BN inc. - Lucky shot cuddle and sex pool table

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Leffe Levenque and Shameena Shorashi

- BN inc. (Batteries not included) store

Last month article that i did about BN inc. - Classy leather sofa was well accepted and i did receive so many positive comments about BN inc. (Batteries not included) store. So today i will present one more fine made item from Leffe Levenque and Shameena Shorashi, their BN inc. - Lucky shot cuddle and sex pool table.

This is how she describes it:

"If you are looking for some well designed pool table that decorates your place and has high quality animations, then this is what you need.
An easy to use menu contains +200 animations and allows you to pick solo, couple or threesome fun.

The pool table comes with 19 different ball and cue setups which are also available as separate accessories if you wish to design your own layout.

List of accessories:

white ball
extension cue
empty cue case
cue shaft & red cue base
red, blue, green and gold cue
small & large cue rack
8 & 9 ball set
8 & 9 ball rack
8 & 9 ball racked set
8 & 9 ball scattered

You can select out of 2 different table designs, 4 different wood textures and 5 different cloth textures. The props will automatically adjust to match your selection.

Poses have been carefully aligned, but due to the great variety in avatar size and shapes, it is still possible adjustments are needed.
This can be done by using an intuitive menu.

BN inc. provides excellent customer and after sales support."

First what i have to say about BN inc. - Lucky shot cuddle and sex pool table is amazing design. You getting two different style of pool tables in each purchase box plus additional box with accessories. Each table has texture changer and it can be blended in any space of your choosing perfectly, having decorative role by it self and specially with all accessories that comes with it.

Menu is in good old trusted MLPV 2.5c system easy to use. non sexual part includes game set up, 8 ball or 9 ball, and sexual goes from single male or female poses for relax or self play, mf, ff, mff, mmf and fff combinations. Well and imaginative names in sub menus will guide you in use of quality animations, smooth and rich in frames per second, perfect to support and make your RP with this fine BN inc. - Lucky shot cuddle and sex pool table pleasurable and sensual experience to remember.

In my eyes the BN inc. team does good job with their store and products, constantly using top quality items, giving choices and options to customers and keeping design on highest possible level she cant be unnoticed on adult SL furniture market.

While we waiting and looking forward to BN inc. (Batteries not included) products and creations i recommend for all that looking for SL pool table this fine BN inc. - Lucky shot cuddle and sex pool table that can be find on links under the text:




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