Saturday special double feature:

NBC Sex Vanity Table Maddison V1.2 XCITE

NBC Sex Vanity Table Retro V1.2 XCITE

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Nicolette Brinner

- *NBCreations* High quality animated sex furniture

For this Saturday double feature we got two hot looking tables from Nicolette Brinner's *NBCreations* High quality animated sex furniture line. 100% mesh they combine low prims and high quality animated big Xcite menus that im sure will be appealing to you my dear readers.

At the beginning few opening words and technical details from creator and owner of  *NBCreations* High quality animated sex furniture, Nicolette Brinner:

"NBC Sex Vanity Table Maddison V1.2 XCITE

NBC Vanity SexTable Maddison = 11
NBC Vanity Accesories = 5
Total Land impact = 16

NBC Sex Vanity Table Retro V1.2 XCITE

NBC Vanity SexTable Retro = 8
NBC Vanity Accesories = 6
Total Land impact = 14

- XCITE Compatible
- Over 320 Animations
- 180 Solo and Couples poses
- 11 Hot Scenes/Sequences (Also playable by auto play function)
- SexToys Dildo's for him and her, Porn Magazine and Whip Included
- Facial Expressions
- 100% Mesh
- Copy yes / Mod Yes / Transfer No

NBC Sex Vanity Tables Menu Includes:

- Chat, Cuddle and Kiss Poses
- Adore Scene (Playable Adoration Sequence/Scene)
- HJ&BJ Poses
- BJ-Scene-1 (Playable BJ Sequence/Scene)
- BJ-Scene-2 (Playable BJ Sequence/Scene)
- BJ-Scene-3 (Playable BJ Sequence/Scene)
- Finger&Lick Poses
- FaceRideScene (Playable Ride His Face Sequence/Scene)
- 69 and HJ+Lick poses
- 69-Scene-1 (Playable 69 Sequence/Scene)
- 69-Scene-2 (Playable 69 Sequence/Scene)
- TitFuck Poses
- Tits-Scene (Playable TitFuck+BJ Sequence/Scene)
- Sex-Scene-1 (Playable Sex Sequence/Scene)
- Sex-Scene-2 (Playable Sex Sequence/Scene)
- Sex-Scene-3 (Playable Sex Sequence/Scene)
SCENES ONLY ( All the 11 Playable Sequences/Scenes in one menu)

I can tell you its all High quality animations and absolutely no freebies included but come try it out at my in world store and convince yourself.
I like my products to speak for themselves.
Enjoy !!!

I take my customer service seriously. If you have any question regarding any product you can contact me ( Nicolette Brinner ) by IM when i am on line but please send me a notecard with your questions when im off line to be sure it all reaches me.
Thank you for Shopping at NBCreations

NBCreations, official partner of Xcite"

Well im not female but im "old enough" to know that each lady has to have her own private corner, and this new series of NBC table is aiming for just that. Well designed and rich decorated, in different styles and time periods are very appealing and detailed. Prims of the tables are inherently low on bout models, but if you need to "cut down" more u can always take away decorations.

MLPV2.4z9 with Xcite script is used as system of choice, and it works good, all animations are well aligned, transitions are smooth and both tables where performing flawless on the review testing. Menu is user friendly, divided on following sub menus: vanity, masturbate, interact, his time, her time, 69+masturbation mf, sex & cum, scenes only and spank.

All animations used in the two reviewed products are high quality, long duration, smooth going and fps (frames per second) rich. Well selected and placed in easy to use sub menus, animations will provide you with outstanding animated support for any RP scenario of your choice.

All together both tables are well made and all around great performing pieces of furniture, Nicolette Brinner is giving us more with each new product that she makes so im very interested in what will future bring form her store. While we waiting for her new creations, we can have fun and pleasure on this well made tables from *NBCreations* High quality animated sex furniture that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




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