Ainsley Loveseat & Armchair v1.2 (Adult)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sara Greene

- Pestique store

New set from Pestique store that is so well made that after i rezzed at my place i almost smell the leather from that furniture :) menu and animations are more then good to so lets dig in deeper in todays review.

Description and technical details from creator and owner of Pestique store, Sara Greene:

"A simple and classic Couch Suite for couples. MESH item, requires a mesh enabled viewer!

Ainsley Loveseat and matching Armchair in luscious leather, combining clean and elegant lines with detailed top stitching and simply stunning when viewed with a materials enabled viewer! Texture change menu gives a choice between 7 rich colors.
This is a neat, compact couch that wont take up too much space, but perfectly sized and designed for regular avatars (NOT petites).

Poses are for singles (unsynched so that both sitters can change their own pose independently), and synchronized couples sets, arranged in easy and intuitive menus. Watch some TV together, give or receive a relaxing massage, share a mug of coffee or a glass of vino.. or get properly sexy with the detailed foreplay and sex menus. Plenty of fun activities to keep the conversation going, many rezzing props or giving wearable items. Some of the props will give wearables as well.. click the prop to receive the item!
Adult menu has 9 foreplay and 18 sex poses, and 6 long play sequences.
The bonus Extras menu contains all the individual animations from the sequence menus, thats an extra 55 animations!

Adult poses are scripted to work with Xcite!
Includes facial expressions which can be turned off if required.

Animations are easily adjustable and the love seat will remember the personal adjustments of up to 400 individual avatars. All rezzed items are full prim and WILL add temporarily to prim count, however I have tried to keep them as low in prims as possible. Please allow up to 15 prims for rezzed items.

Singles Menu:
6 female
6 male

Couples Menu
Cuddle - 9 cuddles
Massage - 4 massages, 2 of them are long play sequences
Watching TV - 6 themed cuddles
Kisses - 6 kisses and 1 long play make-out sequence
Activities - 9 activity poses with props and wearable items

Adult Menu
Foreplay - 9 animations
Sex-1 - 9 animations
Sex-2 - 9 animations

Sequences Menu
3 PG sequences
6 Adult sequences

Extras Menu - 55 individual pose sets from the sequences menu


Ainsleys matching armchair is scripted with nPose and has 18 single animations and 13 PG couples cuddles.

No Poseballs were used in this furniture!

Perms are mod/copy, all scripts are copy only.

Ainsley couch is on display inworld, please come down and try it out for yourself!"

Like i said this design got me on first view, its so timeless and realistic. Together with texture changer and copy feature this is ideal furniture set for any high class club or public place that is looking for that extra refined and top class look. In any private villa or mansion this set will be at home to, giving the owner visual decorative value beside just functional one.

Bout chair and couch got sitting menu for singles of bout genders and couples, and sex menu is just in couch. So ill be giving more review space to it. No pose balls, all you have to do is sit on it and main menu will pop up. Its logical and interactive, divided in following sub menus: singles, couplepg, couplexx, sequences and extraxx.

All animations used in this new fine Ainsley Loveseat & Armchair v1.2 (Adult) are in premium quality, well aligned for average sized avatar, smooth in transition and adding even more fine and expensive touch to this good looking set.

But please, and i wanna emphasize this, don't let the price fool you. All items from this set are also selling separate in PG and adult version, and price of the set is well under 2000 L$ for copy adult. In my eyes you getting here something that will be sold in some other stores for 5000 L$ per piece and looking much worse then this well made Ainsley Loveseat & Armchair v1.2 (Adult).

With that said i can only highly recommend this new product from Pestique store that you can find on SL market place or in world shop on links under the text:



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