[AA] Movie Chairs V2M (Transfer)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

In last few days theaters and cinemas must be back in style in SL because i got so many of your questions about what chairs and seats to use for it. Like always, i did look around, and this is what i came up with as best solution; [AA] Movie Chairs V2M, available in transfer and copy version, blue and red, 100% mesh.

Description and technical details from creator, Alina Graf:



Singles, couples and 3-somes | straight, and lesbian combinations | Rezzable Voyeur chairs | Rezzable popcorn with surprise | Cinema theaters sex role play furniture

Alina Animations is Proud to present the latest of my creations:
Animated Movie Chairs Row, good for porno cinema in alleys or for make your own Home Theater at home. It can fufill group sex fantasies for both guys and girls. As well have straight and lesbian couple intercourse.
Girl, Did you ever dreamed be in a dark cinema with two stranger and well hung guys next to you and end to be taken by both in any position?
Or a guy dreamed sit with two horny and accessible gals on both your sides? I guess you are able to have them both.
Or maybe having sex in a cinema with your boyfriend while someone else is watching you and masturbating from next seat?
Or again do you jerks yourself off watching your girlfriend and her female friend eat each other off on chairs?
This movie chair row can make all these fantasies come true. It come in 2 versions: MOD/COPY to fill a cinema theater, or MOD/TRASF for small home environments.

• 82+2 poses, 155+2 all self-made animations
• Singles, Couples and 3some animations for both genders
• Straight, lesbian and female bisexual animations.
• XPose engine
• XCite! device compliant
• 5 PRIMS: low prims design. Rezzable add on chairs 3 prims each.
• 2 rezzable single chairs for Voyeur option: 1 for each gender. They don't interfere with main chairs action but they can masturbate watching your show.

Build as low prims as possible to be used in multiple cinema rows. Modern looking. Animation engine is in main prim in shadow!

All 84 handmade and original animations, mostly brand new and made expressly for this product in more than 5 weeks of work:
• Single poses for F and M: 4
• Couple FM poses: 27
• Couple FF poses: 26
• 3some MFM poses: 12
• 3some FMF poses: 12
• single voyeur poses: 2 in rezzable chairs

• Movie Chairs are MOD / NO COPY / TRANSFER
• Animations are NO MOD / NO COPY / TRANSFER
• Scripts are NO MOD / NO COPY / TRANSFER

All animations are made from myself, Alina Graf"

Prim light and in razor sharp and precise great looking design, 100% mesh with custom hand made animations from Alina Graf my decision was not that hard this time. [AA] Movie Chairs V2M are the best one that you can buy on the market at the moment.

XPOSE (version 4.0) is driving user friendly menu, divided on solo, couples, 3somes and voyeurs sub menus. Couples can be mf or ff and 3somes can be mfm, mfm+, fmf and fmf+ in genders. So as you can see plenty combinations and options possible.

As i did mention at intro of review, when it comes to animations Alina Graf knows how to do them. Hand made in top quality, rich in frames per second and smooth in transition, carefully chosen and crafted to provide maximum satisfaction and animated support in your RP.

On the test for this review i was not able to find any down side to [AA] Movie Chairs V2M, all was working smoothly and flawless, and animations where well aligned for average sized avatars.

If you looking for theater seats, look no more, [AA] Movie Chairs V2Mis right choice for you. With my recommendation you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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