::WS:: Throne Silver, Gold & Platinum Edition - Master version

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Viara Jewell

- ::WS:: Creations

Many of my dear readers often ask me about my advice and opinion of some furniture, and im always glad to help and communicate with all of you. One of the questions that i often get is what throne to use or do i really need one. And its hard for me to answer for that, so i decided to make article about it.

If you wondering do you need throne or you just wanna try to play with one and see is that for you i recommend to start small. In price that is, never in quality. So i went to ::WS:: Creations store owned by Viara Jewell and pick up her whole line of thrones designed for all preferences and pockets. Master or Mistress line is available in 3 different sets, silver gold and platinum one different in price and number of animations but always upgradeable.

Lets hear short description and some technical details for the biggest, platinum one from creator Viara Jewell:

"This wonderful throne was built by someone who actually uses it!
After wandering Second Life for so long looking for a throne that suits our needs, we decided it was about time to build something that really rocked our world!

This special throne counts on many features:

More than 130 different poses:

- Lap dances
- Penetration
- Oral sex
- Tit jobs
- Foot jobs
- Cuddles
- Masturbation
- Spanking
- Foot rest
- Foot kissing
- Kneeling poses for 1, 2 and even 3 slaves
- Threesomes
- Solo poses
- Exclusive high quality matching mesh cuffs and collar included

XCite! and Sensations compatible
4 prims land impact ONLY!
3 exclusive shades of wood
45 exclusive textures for the fabric
Distinct dominant positions for male and female
Smooth poses selected with care for you to share a wonderful time with your partner!

Don't wait any longer and buy this excellent piece of furniture to give your dungeon a fine touch to the most special spot!"

So lets say you thinking about to get the throne for your sim. You wanna great design, texture changer and quality performance and you don't wanna pay to much, then silver edition is just right for you. For just 590L$ you will get premium build mesh item with texture changer with 40 top quality animations to satisfy your basic needs and provide you with top of the line throne RP item.

You try the silver edition and you like it. Works well and you wanna more. Piece of cake with ::WS:: Creations store. All you need to do is message owner Viara Jewell, and set all the details about upgrading it to gold edition. You just need to pay difference in price between silver and gold edition, not buy new one from start. And thats it, you getting brand new one with 90 animations and even more options in high quality performance.

But you wanna best money can buy and you have cash for it right away? No problem, buy platinum edition right away or upgrade your gold or silver edition throne straight to platinum level. New 130+ animations, 45 textures and much more is ready for your pleasure and use.

So as you can see service is 100% adjusted to meet all customers needs and abilities. No matter if you are BDSM novice or pro, master or mistress, or just curious about submission and thrones ::WS:: Creations store is safe and reliable way to get your self high quality item that will meet all your needs with out any risk involved.

I hope this was helpful and that you will enjoy usage of   ::WS:: Creations thrones in same way i did when i was testing them. With my recommendation you can find this fine line of  ::WS:: Creations products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:





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