H&S~Rustic Bathing Bench~Multi-Texture

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Abbadon Soulstar

- Heart & Soul Designs

Brand new interesting item from Heart & Soul Designs store with great option, to be gorean as much  as you like or just to be "normal" wooden outdoor bench with huge sex menu.

Opening words and technical details from creator, Abbadon Soulstar:

"Featuring the *NEW* AVSitter 2 Engine ( NO POSE BALLS ) just click and sit. One of the many new features of AVsitter2 is selecting your role when sitting, when you first sit each person will get the menu, notice the arrangement of sitter options.

Heres How it works.... BUT FIRST *** TURN OFF YOUR AO PLEASE***
I have identified each sitter with the type of role/menu used.

You will see Master, Submissive, Female2 & Male2 Pretty self explanatory, but here is how it works
The Menus that involve Romance* Bathing* CockWorship* Oral4Her* M/F Pleasure1&2* & Restraints* Are all considered Couples.
If your RP involves adding a 3rd Male or female they will need to sit then using the back button goto the first page and select their role. be it Female2 or Male2 Pretty easy huh... It always is better if one person is driving the menu.
Abs & Q
Arrangements of The Menu

Oral 4 Her*
M/F Pleasure 1&2

**REMEMBER THIS TO AVOID CONFUSION** It's always good to have one person driving the menu.


This Item is click and sit no pose balls. look for the chair icon when you move your cursor over the the item. When you see the chair just click & sit if you close the menu just click again to retrieve it. Each User can adjust their position using the simple and easy to use menu. From the first page of the menu select adjust, then use the following guide if you are happy with the position hit save it will remember you the next time you use it.
X moves your avatar Left or Right using the direction arrows on your keyboard
Y moves your avatar Forward or back using the direction arrows on your keyboard
Z moves your avatar up or down using the direction arrows on your keyboard
On the Personal Adjustment tab on your menu you can see the options available
Most common setting to use is the is the 0.01 movement this will slowly and safely move your avatar in small increments when you are accustom to using this method you may experiment using larger increments. If you screw it up, you can all ways resort to default and start over with smaller increments :-)
If you save AVsitter will remember you...so you should only have to make adjustments once.


Some of the animations will rez a Dildo or Strap on, to use these just touch it and it will send you a request to animate your avatar.
This my be hidden behind the blue menu if you have it up, I would recommend clicking the Ignore button on the menu just after clicking either of these then touch the item to bring the menu back up.. All un-attach when you move to another pose enjoy!"

Like i did mention in opening, first thing that i liked about this fine new H&S~Rustic Bathing Bench~Multi-Texture is options to be gorean or "earth" each day item. Fur/skin rug with texture changer comes separate in each purchase box and give you choice will you rez it or not. With rug, and rug is only decoration with out sex menu, you have item that is gorean or historic, but with out it you have wooden outdoor bench common in all modern yards or gardens.

Another plus is new system, AVsitter™ seat select 2.0 used for menu engine. its smooth in transition and easy to use, making all top quality animations in side this fine product working best way possible to provide you best RP session of your choice.

On test for review i was not able to find any down side or glitch in new H&S~Rustic Bathing Bench~Multi-Texture, all was working fine and flawless. Animations where well aligned and overall expressions are more then positive.

After all that said, i can only recommend new H&S~Rustic Bathing Bench~Multi-Texture and other fine Heart & Soul Designs store products that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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