Rhapsody Man Milker

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Iva Rhapsody

- Rhapsody XXX store

Item for today's review is Rhapsody Man Milker, from Rhapsody XXX store, quite unique in features and design. Femdom with consensual and forced option in menu and RLV so im sure it will be interesting for all my female readers.

Some opening words and technical details from creator,  Iva Rhapsody:

"This fully animated male milker features :

- Fully adjustable bondage frame w/color change
- Animated cock sleeve with 3 speeds and particle drip.
- Animated dildo with 3 speeds.
- Owner settable RLV on/off, capture range and auto-release time.
- RLV Capture nearby avatars randomly,from a menu or timed trap.
- RLV captures, force sits & strips.
- Consensual & forced play modes (can be locked by owner).
- Owner + last 16 avatar's positions & frame configurations are retained even when taken into inventory then re-rezzed.
- Menu selectable user access (Owner, Group, Everyone).
- Scripted text : Off, Private (only players see), Public.
- Motor & milking sound fx with volume control.
- Poseballs auto-hide when not in use.

RLV enabled, it can be used with or without rlv, with rlv enabled the victim is automatically captured, sat & stripped.

A great addition to your fetish role play !


Be sure to check out Rhapsody! here and inworld for our full line including adult items,swim wear, costumes, silks and camisk, mini and casual dresses and our extensive line of lingerie."

First that im sure all will noticed is futuristic and modern but will made and detailed design of this new Rhapsody Man Milker device. Suitable for dungeon, lab or hospital its high value, unique RP item.

Menu is logical and user friendly, you can choose from few options and enjoy in your RP scenario. All animations used for this device are unique like device him self and i didn't see them used in any similar device so far. High in quality, steady in performance and smooth in transition, making this Rhapsody Man Milker device even more desirable to have.

On the test for review i was not able to find any downside to this product, all animations where well aligned, RLV and all else was working with out any troubles or flaws.

My recommendation to all that like to try something different, unique and well made in same time, this Rhapsody Man Milker wont let you down. You can find this and other fine Rhapsody XXX store products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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