Saturday special double feature;

Xplicit Casual Solo Chair & Xplicit Adult Lounger T

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jodi Morane


Reason for this double feature is simple; i come to Jodi's store to pick up new Xplicit Adult Lounger T and then i did see Xplicit Casual Solo Chair that was so cute and priced just 10 L$ so i decided that i just have to present it to you.

Xplicit Casual Solo Chair Will be amazing welcome addition to anyones photo studio or house. Low prim, 100% mesh and priced for just 10 L$ whole next week is "must buy" item. Filled with single male and female animations, it is PG but if you place chuck in it, or use it for shooting it can be so much fun ;)

Technical details and description from creator Jodi Morane:

"Xplicit Casual Solo Chair

Limit promotional price for 7 days only. Xplicit Casual Solo Chair- Low-prim with detailed craftsmanship. Realistic on a beach or in the house, any spot you choose to relax the Casual Solo chair will add that touch of realism. Materials enable for even greater appearance.

-- 21 animations

-- 2 prims

-- no poseball, just sit

-- Texture menu

--Single Sits

Visit our Main Store to see first-hand and explore the other great Xplicit furnishings for your passionate desires."

"Main star" of todays review is new Xplicit Adult Lounger T, great new product from XPLICIT FURNISHINGS sex furniture store.

Technical details and description from creator Jodi Morane:

"Xplicit Adult Lounger T

The best just got better! An instant favorite for all who tries this new must have toy.
Realistic design with auto fuck machine. Couples will enjoy the stimulating naughtiness of machine assisted erotic sex using some high quality custom animations. This includes female masturbation and machine fuck and couples interaction of kisses, oral and penetration of the highest quality animations with an easy to use menu. Great role playing opportunities which will make this toy a favorite of yours. Highly stimulating and only 3 land impact!

-- Security
--128 high quality animations
-- 3 Scenes with controls
--Single female masturbation, and machine fucking
-- Rezzed prop of machine with touch sound on/off
--Couple's tender love making to hard fucking realistic animations.
--Get cuffs via menu
--Rezzed chain particles for selected poses
--Face Animations
--Realistic baked textures and texture changing
--Custom mesh + with high quality LOD
-- RLV capture with menu

Xplicit Customer Care
Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. If you experience any difficulties at all please contact us directly."

Superb designed, in 100% mesh with just 3 prim land impact and texture changer and price under 1000 L$ for transfer version makes it one of best buys this week.

AVsitter™2.0 no poseballs system menu is user friendly, divided in following sub menus: RLV, flirting, foreplay, xxstand, xxseated, xxfacing, bjscene, grindscene, rutscene and texture button. So as you can see all is adjusted to user needs, and all you have to do is rez it and enjoy it.

Animations used for this fine new product, Xplicit Adult Lounger T, are high quality, long in duration, frames per second rich, specially chosen to provide you with best animated visual stimulation while you enjoying in your sensual RP scenario.

With my recommendation, you can find about products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




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