NBN Mesh Bondages ropes *Aura* 208 animations 3 textures/ copy

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sweety Enzo

- Nice but Naughty erotic furniture

You did send me so many questions, my dear readers, where is Sweety Enzo form Nice but Naughty erotic furniture and why i don't have more of her products reviewed on my blog. well here is the answer, she was busy, working hard on her new releases. So today, with pleasure, i got brand new release from Sweety Enzo's store, NBN Mesh Bondages ropes *Aura* 208 animations 3 textures/ copy.

At the beginning, like always, few opening words and technical details from creator:


♥♥♥ adult version ♥♥♥

→ all animations from the top SL-creators ←

Included are 3 versions of the ropes - a dark brown one, a black latex version and a light brown wood version.


♥ 21 menus ♥
♥ 115 poses ♥
♥ 208 animations ♥
♥ singles ♥
♥ cuddles ♥
♥ sex ♥
♥ spank♥
♥ bondage♥
♥ 2 scenes ♥
♥ 3somes ♥
♥ give items ♥
♥ 4 prims ♥
♥ 100 % mesh ♥
♥ latest xpose version ♥
♥ copy ♥
♥ mod ♥
♥ RLV ♥

Feel free to come to my store and test the item any time you want!
If you have any questions or need help, just IM me or send a notecard

Support in English and German"

What i like to say additionally about this fine new product is versatility, in design and in use, and amazing user friendly smooth menu all in 100%mesh low prim copy package. Like always by Sweety Enzo you receive more items in purchase box in different textures in stead one with texture changer. In some of my other reviews that i did before i did say i like that solution better, because less scripts means less lag, and even if you don't like any of textures that Sweety Enzo is made for you item is copy mod, so you can texture it in any way you like with any fear that something will go wrong, if it does you just rez new copy, thats all.

Xpose system, with RLV and CISS, makes this fine new NBN Mesh Bondages ropes *Aura* 208 animations 3 textures/ copy run smooth and stable. Sub menus are intuitive and user friendly, filled with top quality chosen animations the will provide you best possible animated support in your RP scene while ur lust and fantasy running wild.

Another thing that i personally like about this new NBN Mesh Bondages ropes *Aura* 208 animations 3 textures/ copy is that it does not strikes you as bondage or even sex furniture at first look. Its kinda innocent, like room separator or just decoration until u click on it and discover his true nature lol

To conclude, Sweety Enzo did another great high quality product, in her traditionally well made design, with awesome menu at more then affordable price, ergo i can only strongly recommend it to all, and you can find this NBN Mesh Bondages ropes *Aura* 208 animations 3 textures/ copy and other fine Nice but Naughty erotic furniture products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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