BH BottomUP Rack (modern)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Britt Halberstam

- BH Animations

Ok, i guess i owe few answers, to you my readers first, before starting this review. Yes, it is the fact that i think Britt Halberstam is the best BDSM animator in SL, yes, it is fact that ever since i released review about her BH Gyno Chair bondage more then 150 of you click it and read it each week, and yes, you can ask Britt i do bug her all the time for more products to present to you.

Quality needs time to be made, and for all that who don't know, Britt Halberstam, owner and creator of BH Animations store, is "one man band". That means all in her products; mesh build, animations and textures are hand made by her. So they are 100% unique and can be find only in her products.

With all that said, lets give Britt Halberstam some space to give us description and some technical details about her BH BottomUP Rack (modern) product:

"BH BottomUP Rack is a high quality mesh device made to give you realistic experiences for bdsm and bondage.


* The BH BottomUP Rack is 100 % mesh by using a land impact of only 1 prim.

* bondage animations special made fo the BH BottomUP Rack

* bondage threesome animations

* animated undressing lower body (by using RLV)

* realistic facial expressions

* realistic representation of bondage including showing of chains

* gives out cuffs, dildos and cane

* quickly adjustable positions without options menu

* includes free tk relay giver

RLV features while using a relay in automode:
* automatically working smart RLV technology
* lock your partner and make it impossible to escape
* undressing lower body with realistic animations
* RLV menu with several options
* capture function

The BH BottomUp Rack need 1 prim for the device and up to 5 prim more temporary while use for poseballs and showing of chains.
All of the BH devices use unique animations you will never find in any other devices commonly used on the rest of the Sl beds and such.
All the animations in our BH devices have long loop animations of the finest quality specifically customized for our items and only available through BH Animations.
Try our devices and make up your own mind and you will see how different we are."

My first guide line for this review was to bring you product that will match and fit together with BH Gyno Chair bondage. Giving you same if not better quality and performance in same unique design and stainless steel texture. So here it is, BH BottomUP Rack (modern) in 100% mesh custom build with just one prim land impact.

MLPV2.5c is system chosen for this fine product, its reliable and stable, preforming with out any flaws. Menu is divided in following sub menus; undress, playful, useful and 2 vs 1.

I need to emphasize again, ALL animations used in this fine product are hand made by Britt and they are unique and can be find in her products only. BDSM animations from BH Animations store are by far the best in SL, they can be compared to anything else, and they representing best that SL can offer in this moment in duration, smoothness and performance. Im not trying to undermine any other SL animator, im just saying that when it comes to hand made BDSM animations Britt don't have competition.

So there is no doubt in my mind that any who buy this BH BottomUP Rack (modern) or any other BH Animations product will have top quality bondage device for best BDSM RP possible. This and all other top quality BH Animations work you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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