Rhapsody Cuckold Table

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Iva Rhapsody

- Rhapsody XXX store

Some of my readers contacted me and tell me that i don't do any reviews of Rhapsody XXX store and whats the reason for it. Well i didn't even know that store exist, but immediately i send review offer to Iva Rhapsody, store owner and creator, and we did meet 15 min later. She is pleasant and open woman, very talented and easy to work with. So from now on, my dear readers, i'm glad that i can announce more her work and products on my blog.

Rhapsody Cuckold Table is first item that Iva choose to present on my blog and this is the was she describes it:

"This fully animated cuckold table features :

- 62 custom animations with facial emotes including a special cuck cleaning animations

- Animated sequence for the cuck, with hand wringing, hands over eyes, stroking etc.

- Animated flexi-prim cum-suit with splatter & dripping responds to streams from the bulls cum emitter including multiple targets for bukkake animations

- Cum puddle grows every time the players cum till it covers the table top

- Remembers the saved positions for the owner + last 8 avatars to use each pose-ball (even when picked up & re-rezzed)

- Owner selectable textures
Frame ( 9 textures )
Glass (9 colors)

- Owner selected access ( owner, group, everyone )

- Owner selected lockable play mode ( forced, consensual )

- RLV enabled & fully configurable
Capture a nearby avatar from the menu
Owner settable range & timeout
Strip, force wear/add & lock worn items for cuck & wife from the menu
Safe word system can be enabled/disabled by owner

rlv enabled, it can be used with or without rlv.

This is a great addition to your cuckolding roleplay


Be sure to check out Rhapsody! here & inworld for our full line including milkers & other adult items, and inworld for more swim wear, costumes, silks and camisk, mini and casual dresses and our extensive line of lingerie."

I was pleasantly surprised when i see that table in "action". Each time when you first coming to someone store you don't know what to expect and i'm always bit scared that i might be forced to say no to store owner because products are not enough quality made and i don't wanna recommend some semi-well or mediocre furniture to you.

When it comes to Iva's Rhapsody XXX store that fear was gone after few clicks of menu while we where on pose balls. Animations are well made, solid duration time, RLV was working flawless, and everything was just in right place.

Since cuck fetish becoming more end more established in SL community, i think there is huge market for this well made Rhapsody Cuckold Table product that just waiting to discover her store and be amazed by ideas and performance same like i was.

Second, there is amazing well cum ejecting menu in that table, with cum stream ideal for porn pictures or videos, so i'm sure that this new Rhapsody Cuckold Table come to market open and yearning for product with features that he have.

Strongly recommended, and in anticipation of new Iva's Rhapsody new products, this Rhapsody Cuckold Table you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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