SC13 Naughty Water Cooler

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Maximus Chrome

- Scorpio13 Designs

Maximus Chrome owner and creator of Scorpio13 Designs does not stop to amaze me and hopefully you to my readers with his series of affordable low price 400L$ low prim great design and performance furniture in top quality. Way to go Maximus Chrome !!!

Today ill be reviewing for you new SC13 Naughty Water Cooler and at the begging few opening words form creator Maximus Chrome:

"Dear SL-Penthouse Forum,

I hate working late. It’s boring, tiring, and being I am on salary, it’s not like there is any overtime involved. However, with that said, I had an experience the other night that changed my outlook forever. There I was typing away at my computer. My eyes were getting blurry so I decided to go get a drink from the water cooler. As I popped my head up like some sort of prairie dog from the cubicle farm I saw her rounding the corner, heading to the break room. She was so hot. I had seen her several times during the normal work day but never talked to her. It seemed the stars were aligned tonight though so I headed in that direction as well. I could have sworn I saw her look at me from the corner of her eye, but I could have been wrong. I turned the corner to the water cooler, slowly and quietly, almost as if sneaking up on her and my jaw dropped at the sight that beheld me. There she was, skirt pulled up, panties pulled down, her fingers grinding over her pussy with fury as she moaned like some sort of lust crazed banshee. She looked up and saw me, but much to my surprise, she didn’t stop. She smiled and pulled her finger from her clit, sliding it between her lips to suck on it as she looked me up and down. “Come here.” She whispered, pulling her finger from her lips with a pop. “I need a drink.” I looked over to the water cooler for a moment and then back at her before it dawned on me what she meant. I stepped closer to her and she dropped to her knees, undoing my pants and working my cock like it was the last one she’d ever get to see. I have to say, she drained me several times that evening, but I was very thankful to have that water cooler so handy so I could easily

It’s naughty office time!!! Only 3 LI, come check it out!!

NOTE: This item is part of the Scorpio13 Designs Naughty Wall Decor Collection. This is a collection of items, designed specifically to be placed against the wall in order to use the flat surface for realistic utilization of the positions. The idea is to have everyday items that might be found in a variety of environments as part of this collection in order to maintain a stylish, yet incognito display for one's toys."

Amazing in simplicity of design, 100% mesh with just 3 prims land impact this new SC13 Naughty Water Cooler will sweep you from your feet not only by his "dirt cheep" price but by performance and quality in build same like in use.

AVsitter™2.0 is system, menu user friendly, contains solo, cuddles and get nasty sub menus filled with high quality top shelf animations, selected to give u best and smoothest animated RP support possible.

Its necessity for any office RP sim, cheep, unique and with so low prim impact that you just have to get one. When i come across furniture in this price range and in this quality i dont wait, i just hit that buy button. And with products from new redesigned Scorpio13 Designs store you just cant go wrong.

This new SC13 Naughty Water Cooler you can find on SL market place and in world store on links under the text:



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