[AA] Sex Wheelchair - copy

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

Life is not easy for sick people. A healthy person wishes for a 1000 things, but a sick person just one: to be healthy! So among all else, I did get the inspiration/wish to make this review about Alina's [AA] Sex Wheelchair - copy and sick people in SL. I hope it won't be too long for you to read it, and I'll try my best not to step on too many toes lol ;)

I consider myself to be a "healthy" blogger, ergo one that will give "sane" correct and true information about furniture that I review, creators that are making them and animations. Looks simple like a piece of cake right? Well it's not.

There are two ways and two places for a person to be, I will use the term "not healthy" just to be politically correct ;) The places are body and mind, and the way is when you did not have influence on your condition: like cancer, osteoporosis, or you are born with brain damage due to lack of oxygen by birth etc. The other is when you choose to be "not healthy" so you stalk people in SL for example, trolling, or you're just blind by your own healthy eyes and much worse, trying to explain to all around you that you are the only one sane and all around, you see things wrong. Now you will ask, if you are still reading this, what's all that got to do with [AA] Sex Wheelchair - copy and my blog? Well thank you for that question because I was just about to explain that.

Person opens a new furniture store, (I won't use any names), just teach you correct "medical procedure" to protect yourself not to lose items from your inventory. I come to see what that person got. I click item, go to menu, content, click on animation then on properties and you can imagine my face when under creator of animation and owner of animation...the name was the same one from person that just open the store and only have that one single item to sale in it. And for things to be even better, that person did not even try to tell me that animations are made by her, but that she did bought it full perm in official stores for that. I just said save transaction history if you have it because I'm sure you will need it. That kinda furniture you won't find on my blog. I support hard working and honest creators and Alina Graf sure is one of them.

Second example, you are "not healthy" if someone like Alina Graf have version v5 of her round couch with menu for sitting and separate menu for sex, that is on market for 20 month now if not even more, and you release your bed two month back and "claiming" that she "stole" your idea and technical solution.

Another example will be if you dare to "claim" that you are well super mega known store, that do not need advertise, like Coca Cola or McDonalds are dumb because they doing it, and you making furniture just for gorean sims, nothing against gor, goth or any other group in SL. I'm focusing on one person here now, not having any of your products on any open public sex sim outside gor and when i say in my review that your store is "relatively unknown" you got issues with that. I can say for Alina that is more then well known, and for you my gorean friend, I will use your gorean term and say to you "come down and visit earth".

One 3 letters name store, and no, its not TNT, copies not only all other ideas, but also design to millimeter, releasing item after item in exactly same look and purpose after original is placed on market, like form Alina and other fine  creators and builders and my friends that you can read about on my blog, and no one is talking about that. Ostriches with head in sand.

Same is with people outside furniture industry in SL, stalking, making alts, bad mouth any that got success in film making, photography making, or any other constructive or productive thing in SL. Stop that! If you really wanna be "medical case" be one like in this [AA] Sex Wheelchair - copy. After you try it out maybe, just maybe there is chance that you will see there is much more fun and better way to play SL then you do it.


Static wheelchair with sex poses | Couples and straight only | Hospital - Naughty Nurses fantasies sex toy | Copy & Mod permission

Alina Animations is Proud to present the latest of her creations:
Original sex wheelchair for your naughty nurse role plays. Male patient is forced on chair and the nurse takes care of him in any possible way... Teases him, and let him have her in any way possible on a wheelchair.
Maybe a young stud forced on the chair by a sport accident, or a elder man in a Elderly Home... Our naughty nurse takes care of each sit on the chair in her special way, and using all her skills and holes! Find out how many possible ways to have sex on a wheelchair.

• Static vehicle: this is not a drivable wheelchair and rezzes pose-balls for animations!
• No medical/examination poses included: only sex & fun poses to have as much fun as possible!
• 21 poses, 42 all self made and product custom animations with final "Miracle" pose :)
• Straight couples poses: teases, oral cure, intensive cure
• XPose engine
• XCite! device compliant
• 16 PRIMS: sculpted build, high detailed and slow prims design

As low prims as possible sculp build from a master sculptor with rests for feet. Black leather texture and metal frame. Mod build.

All 42 handmade and original animations made by me, expressly made for this product

• Chair are MOD / COPY / NO TRANSFER
• Animations are NO MOD / COPY / NO TRANSFER
• Scripts are NO MOD / COPY / NO TRANSFER

All animations are made from myself, Alina Graf

See the credits up? Alina can say that.

Any way awesome unique item, ideal for medical RP, hospitals etc. Fine crafted, detailed, on market for long time so its not copied but original lol. All animations are premium hand made, top quality and fps rich. Try it and you will be pleasantly surprised just like i was.

Now al this typing worn me down so i will go to find my self good hot looking hot nurse, and you can find this [AA] Sex Wheelchair - copy at extreme low price together with other fine Alina animations products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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