Animalive*Rose Symphony Bed

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Iren Tinkel

- AnimAlive Store

I got special Sunday treat for you my dear readers, new store for first time on my blog with new bed at special promo price for unbelievable 299 L$ only. If that is not special offer i don't know what it is :)

Description and technical details from creator, Iren Tinkel:

"Promo item from AnimAlive - to show you what we have in our store(1)!

Wonderful completely original budget bed from AnimAlive: custom mesh and textures, great HQ animations. Almost seamless logical set that can be played in 30+ minutes sequence also.

You wake up, lay in bed talking, read books, kiss, cuddle, dance to tease your partner and... different oral and sex positions with cum included! Some animations are represented in this set ONLY so completely unique and exclusive (AnimAlive uses only own-made animations, no freebie, no wide-common)

- 66 HQ original animations

- interactive logical Couple menu (3 entries - Together/Love/Sex)

- 1 sequence to feel complete scene - more than 33 minutes(2)

- 11 prims of mesh, original textures and design

- rezzable mesh petals (14 prims - copy/mod)

BED is no copy, no mod, no transfer! If you want copy/mod version - also available!

(1) - price and content may be changed by Iren Tinkel, offer may be limited.
(2) - sequence means long automatically switched scene from animations in content of item, not supposed to be smooth by changing. Long smooth seamless scenes you can find in AnimAlive store.

Attention! Bed is real life sized, even a bit more 3.00X3.00 m (for avatars max 2.20m)"

Superb and gentle in design, new Animalive*Rose Symphony Bed will be highly functional and in same time decorative item in female bedroom and in any top decorated and stylish indoor space.

MLPV2.4z9 engine driven, dependable and user friendly. Main menu is divided on following sub menus: together, love, sex and long play with additional rez petals option button. So as you can see no learning or adjusting time needed, just rez and enjoy.

Animations are custom made, top in quality and frames per second rich, carefully chosen to provide you with best animated visual stimulation for your sensual RP moments.

On the test for this review i was not able to find any down side to this new Animalive*Rose Symphony Bed, Animations where smooth in transition, well aligned for average sized avatars and whole bed was working flawless.

Promo priced and great designed this new Animalive*Rose Symphony Bed is with out any doubt best buy of the week, and i recommend it to all my readers. This Animalive*Rose Symphony Bed and other fine AnimAlive products you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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