DEDICATED Foot Fetish & Sex Sofa box - copyable

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Mony Lindman


Each day i got requests from you my dear readers and i try to fulfill them in best way that i can. You been asking me for foot fetish furniture, i did look around and this is what i can recommend, DEDICATED Foot Fetish & Sex Sofa, made to satisfy all your foot fetish needs and some more ;)

Description and technical details from creator, Mony Lindman:

*** Foot Fetish & Sex Sofa ***
for feet, legs and pussy lovers

- 100 positions - 200 high quality animations
foot fetish , kiss , cuddle , sex

- 3 "hands free" looped sequences
play all , only foot or only sex

- 10 texture styles to choose from menu

- erotic sounds , facial expressions

- free bonus : facial expressions HUD

The Foot Fetish & Sex Sofa (well in fact it's a "Recamier" :) is designed for foot fetishists and feet-legs lovers and for women who like to be adored this way.

Although it's conceived for a male and a female, it can be used also by 2 females or the roles of the male and female can be inverted by each or all positions with the button SWAP.

There are 200 high quality animations (100 positions) foot fetish , kiss , cuddle , sex, arranged in such a way that if you click them in the menu from left to right and top to bottom, or if you use the sequence "Play all" you will experience a logical development of the event. But you can of course chose positions from menu in any order.

This sofa is not intended as a "dom-sub" roleplay but has a more balanced approach, however in one of the sequences (Foot only) I selected only positions where the woman is more dominant and the man more submissive, so it can be used this way too.

There is also a sequence (Sex only) that excludes the feet play completely and concentrates only on kiss-cuddle, oral sex and sex. You can use this in case your partner is not exactly a "foot fetishist" :)

When you chose the sequence "Play all" you see the whole "story" developing from sit and read through kiss and cuddle, play with feet and legs, oral sex and sex. And in the end.. you will fall asleep :)

In sequence mode you can pause at any time by clicking the button PAUSE if you wish to remain longer in a certain position. To continue, click on RESUME. When the sequence reaches the end, it will start again from the beginning unless you stop it.

You can of course also select your favorite poses one by one from menu or, if you have at least basic building skills, you can even replace my choice of positions in the sequences with your own choice (read instructions notecard).

All menu, positions and sequence note-cards are full permissions and can therefore be modified. The sofa itself is also mod so you can change textures and colors as you wish, but there are 10 different texture styles implemented in the menu which you can pick with a click of the mouse. They should fit to almost any environment.

Included are also 20 erotic sounds in a separate menu. Each plays in a loop until you start another or till you click the button "STOPSound". You can also use your own sounds (read instructions notecard).

Some of the poses have facial expressions ( not all and less "smiles" than in my other items due to the nature of this one :), but for those who wish to enhance their experience, I include in the package a facial expressions HUD with FULL permissions as a free bonus, so you can give one to each of your partners. Just wear it on HUD and select an expression or a combination of more (click more buttons).

notecards, prop and MLP scripts - full permissions
additional scripts - no copy, no mod
animations - no copy (some also no mod)
sounds - no copy

Enjoy :)

There is few things that i specially like on this DEDICATED Foot Fetish & Sex Sofa, one of them is definitely design. Elegant and timeless, with texture changer for perfect fit of any interior space you chose to use it, its decoration and high usable item in same time.

MLPV2.4z7 driven menu is logical and user friendly, divided in following sub menus: foot mf, sequences, styles and sounds. All easy to use with plenty options and it don't requires any learning period, just rez and enjoy.

Animations are high in quality, long in duration and frames per second rich. Alignment is well made for any average sized avatars so its safe to say that this DEDICATED Foot Fetish & Sex Sofa is designed to provide maximum quality and pleasure in long term use.

With all that said i will recommend this DEDICATED Foot Fetish & Sex Sofa to all my readers that are interested in foot fetish elegant high quality made items, and you can find it on SL market place or in world store on link under the text:



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