H&S Happy Camper Sex Set

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Abbadon Soulstar

- Heart & Soul Designs

If you are outdoor and nature fan, camper, biker that likes to travel light and stop where he likes to rest have fun, make bbq this new H&S Happy Camper Sex Set from Heart & Soul Designs is made for you.

At the begging few opening words from Abbadon Soulstar, owner and creator of  Heart & Soul Designs store:

⁂•:.♥.:• ⁂ Got Off ? ⁂•:.♥.:•⁂
H&S~Happy Camper Sex Set~

H&S~Happy Camper Sex Set~ is well designed it is a mere 35 total prims with over 418 high quality animations and no static poses. We have packed everything in a rez box for convenience of set up, once positioned save and remove the rez box
Built using high quality textures and native prims & Sculpted & Mesh Prims,
Please Be aware you need the current viewers to see this item properly.
418 high quality animations!
Our Animations are among the best in SL!!
All legally purchased from the top animators on the grid.
====( FEATURES & MENUS )====
Tent 21 Prims
Sleeping Mat 2 Prims
Table & Flashlight 1 Prims
Cooler 1 Prim
Camp fire 3 Prim ( say sound on or sound off in local ) for realistic crackling sound
Wood block & Axe 1 Prim
Couples/3Sum Stump 4 Prims
Couples/Singles Tree Trunk 2 Prims
Instructions and LM to Heart & Soul Design Inworld

Featuring the **NEW** AVSitter 2 engine ( NO POSE BALLS ) just click and sit. One of the many new features of AVsitter2 is select role when sitting, when you first sit each person will get a menu, notice the standard arrangement in my set up are as follows. I have identified each sitter with the type of menu used. You may see male 1 male 2 and Female 1 and female 2. male 1 and female 2 are always couples or single animations. the exception is if the menu contains no single animations. In which case each sitter will start in the first couples pose of the menu.
Male 2 and Female 2 will be part of a 3 some  unless the menu contains 4 some then they will have paired poses with each other as will male & female 1.  By using the back button on the menu sitters may swap position with anyone on the menu. This is awesome for MMFF or MMF & FFM, you can literally swap with any partner.
PROPS, another new feature with AVsitter 2 is handling of props. when playing an animation your ava may have an item rez near them which is to be used to enhance the the animation examples are a strap-on or dildo, wine glasses, cigarettes. To use the prop simply touch it and accept the menus request to animate your avatar.  when you change poses the item will poof, providing there not a lot of lag then it may take a few seconds.
Also don't freak out if someone other than you touches the item first. Just smack them and toggle back to another pose then back to the prop pose. ^^
 **REMEMBER THIS TO AVOID CONFUSION** It's always good to have one person driving the menu.

Now its my turn to talk lol

In this case we not talking just about tent, but also bottle cooler, grill with fire circle, and 3 sitting logs, so whole scene is there in one rez box. All you need now is that special someone that you will share magic and sensual moments in this camp paradise.

Two items are equipped with menu for sex, stump log and blanked in side the tent. And menus are different, so by purchasing this H&S Happy Camper Sex Set you are getting 2 pieces of sex animated furniture by price of just one.

AVsitter™ 2.0 system is installed in stump same like in tent, menu is user friendly and animations are in high quality, going from cuddles to hard core couples and 3 some sex. So what ever your mood might be you will always find something interesting to do with this fine made H&S Happy Camper Sex Set.

 On test all was working smooth and perfect and i was not able to find any mistake in tested furniture. But if by some accident you have any issue or question about Heart & Soul Designs furniture, Abbadon Soulstar and his team got amazing customer service and that also making your decision to purchase this fine H&S Happy Camper Sex Set safe investment.

This and other well made Heart & Soul Designs products can be find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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