Smooching Serpents Fetish Throne

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Eve Light


New well designed item from SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture, Smooching Serpents Fetish Throne, is following tradition of fair priced, well made furniture with many options for user.

Description and technical details form creator, Eve Light:

"FETISH THRONE (Copy Version)
made with love by Smooching Serpents

Take a seat and feel almighty.


- high quality BDSM Animations (D/s, Spanking, Foot Fetish Special!)

- Couples, 3 Some (2 Subs)

+ 2 Sequences for Couples!

- 100% Mesh, baked shadows, high LOD

- great Design, Color- and Texture Change

- RLV Force Sit and lots of restrictions :-)

- Copy permissions - rez as many as you like!

- Free Lifetime Updates!

If you need help please contact Cerowain Ceawlin, the best and funniest customer support in whole SL!

Enjoy your virtual perversions!"

With just 7 prims land impact in 100% mesh i will call this new Smooching Serpents Fetish Throne "light" comparing to similar ones form other creators. Design and textures in high LOD are superb like always by Smooching Serpents products.

In logical, user friendly menu you will find following sub menus: RLV, solo sit, couples, 2 slaves and design button. I would like to say that simultaneous use of 2 slaves is great function and something that market demands more and more in modern SL thrones.

All animations used in this fine product are top quality, frames per second rich, duration long and carefully chosen to provide you with top level of visual animated stimulation for your RP sensual moments.

On test for this review i was not able to find any down side or malfunction to this fine Smooching Serpents Fetish Throne, animations where good aligned for medium sized avatars, they where smooth in transition and all was working flawlessly.

With my honest recommendation you can find this fine product on SL market place or in world store on landmarks under the text:



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