SC13 Naughty Lamp Post

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Maximus Chrome

- Scorpio13 Designs

Maximus Chrome owner and creator of Scorpio13 Designs is in offensive to claim SL adult furniture market with whole brand new series of 100% mesh product of great quality with price under 500L$. Next in line is his new SC13 Naughty Lamp Post.

This is how he describes his new just released product:

Dear SL-Penthouse Forum,

"I have never been one to partake in prostitutes, but my visit abroad left me with a brand new experience. When I saw her standing there, leaning against that lamp post , well let's say the heat rising from my pants could have been used for some serious barbecue. There she was, so tight and hot, sucking on a lollipop as if she was advertising the wondrous skills of her tongue just to me.I had to have her! I approached. She didn't speak English but she winked at me and I knew then she knew exactly what I wanted. She kissed me...hot, needy, and then smiled and turned around, bending over to show me her ass underneath her tight skirt. She pulled the fabric up and spread her legs slightly grabbing the pole with her hands. She turned and looked at me, her dainty hand slapping hard against her supple ass cheek as she beckoned me inside her. Well I hate to disappoint a pretty woman so needless to say I hit that shit like a caveman and although it has been some time, the memories of that hot, sticky lustful time on that lamp post will stick with me forever.

Whether it's red light hookers or local trailer trash, this hot little lamp post is sure to adorn any decor or piece of tail standing next to it. Hand painted, selectable textures and the hottest quality animations were all chosen to make this piece one of you favorites. Only 4 LI, come check it out in the store and see how you like it!!"

Thing that i noticed first when i unpack the purchase box was Scorpio 13 Designs Texture Hud. We did see texture changers in  Maximus Chrome's fine products but this is something completely new, and i like it. Yeah ok, i know some of you will say hat build in texture changer is more practical because its always there in item, and i cant dispute that, but with constant presence of texture changer we also have constant presence of lag that will be caused with additional scripts to run it. So to me this solution with hud is much more appealing.

AVsitter™2.0 system was used in this fine new product, menu is divided to solo, cuddles and get nasty sub menus, filled with top quality animations in high fps rate that will make you use of this new SC13 Naughty Lamp Post pleasurable and lustful experience.

Easy to fit and blend in any surrounding this new SC13 Naughty Lamp Post and other fine products from Scorpio13 Designs you can find on SL market place and in world store on links under the text:



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