Shoki Animations - Animated Rusty Leash Post

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Shoki Feden

- Shoki Animations

For all dominant sub or slave owners in SL if you are looking for good animated low prim leash post dont look no more, Shoki Feden owner and creator of Shoki Animations got right "stuff" for you. Low prim 100% mesh easy to use.

Here are few technical details and description form creator Shoki Feden:

"100% Mesh, 3 prim least post, modeled into a realistic pipe held into the ground with 4 solid yet rusty nuts and bolts.

What is different with this version and the standard Shoki Animation Leash Post?

This version contains:

•    18 Shoki Animation Slave poses, all with breathing and super smooth transitions between animations

•    RVL

•    No pose balls (just right click > sit)

•    Lock guard compatible

•    Can be used to leash with your own collar (Open Collar for example)"

What i wanna add that actually you dont need collar, any RLV relay will do, like Susan's or from strip poker table etc. When you click on Shoki Animations - Animated Rusty Leash Post he will scan for any RLV relay around and you can capture your sub or slave or who ever you wanna RP with.

Sub/slave position animations in side are well made, AVsitter™2.0 works smooth on transitions and all is solid and performing impeccable. Small in prims and size but great in value and performance.

This new Shoki Animations - Animated Rusty Leash Post and other fine Shoki Animations products you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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