching item to the Pestique Sauna Cabin (see related items)

Multiple texture options for the tub and seat cushions.

To Use:

Touch any part of the hot tub to gain the poses menu.

Touch the single blue button to turn on/off the water affects. Touch the water to turn on/off the steam.

Touch the triple button set to get the control menu. Here you can rezz/derezz various props and change the Hot Tub textures. The 'Cleanup' button on this menu will derezz all props, turn off all particle water effects and close the pose menu - a quick way of tidying up when you are finished using the tub!

Included Animations:

16 Single - some with props or wearable items

9 couples hot tub cuddles
6 couples bathing

18 couples adult

1 couples PG drinking wine sequence
3 couples Adult sequences

prims are mod/copy, animations/scripts/rezzed props are copy only
16 Land Impact"

Again first thing that caught my attention by Sara Greene is impeccable design. She just knows how to make things to look good. Many carefully selected and placed details with texture changer option will make this fine hot tub to blend ideal in any space you wanna use it.

MLPV2.5c system is used for menu, easy to use, divided to sub-menus; give, single, couple and sequence. With Xcite! scrip all is looking perfect, animations are smooth and well made, transitions with out any pops or glitches. So at the test i was not able to find anything wrong with new Pestique Spa Hot Tub (Adult) Xcite!.

Additional options like steam on water, jets for bubbles, prop giver, texture changer etc only contribute to whole good picture and raising value of this fine piece of adult furniture. I will also add that i available in PG version if any of my readers are interested in that kinda thing witch i seriously doubt lol

So at the end, with clear conscience, i can recommend this Pestique Spa Hot Tub (Adult) Xcite! and other fine products from Pestique store that you can find on links under the text:



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