d&b punWheel Prof.Edition

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Mija Perfferle

- Deviant & Bizarre store

Each true dom, sub or slave owner knows how hard it tis to always keep things interesting and innovating, keeping that spark burning and relationship growing better and deeper. Well guess what this article is for u and it brings good news, you dont have to do that any more. New Mija Perfferle's d&b [misc] punWheel Prof.Edition will do that for you.

Here are some opening words and technical details form creator Mija Perfferle:

"There is not much to tell about this wheel, maybe I should take the risk and not hide the fact… telling straight the wheel is loaded and makes the Dominant always win? (tease!)


6 games to play with
Super low LI (Land Impact), just 2 prims
Mcgiver – multi-content giver (the Orb), giving the sub content to fulfill its assignments
resizable, you even can wear the wheel in your hand as fun device... (but i recommend a wall, pillar or simply put flat on the floor)

How does the wheel work?

The pun(ishment)Wheel comes with 5+1(bonus) games which are:

• bdsmSL (bdsm fun wheel with unique punishments)
• bdsmRL (crossing the thin line to RL… exciting and scary, no?)
• femdom (serve and entertainment wheel)
• bdsmEvent  (bdsm punishments with gift fields for events at clubs, or elsewhere.)
• latexDoll (encasement focused punishment for dolls)
• bdsmSLx ( restrictive focused assignments with a touch of fun)

Anyone can click the wheel and make it spin, once one of the 16 fields was spun you see in local chat (whisper mode, 10m range) the punishment/reward on the wheel (texture) and also a more detailed assignment.

The bdsmSL game holds various punishments which match perfectly SL like get caged, kiss a dominants’ foot etc.
with the bdsmRL game I was trying to cross to the RL and make this game more appealing and excited like the submissive has to cane her ass, tie up her feet or simply drink something she strongly dislikes.
With the femdom wheel you get a nice wheel to enjoy males serving, entertain and hopefully are smart enough to tell good jokes?
For some assignments the submissive needs special poses or special items. Those come also with the wheel and if the submissive clicks the rotating orb, she/he get a menu and can pick the matching “item” to fulfill the assignment, pleasing you.

How do you switch between the games?

With a simple click you do make the wheel spin (simple and goes without saying?)
But… if you click the wheel… hold the mouse button down for a couple of seconds, release next… (E.g. 2 seconds) you´ll see a menu popping up with the 3 games to choose."

So to make it plain and simple, what you getting is 6 different games in one wheel for different fetishes or life styles; BDSM SLx, femdom, Latex Doll, BDSM event, BDSM RL and BDSM SL. Left click the wheel, keep it pressed for few seconds and release, menu with previous listed options will pop out, u choose what you like and games can begin.

I see this item like necessity for any half serious open to public D/S sim. Simple and efficient device that will keep you and ur guest occupied and amused for hours.

Not much else to say, except go and get your own copy of this unique and innovating game device, at very low price, and start spinning ;)

New d&b [misc] punWheel Prof.Edition and other fine product from Deviant & Bizarre store you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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