AM Master/slave Bed

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: AprilMae Devin

- Alterior Motions

One creator and store that we didn't have in few month on my blog and i really like her products is AprilMae Devin and her Alterior Motions store. So after Her RL obligations break i'm happy to say she is back and we have new AM Master/slave Bed for review.

Always known to make her own animations and selling them in full perm in her store and in one other huge well know full perm animation place that i wont advertise now, AprilMae Devin raising standards and quality up with each new product. this is how she describes hers AM Master/slave Bed:

"Thank you for your interest in Alterior Motions Master/slave Sex Bed.

The bed consists of 7 menus for a total of 42 couples sets of animations geared toward the Master/slave relationship.

About nPose: This is a no pose ball driver menu to try and keep things tidy. As you can't choose the usual pink or blue pose balls to know who sits where there is an order that needs to be followed. nPose sits by "seats" and in this bed there are 2 seats. Seat 1 is the sub/slave, seat 2 the Master/Mistress. Generally speaking it is easiest to sit in the proper order; 1 then 2, however, if you muddle things up by accident there is a "change seat button" that will allow to swap over to the correct seating.

There is several props in the nPose menu. Anyone using the menu may click on the Props button and send the prop folder to the corresponding avie. There is a short delay before the menu comes up so don't click repeatedly or you will send numerous copies of the prop folder.

This was a fun project for me to do and I hope you can use and enjoy it as much as i did planning and creating it.

Aprilmae Devin"

Fine made and detailed bed, with great animations created by Aprilmae Devin in fair price will sure be just few additional reasons for purchase. She is know by making and selling full perm animations in her store and in other popular SL stores for animations (i don't wanna name them now so i don't advertise them) and all her products that i did review so far on my blog where success. Quality work and fair price product cant be anything else.

So i would strongly suggest to all my dear readers to stop by at  Aprilmae Devin's Alterior Motions store, hit midnight mania boards, check animations and this new AM Master/slave Bed that is available in world store only on link under the text:


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