* DEDICATED * 3some Sex Rug, Mattress & Bed Add-on MFF

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Mony Lindman


First time on my blog i have privilege to present and review creations from DEDICATED Store owned by Mony Lindman. As all of you my dear readers know im more then happy each time we got new store on blog and i appreciate all feed back form you. So don't be shy and let me know what you think.

For opening presentation Mony Lindman did chose her * DEDICATED * 3some Sex Rug, Mattress & Bed Add-on MFF and this is how she describes it:

"NEW ! * DEDICATED * 3some Sex Rug, Mattress & Bed Add-on - 110 Positions ! 3 some Lovescenes ! Threesome Erotic Sounds - MFF

The most advanced 3 some sex item in SL for 1 male and 2 female avatars!
You won't find anything like this, anywhere else!

Most sex beds in SL, have only a few positions for 2 girls & 1 boy , sometimes even mixed with positions for 2 boys & 1 girl, which for some men could be a real pain in the a.. :)

Here you have 110 (one hundred and ten!) 3some positions, all for 1 boy and 2 girls (whereby the girls don't mind touching also each other at times:). The high quality animations selected and combined by me during 6 months of work into highly sensual 3some positions, are made by the best animators in SL!

You can use it as separate 3some Sex Playground (rug, mattress, beach or picnic towel) or put it over your bed as a 3some module add-on (invisible texture included in the menu, along with 20 other textures)

Clicking the button SWAP on any pose , the 2 girls will change their places. Clicking again SWAP, the girls will return to their previous position. They will however never take the place of the man. The man will also never take a female position.

There are 11 menus with 10 positions each, for a total of 110 positions, listed so that if you click the menus and the positions left to right / top to bottom you will get a natural development of the 3 some event going from kissing and petting, through foreplay and oral sex, to sex and after sex, massage & cuddles.

All positions are also set as a SEQUENCE (scene) which you can start with ONE CLICK and let it play. It will go through all 110 positions in order for about 45 minutes. Instructions to change the time of each pose are included in the box! You can make it run for HOURS..

Whenever you like one pose and wish to stay there longer, you can click the button PAUSE and all 3 avatars will remain in that pose till you click RESUME. Then the sequence will continue automatically.

In the menu SEQUENCES you will find 3 more sequences, 2 where the man concentrates respectively on each of the women and 1 where he plays always with both. The first 2 are very good for the case that a couple invited another female for a 3some. The 3rd sequence is for the case that the man wishes to interact with both girls all the time and could be also seen as a "quickie" (although it's not very short either).

The main sequence has ALL 110 positions which includes playing with each of the girls, playing with both, plus all the foreplay, oral, sex, after sex and cuddle positions. You can of course chose also another order using the normal menu where you can select the positions in the order you like.

And there is more..

You have also a menu for EROTIC SOUNDS! It includes nicely mixed 3 some erotic sounds as well as individual male and female sounds. The sound menu can be selected at any time and playing a sound will not interrupt the poses or the sequences. The sound menu has also a button "STOPsounds " which you can click at any time. This will stop only the sounds, not also the animations. ATTENTION: there is also a STOP button on the main menu which stops animations and not sounds!

You can add more sounds to the sound menu by just placing your sound files in the object's content. They will be listed automatically in the menu. But please keep in mind that there is a maximum of 20 sounds that will show in menu so if you wish to add more, you must remove some of the existent sounds (move them to your inventory, do not delete, you may need them later)

There is also a TEXTURE CHANGE menu. Here you will find 22 textures for rugs, mattresses, beach or picnic towels plus an invisible texture. You can change them by clicking the buttons. If you wish to add your favorite textures you can do so by putting those textures in the object's content. But please keep in mind that there is a maximum of 22 textures that will show in the menu so for each texture you wish to add , you must remove 1 of the 22 textures already included (move it to your inventory, do not delete)

Last but not least, although all positions have facial expressions, I include in the package a facial expressions HUD with FULL permissions as a free bonus, so you can give one to each of your partners. You can use it to enhance the existent expressions or, if you have a similar taste, you may wish to use the "toothsmile" expression permanently. For my taste this makes all expressions look better, mostly the open mouth and the tongue out expressions look much better if combined with the tooth smile.

The facial expressions HUD is included as a free gift and you can use it also separately."

Test in world here:

DEDICATED Store is not newcomer in SL adult furniture industry but well established and known for his product so all i can add that on test * DEDICATED * 3some Sex Rug, Mattress & Bed Add-on MFF was performing smooth and flawless with out any glitches and issues.

MLPV2.4h system in platform with just 1 prim land impact with texture changer has user friendly menu, specialized for 3somes mff and for 3somes mff only. Sub menus are 3some mff, (no other kinds and combination of 3somes) sequences, sounds and textures.

All animations used in this product are high quality, chosen to provide you unique pleasure and best animated support in your 3some mff RP scenario. Rich in FPS (frames per second) and well aligned.

If you are mff sex enthusiast and you like low prim items, with my recommendation, look for * DEDICATED * 3some Sex Rug, Mattress & Bed Add-on MFF and other fine products from DEDICATED Store on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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