Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Kacey Pomegranate


Today i have awesome new item for you my dear readers, X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS BIG DADDY MASTER CHAIR, well made product from X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS store that will satisfy all male dom needs with one or more female subs/slaves at same time.

This is how the creator, Kacey Pomegranate, describes it:

"THE X-CLUSIVES MASTER/BIG DADDY CHAIR is set up so that a Daddy or Master can spend quality time with his girls/pets.  He can spend his time with either one or two girls/pets.

There is a threesome menu so that all three can interact and the girls/pets can swap places.

There is also second menu so that the Master/Daddy can devote all his attention to one of his girls/pets while the other looks on.

And there is a third menu where the girls/pets can play together while the Daddy/Master watches.

In these three menus you can find dances, snuggling, lots of steamy sex, and there are chores and punishments for the girls/pets if they misbehave.

Finally there is a menu for a collaring ceremony.

When only two people are interacting the third can be an on-looker by using the chair.  To use the CHAIR, RIGHT click on the CHAIR SEAT and choose "Sit Here", sit, and a menu will appear.  In the menu you will have your choice of either MALE or FEMALE sits.  The sits are either on the chair or on the floor and include masturbation if the need arises.

If you lose the Menu just touch the CHAIR SEAT again.

The chair also has a choice of two TEXTURE CHANGING RUGS.  The PATTERNED Rug has over 90 textures to choose from and the SOLID Rug has over 50.  They can be rezzed from the Menu.  Touch them to get a menu for the texture choices.  The rug will stay rezzed until you choose the menu button again to derez it.  The rug will revert to the original texture that it was packaged with if you derez it, and you will need to find the texture again if you rerez the rug."

As you can see there is plenty options there. I will do bit technical data. There are two menu in new X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS BIG DADDY MASTER CHAIR. One is without pose balls just for male and female sitting and you will get it if you sit on chair. Second one is XPOSE (version 4.0) that you will get if you click the chair and it contains sex and all rest animations. Main menu lay out is master, pets play and rez rug, but that's just beginning. After you click master button you can chose number of pets u wanna RP with or go in collaring menu. If you click on pets play button you will get romance pet, foreplay pet, oral pet, dildo pet and strap on pet sub menus. Im saying all that just to show you how vast menu is and how many options for RP you have on this fine new product.

All animations, like always when it comes to X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS products are top quality, long duration and smooth in transition, carefully chosen to provide you with best animated RP scenario and support.

On the test for review i was not able to find any bad side to this new X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS BIG DADDY MASTER CHAIR, all was functioning flawless and all animations where well aligned for average sized avatars.

So if you are looking for master chair, this product will be ideal for you and i can recommend it to all doms in SL specially if they have multiple female subs/slaves.

This X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS BIG DADDY MASTER CHAIR and other fine X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS products you can find in world store on link under the text:


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