Xplicit X-rated Massage table (T)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jodi Morane


Its my pleasure to present for you today, my dear readers, new release from XPLICIT FURNISHINGS sex furniture store, Xplicit X-rated Massage table (T). Great designed and build new item for incoming summer.

Description and technical details from creator, Jodi Morane:

"Xplicit X-rated Massage Table will look good on a beach or in the house, any spot you choose to relax and pamper your special someone this will add that touch of realism. This has a great variation of massaging positions for both male and female. There are 6 full full scenes with scene control to ensure effortless interaction with your partner.

--160 high quality animations

-- 6 Full scenes

-- No poseball

-- Textures menu

--Massages, cuddles and erotic intimacy

-- Mesh

Visit our Main Store to see first-hand and explore the other great Xplicit furnishings for your passionate desires."

Lets say few words about design first; 7 prims land impact light, 100% mesh build with texture changer option, making this new Xplicit X-rated Massage table (T) easy to blend in any interior of exterior space of your choosing. Versatile in use and decorative in same time this new product should have huge market in SL and wanted item for all.

Menu is driven by AVsitter™2.0, logical and easy to use, divided in following sub menus: massagehim, massageher, sensual, cuddle, bjscene, lickscene, grindscene, ridescene and xxx with additional button for textures. As you can see very big menu with many options and u can use each animation separate or play whole scene when you like.

All animations used in this fine new product, Xplicit X-rated Massage table (T), are in top quality, frames per second rich, smooth in transition and carefully chosen to provide you with maximum animated support in your intimate RP moments.

On test for this review new Xplicit X-rated Massage table (T) was performing smooth and flawless, all animations where well aligned for average sized avatars and i was not able to find any flaw in build or performance.

With all that said i can only recommend this new product, Xplicit X-rated Massage table (T), from Jodi Morane store to all my readers and advise you to look for it on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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