MP Noir - "Space Line" The PARDIS

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Marcus Perry

- MP Noir

New "toy" from MP Noir store is out and im glad to say that Marcus Perry, owner and creator of the store continues in best tradition possible, keeping quality and animations high and price and prims low.

Here is few opening words form creator Marcus Perry:

"Space – The Naughty Frontier !

This line of Sex toys draws its design origins from the classic Science Fiction and will fit perfectly into any Dark Future, Cyberpunk or SF themed sim, no matter ether it is a RP location or your private home.

Check out the items picture for a detailed list of animations.

This Item uses the popular and reliable MLPV2 system. It is menu driven and easy to use. Standard options such as User permissions (All / Group Members / Owner can use), Pose ball adjustment or Chat information are available."

First thing that i have to say about new MP Noir - "Space Line" The PARDIS that is defiantly unique and original idea. Well build with just 5 prims land impact and copy it will be well investment for any public urban or similar RP sim.

Good and trusted MLPV system works flawless, menu is intuitive and user friendly, divided on following sub menus: props, BDSM, misc, scenes and sex. Animations are good and well chosen, high quality to provide you maximum animated visual stimulating experience in use while your libido and lust are running wild.

Over all more then well made product for his price and it stays permanently rezed in my SL home yard, now if thats not recommendation enough i don't know what it is.

This new MP Noir - "Space Line" The PARDIS and other fine MP Noir products you can find on SL marketplace, or in world store on links under the text:



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